Definition of woodcutting Pronunciation
1. The felling of trees, or the cutting of wood.
2. The process of making woodcuts.
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English - English - woodcutting Pronunciation
n. chopping of trees, cutting of trees; carving in a tree
English - Spanish - woodcutting Pronunciation
s. corte de leña
English - French - woodcutting Pronunciation
n. abattage d'arbres, découpage d'arbres; gravure en arbre
English - German - woodcutting Pronunciation
n. Baumfällen; Holzschnitt; Holzfällerei
English - Italian - woodcutting Pronunciation
s. taglio degli alberi; taglio della legna
English - Portuguese - woodcutting Pronunciation
s. corte de lenha, rachadura de lenha; gravação em madeira
English - Romanian - woodcutting Pronunciation
n. lemnărie
English - Russian - woodcutting Pronunciation
с. ксилография
English - Turkish - woodcutting Pronunciation
i. odunculuk, gravür sanatı
English - Dutch - woodcutting Pronunciation
zn. het houthakken
English - Greek - woodcutting Pronunciation
(Lex**) υλοτόμος
English - Chinese - woodcutting Pronunciation
(名) 伐木; 木刻
English - Chinese - woodcutting Pronunciation
(名) 伐木; 木刻
English - Japanese - woodcutting Pronunciation
(名) 木材伐採; 木の彫刻; 木版画
English - Korean - woodcutting Pronunciation
명. 벌목; 목판술
English - Vietnamese - woodcutting Pronunciation
n. thợ chạm trên gỗ

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