Definition of wind sock Pronunciation
1. A truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast; used (e.g., at airports) to show the direction of the wind.
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English - English - wind sock Pronunciation
fabric sleeve that moves in the wind and is used to indicate wind direction, wind indicator used at airports to determine airplane landing instructions depending on wind direction
English - Spanish - wind sock Pronunciation
Saco de aire (manga de aire por el cual pasa el viento)
English - French - wind sock Pronunciation
biroute, manche à air indiquant la direction du vent
English - German - wind sock Pronunciation
Windsack (Ärmel durch den der Wind strömt, zeigt auf Flugplätzen die Windrichtung an)
English - Italian - wind sock Pronunciation
manica a vento
English - Portuguese - wind sock Pronunciation
biruta em forma de cone presa a um mastro, biruta que indica a direção do vento
English - Turkish - wind sock Pronunciation
rüzgar yön göstergesi
English - Dutch - wind sock Pronunciation
windzak (zak waar wind op staat en de richting van de wind aangeeft op vliegveld)
English - Chinese - wind sock Pronunciation
English - Chinese - wind sock Pronunciation
English - Japanese - wind sock Pronunciation
English - Korean - wind sock Pronunciation
풍향계, 바람개비

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