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English English - Definition of wing 
n. animal's limb used for flying; anything resembling a wing in appearance or function; unit in the Air Force that between a group and a division in size; part of a building; faction, subsidiary; side of a stage; arm (Slang)
v. cross swiftly (as if by flight), fly; cause to fly; grow wings; supply with wings; wound on the arm or wing
Spanish English To Spanish - wing 
s. ala, costado, costera, flanco; extensión, anexo, rama; aleta
v. pasar volando sobre
French English To French - wing 
n. aile (d'oiseau, d'insecte); (d'un avion); (d'un bâtiment); (d'une voiture); la coulisse; bras (argot)
v. frapper ou blesser à l'aile; improviser; voler vers; prendre l'avion
German English To German - wing 
n. Flügel (Ornithologie); Klavier; Abteilung; Tragfläche (Flugzeug); Flügel (Sport, Architektur); Pilotenabzeichen; Fliegerabzeichen, Kotflügel
v. durchfliegen, fliegen; beflügeln, beschwingen, beschleunigen; flügeln, flügellahm schießen; treffen (einen Vogel); verwunden
Italian English To Italian - wing 
s. (Zool, Aer, Sport, Mil, Arch, Bot) ala; (Aer; mil) aerobrigata; poggiatesta, appoggiatesta; battente; pala; (Aut) parafango; fianco, lato
v. munire di ali, mettere le ali a; (fig) mettere le ali ai piedi a; attraversare in volo, attraversare volando; ferire all'ala; (Mar) spostare verso le murate
Portuguese English To Portuguese - wing 
s. asa; ala; flanco; vôo; bastidor; facção; esquadra; amparo; lado; braço (gíria)
v. transportar sobre asas, voar; levantar vôo; atravessar voando; dar asas; tornar apto para voar; ferir na asa; viajar de avião
Russian English To Russian - wing 
с. крыло; фланг; флигель, крыло дома; крайний нападающий; эскадрилья, авиакрыло
г. снабжать крыльями; подгонять, ускорять; лететь
Turkish English To Turkish - wing 
f. kanat takmak, hızlandırmak, kanatlanmak, uçmak, uçarak geçmek, kanadını yaralamak, kolundan yaralamak
i. kanat, burun kanadı, ek bina, uçma, uçuşan şey, sıvışma, kol, çamurluk, hava filosu
Albanian English To Albanian - wing 
n. krah, fletë, prapaskenë, fraksion [polit.], anësor [sport.], stemë e aviatorit
v. jap: i jap krah, lëshoj shigjetën, fluturoj, plagos në krah
Dutch English To Dutch - wing 
zn. vleugel (v.e. vogel); vleugel (bij luchtmacht); afdeling; gedeelte v .h. toneel; arm (i.d. spreektaal)
ww. de lucht doorklieven (vogel); van vleugels voorzien; vleugelen doen aanschieten, bevleugelen
Greek English To Greek - wing 
ουσ. πτέρυξ, φτερό, φτερουύα, κέρατο
ρήμ. πτερώνω, κάνω πτερά, ίπταμαι, πετώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - wing 
(名) 翅, 翼, 翅膀
(动) 飞, 飞行; 装以翼, 使飞, 飞过
ChineseT English To ChineseT - wing 
(名) 翅, 翼, 翅膀
(動) 飛, 飛行; 裝以翼, 使飛, 飛過
Japanese English To Japanese - wing 
(動) 飛ぶ(飛行機で); 翼をつける; 飛ばす; 傷つける
(名) 翼; 羽; たもと; そで; 党派
Korean English To Korean - wing 
명. 날개; 각종 날개모양이나 날개 역할을 하는 것; 공군의 소대 단위; 건물의 일부; 당파; 무대의 측면; 팔(속어)
동. 날개를 달다, 날 수 있게 하다, 날다, ...의 날개에 상처를 내다, ...의 팔에 상처를 내다, 퇴를 달다, 날아가다
noun: a movable organ for flying (one of a pair)
noun: one of the horizontal airfoils on either side of the fuselage of an airplane
noun: a stage area out of sight of the audience
noun: the wing of a fowl Example:He preferred the drumsticks to the wings.
noun: a unit of military aircraft
noun: a hockey player stationed in a forward positin on either side
noun: a barrier that surrounds the wheels of a vehicle to block splashing water or mud Example:In England they call a fender a wing.


 Synonyms for wing
1. annex: addendum, attachment, extremity, adjunct, addition, ell
2. appendage for flying: pinion, sail, fin
3. fly: glide, soar
Tenses for wing
Present participle: winging
Present: wing (3.person: wings)
Past: winged
Future: will wing
Present conditional: would wing
Present Perfect: have winged (3.person: has winged)
Past Perfect: had winged
Future Perfect: will have winged
Past conditional: would have winged

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