Definition of weighty Pronunciation
1. Having relatively great weight; heavy.
A weighty load.
A weighty package.
2. Weighing heavily on the spirit; causing anxiety or worry.
3. Of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought.
The weighty matters to be discussed at the peace conference.
4. Excessively fat.
A weighty man.
5. Powerfully persuasive.
A weighty argument.
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English - English - weighty Pronunciation
adj. heavy, grave, serious; oppressive, burdensome; carrying a lot of weight; very significant, highly influential
English - Spanish - weighty Pronunciation
adj. pesado, grávido, ponderoso; de peso, crítico, de tomo y lomo, grave; agobiante, opresivo, pesante
English - French - weighty Pronunciation
adj. grave, sérieux, important, accablant; pesant; imposant; très important, influent
English - German - weighty Pronunciation
adj. schwer, erdrückend, erschwerend; schwergewichtig, gewichtig; einflußreich
English - Italian - weighty Pronunciation
agg. pesante, ponderoso; duro; (fig) importante, grave, serio; (fig) influente, potente; valido, convincente
English - Portuguese - weighty Pronunciation
adj. pesado; opressivo, oprimente; peso pesado; muito pensamento; muita influência
English - Russian - weighty Pronunciation
прил. веский, важный, весомый, обременительный, тяжелый
English - Turkish - weighty Pronunciation
s. ağır, sıkıntılı, endişeli, okkalı, önemli, nüfuzlu, hatırı sayılır
English - Dutch - weighty Pronunciation
bn. zwaarwegend; zwaar, gewichtig, van gewicht
English - Greek - weighty Pronunciation
επίθ. βαρύς, βαρυσήμαντος
English - Chinese - weighty Pronunciation
(形) 重的, 沉重的, 有份量的
English - Chinese - weighty Pronunciation
(形) 重的, 沈重的, 有份量的
English - Japanese - weighty Pronunciation
(形) 重要な; 有力な; 重荷になる
English - Korean - weighty Pronunciation
형. 무거운, 무게를 가진, 중요한, 답답하게 내리누르는

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Synonyms for weighty
1. oppressive: burdensome, onerous
2. heavy: massive, hefty, cumbersome, ponderous
3. important: serious, grave, significant, consequential, momentous