Definition of widthwise Pronunciation
1. Directed across the width of an object or place.
Make a widthwise cut.
2. Across the width of an object or place.
The tubes should be placed widthwise inside the box.
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English - English - widthwise Pronunciation
adv. from side to side; with regards to the width of something
English - Spanish - widthwise Pronunciation
a lo ancho
English - German - widthwise Pronunciation
adv. von einer zur anderen Seite; auf die Breite von etwas bezogen
English - Portuguese - widthwise Pronunciation
adv. de um lado ao outro, transversalmente
English - Dutch - widthwise Pronunciation
bw. van ene kant naar de andere; in de breedte
English - Greek - widthwise Pronunciation
επίρ. κατά πλάτος

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