English - Spanish - wiredraw Pronunciation
estirar alambre
English - French - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. tréfiler
English - Italian - wiredraw Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. estirar, puxar
English - Russian - wiredraw Pronunciation
чрезмерно утончать
English - Turkish - wiredraw Pronunciation
f. haddeden çekip tel yapmak, kılı kırk yarmak, uzatmak
English - Chinese - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. 抽成铁丝 (chou1 cheng2 tıe3 sı1), 拉长 (la1 chang2)
English - Chinese - wiredraw Pronunciation
v. 抽成鐵絲 (chou1 cheng2 tıe3 sı1), 拉長 (la1 chang2)
English - Korean - wiredraw Pronunciation
동. 늘여서 철사를 만들다, ...을 잡아 늘이다, 길게 하다, 너무 세밀하게 논하다, 세부적인 사항까지 논하다, ...의 의미를 왜곡시키다
(v.) Hence, also, to draw or spin out to great length and tenuity; as, to wiredraw an argument.
(v.) Hence, to draw by art or violence.
(v.) To form (a piece of metal) into wire, by drawing it through a hole in a plate of steel.
(v.) To pass, or to draw off, (as steam) through narrow ports, or the like, thus reducing its pressure or force by friction.
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