Definition of widget Pronunciation
1. A placeholder name for an unnamed, unspecified, or hypothetical manufactured good or product.
Suppose we have a widget factory that produces 100 units per year...
2. Portable code that can be easily installed and executed by an end user.
3. A floating device inside a beer can, meant to create foam when opened.
4. A small scraping tool consisting of a blade and a handle, commonly used to remove paint from glass and other smooth surfaces
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English - English - widget Pronunciation
n. hypothetical object; name for an item whose name has been forgotten; graphic symbol that enables interaction between the user and computer (scroll bar, button, etc.); small computer program that defines the action of graphic symbols
English - Spanish - widget Pronunciation
s. Objeto cuyo nombre no se sabe o se olvidó; símbolo gráfico de interfase que permite interacción entre el usuario y el ordenador (símbolo, Icono, ventana y etc)
English - French - widget Pronunciation
n. truc, bidule, machin, "quel est son nom" (objet dont le nom est inconnu ou oublié); symbole graphique de gestion qui permet une interaction entre l'utilisateur et l'ordinateur (fenêtre, feuille de style, saut de page, etc...)
English - German - widget Pronunciation
n. Dingsbums (umgspr., Gegenstand dessen Name unbekannt ist); (Computer) graphisches Symbol das eine Interaktion zwischen Computer und Benutzer erlaubt (Knopf usw.); kleines Computerprogramm das die Funktion graphischer Symbole definiert
English - Italian - widget Pronunciation
s. "come si chiama", (modo di dire quando non si ricorda il nome di qualcuno o di qualcosa); (informatica) simbolo grafico di interfaccia che consente interazione fra utente e computer (tasto, barra di scorrimento); piccolo programma di computer che descrive la funzione dei simboli grafici
English - Portuguese - widget Pronunciation
s. troço, coisa, trem (objeto cujo nome foi esquecido ou não se sabe); símbolo gráfico que permite a interação entre o usuário e o computador (barra de rolagem, botão, etc.); pequeno programa que descreve a função dos símbolos gráficos
English - Russian - widget Pronunciation
с. штуковина
English - Ukrainian - widget Pronunciation
n. штучка, штукенція
English - Dutch - widget Pronunciation
zn. wat is zijn naam (voorwerp waarvan de naam niet bekend of vergeten is); grafisch symbool van besturing die interactie tussen gebruiker en computer mogelijk maakt
English - Greek - widget Pronunciation
(Lex**) ο ευρύτερος
English - Chinese - widget Pronunciation
(名) 小机械玩意儿, 尤其指叫不出名字的东西, 名字被忘记的物件; 互联使用者和计算机的图像符号 (卷轴, 按键等); 定义图像符号动作的小计算机程序
English - Chinese - widget Pronunciation
(名) 小器具; 裝飾品
English - Japanese - widget Pronunciation
(名) その名前が思い浮かばないもの; ユーザーとコンピューターの間の相互作用を可能にするグラフィックの記号(スクロールバーやボタンなど); グラフィックの記号の行動を規定する小さなコンピュータープログラム

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