Definition of whosesoever Pronunciation
1. Of whomsoever.
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English - English - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. whichever person's; whomever's
English - Spanish - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. De cada quien es de-; de quien es de el-
English - French - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. peu importe à qui; à n'importe qui
English - German - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. wessen auch immer, jeder dessen
English - Italian - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. (poet) di chiunque
English - Portuguese - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. aquele cujo-
English - Russian - whosesoever Pronunciation
мест. чей бы ни
English - Ukrainian - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. чий би не, який би не
English - Dutch - whosesoever Pronunciation
vnw. Om het even wie; wie dan ook
English - Greek - whosesoever Pronunciation
Αντων. οποιοσδήποτε, οιοσδήποτε
English - Japanese - whosesoever Pronunciation
(代) 誰のものでも
English - Korean - whosesoever Pronunciation
대명. 누구나, 도대체 누가, 누가 ...하더라도, 누구를 ...하더라도, 도대체 누구를
English - Vietnamese - whosesoever Pronunciation
pron. người nào

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