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English English - Definition of willingly 
adv. gladly; voluntarily; agreeably, readily; eagerly
Spanish English To Spanish - willingly 
adv. voluntariamente, a las buenas, acordadamente, adrede, anuentemente, aposta, buenamente, con conocimiento, con mucho gusto, de buen grado, de buen gusto, de buen talante, de buena gana
French English To French - willingly 
adv. volontairement; agréablement; joyeusement; avidement
German English To German - willingly 
adv. willig, freudig, mit ganzem Herzen, mit Liebe, freiwillig, gutwillig
Italian English To Italian - willingly 
avv. volentieri, di buon grado
Portuguese English To Portuguese - willingly 
adv. com vontade, de bom grado, de todo o coração, carinhosamente; desejosamente, sinceramente
Russian English To Russian - willingly 
нареч. охотно, с готовностью
Turkish English To Turkish - willingly 
z. seve seve, isteyerek, kendi isteğiyle, içinden gelerek, can atarak
Albanian English To Albanian - willingly 
adv. gatishmëri: me gatishmëri, vullnetarisht
Dutch English To Dutch - willingly 
bw. welwillend,met vreugde; van harte; met liefde; vrijwillig
Greek English To Greek - willingly 
επίρ. οικειοθελώς, εκουσίως, προθυμώς
ChineseS English To ChineseS - willingly 
(副) 愿意地; 乐意地
ChineseT English To ChineseT - willingly 
(副) 願意地; 樂意地
Japanese English To Japanese - willingly 
(副) うれしく; 自発的に; 同調的に; 熱狂的に; 従順に
Korean English To Korean - willingly 
부. 기꺼이; 자발적으로; 흥쾌히


 Synonyms for willingly
agreeably: favourably, kindly, generously

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