Definition of wiredraw Pronunciation
1. To stretch (some physical thing) out, as though drawing wire; to elongate.
2. To stretch (words, a meaning etc.) to suit one's own purpose.
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English - Spanish - wiredraw Pronunciation
estirar alambre
English - French - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. tréfiler
English - Italian - wiredraw Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. estirar, puxar
English - Romanian - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. subtiliza în mod exagerat, trefila
English - Russian - wiredraw Pronunciation
чрезмерно утончать
English - Turkish - wiredraw Pronunciation
f. haddeden çekip tel yapmak, kılı kırk yarmak, uzatmak
English - Chinese - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. 抽成铁丝 (chou1 cheng2 tıe3 sı1), 拉长 (la1 chang2)
English - Chinese - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. 抽成鐵絲 (chou1 cheng2 tıe3 sı1), 拉長 (la1 chang2)
English - Korean - wiredraw Pronunciation
동. 늘여서 철사를 만들다, ...을 잡아 늘이다, 길게 하다, 너무 세밀하게 논하다, 세부적인 사항까지 논하다, ...의 의미를 왜곡시키다

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