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English English - Definition of whine 
v. make a high squeaking noise; cry or complain in a high pitched or nasal voice; grumble and complain like a child
Spanish English To Spanish - whine 
v. lloriquear, gimotear, lamentarse, sollozar; gañir; decir lloriqueando
French English To French - whine 
v. pleurnicher, hurler, gémir, se lamenter; se plaindre, ronchonner
German English To German - whine 
v. wimmern, jaulen, winseln; heulen; plärren
Italian English To Italian - whine 
v. uggiolare, gemere; piagnucolare, frignare; lamentarsi, lagnarsi
Portuguese English To Portuguese - whine 
v. lamentar-se, queixar-se, choramingar; reclamar, "chorar"
Russian English To Russian - whine 
г. скулить, подвывать, завывать, ныть, хныкать, плакаться
Turkish English To Turkish - whine 
f. sızlanmak, mızırdanmak, mızmızlanmak
i. mızırdanma, mızmızlanma, halinden şikâyet etme, sızlanma
Albanian English To Albanian - whine 
n. rënkim, vaj, angullimë, ankim, ulërime e sirenës, vërshëllimë e plumbit
v. angullin, rënkoj, ankohem, ulërin sirena
Dutch English To Dutch - whine 
ww. janken, zeuren, zaniken
Greek English To Greek - whine 
ουσ. κλαθμυρισμός, κλαψούρισμα, παράπονο
ρήμ. κλαθμυρίζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - whine 
(动) 报怨声, 发牢骚, 哭诉; 哀诉
ChineseT English To ChineseT - whine 
(動) 報怨聲, 發牢騷, 哭訴; 哀訴
Japanese English To Japanese - whine 
(動) 哀れな声を出す; クンクン鳴く; 泣き言を言う; 泣きべそをかく
Korean English To Korean - whine 
동. 구슬피 울다; 흐느껴 울다; 투덜대다
noun: a complaint uttered in a plaintive whining way
verb: complain whiningly
verb: move with a whining sound
verb: talk in a tearful manner


 Synonyms for whine
1. sing: pipe, hum, whistle
2. cry: complain, moan, grumble, snivel, whimper
Tenses for whine
Present participle: whining
Present: whine (3.person: whines)
Past: whined
Future: will whine
Present conditional: would whine
Present Perfect: have whined (3.person: has whined)
Past Perfect: had whined
Future Perfect: will have whined
Past conditional: would have whined

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