Definition of willower Pronunciation
1. A machine for cleaning wool etc.; a willying machine.
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English - English - willower Pronunciation
n. one who cleans and loosens fibers with a willow machine (Weaving)
English - Spanish - willower Pronunciation
s. Pantalla, detonador (en energía)
English - French - willower Pronunciation
n. tailleur
English - German - willower Pronunciation
n. jemand der Textilfasern verarbeitet (wolfen, reißen)
English - Italian - willower Pronunciation
s. (Tess) operaio addetto alla battitura; (Tess) battitoio, lupo
English - Dutch - willower Pronunciation
zn. splijtend
English - Chinese - willower Pronunciation
(名) 打棉机; 打棉机的操作工
English - Chinese - willower Pronunciation
(名) 打棉機; 打棉機的操作工
English - Japanese - willower Pronunciation
(名) ウィローを使って繊維を洗ったりたるませたりする人(編物)

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