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English English - Definition of weep 
n. cry; fit of crying
v. cry; shed tears; mourn with tears; exude liquid, drip (as with sweat)
Spanish English To Spanish - weep 
s. lloro, sollozo; llanto; ataque de llanto; escape
v. llorar, lagrimar, sollozar
French English To French - weep 
n. pleuré; suinté
v. pleurer
German English To German - weep 
n. Ausweinen
v. weinen; Tränen vergießen; träufeln, tropfen; verbilligen; beweinen
Italian English To Italian - weep 
s. pianto, sfogo di pianto
v. piangere, versare lacrime, lacrimare; gocciolare, stillare, colare; trasudare, essudare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - weep 
s. choro, pranto
v. chorar; verter lágrimas; gotejar, deixar escapar; exudar, vazar
Russian English To Russian - weep 
с. плакать
г. плакать, оплакивать, рыдать, покрываться каплями, запотевать, выделять влагу
Turkish English To Turkish - weep 
f. iltihap akıtmak, ağlamak, gözyaşı dökmek, damlamak, sızmak, akıtmak, özsu akıtmak
i. ağlama, gözyaşı dökme
Albanian English To Albanian - weep 
n. qarë: e qarë
v. lotoj, qaj, ujtis
Dutch English To Dutch - weep 
zn. huilbui
ww. huilen; een traantje laten; druipen, tranen; lekken; stromen; rouwen; treuren
Greek English To Greek - weep 
ρήμ. θρηνώ, κλαίω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - weep 
(名) 哭, 滴下, 哭泣
(动) 哭着使..., 滴下, 悲叹; 哭泣, 哀悼, 流泪
ChineseT English To ChineseT - weep 
(名) 哭, 滴下, 哭泣
(動) 哭著使..., 滴下, 悲歎; 哭泣, 哀悼, 流淚
Japanese English To Japanese - weep 
(動) 泣く; 涙を流す; 悲しむ; 霧を吹く; 零れる(汗として)
(名) 泣くこと; 滲出; ひと泣き; タゲリ
Korean English To Korean - weep 
명. 울기
동. 울다; 눈물을 흘리다; 물기를 내뿜다
verb: shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain


 Synonyms for weep
cry: whine, bawl, snivel, bemoan, moan, bewail, blubber
Tenses for weep
Present participle: weeping
Present: weep (3.person: weeps)
Past: wept
Future: will weep
Present conditional: would weep
Present Perfect: have wept (3.person: has wept)
Past Perfect: had wept
Future Perfect: will have wept
Past conditional: would have wept

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