Definition of worry Pronunciation
1. To seize or shake by the throat, especially of a dog or wolf.
Your dog’s been worrying sheep again.
2. To harass; to irritate or distress.
The President was worried into military action by persistent advisors.
3. Disturb the peace of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress.
Your tone of voice worries me.
4. To be troubled, to give way to mental anxiety.
Stop worrying about your test, it’ll be fine.
5. To touch repeatedly, to fiddle with.
6. To strangle.
7. A strong feeling of anxiety.
I'm afflicted by worry throughout the night.
8. An instance or cause of such a feeling.
My main worry is that I'll miss the train.
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English - English - worry Pronunciation
n. concern; fear; misfortune, distress; source of concern; ripping of meat with the teeth (e.g. by dogs)
v. be concerned; make concerned; annoy, harass; tear meat with the teeth (e.g. dogs); advance through great effort
English - Spanish - worry Pronunciation
s. preocupación, congoja, quebradero de cabeza, tribulación, zozobra
v. preocuparse, afligirse, agobiarse, angustiarse, apurarse, concernirse, consternarse, inquietarse, intranquilizarse; dar preocupación, turbar; ser preocupante
English - French - worry Pronunciation
n. souci, crainte; inquiétude; problème; prise entre les dents d'un morceau de viande (chiens)
v. s'inquiéter; craindre; inquiéter; agacer; harceler; déchirer de la viande entre les dents (chiens)
English - German - worry Pronunciation
n. Sorge; Angst; Not; Patsche
v. sorgen; ängstigen; belästigen
English - Italian - worry Pronunciation
s. preoccupazione, ansia, inquietudine, affanno; fastidio, seccatura, impiccio, guaio; l'azzannare, il dilaniare
v. preoccupare, impensierire, inquietare, turbare; assillare, tormentare, molestare, infastidire, importunare, seccare; strappare a furia di insistere; azzannare, dilaniare
English - Portuguese - worry Pronunciation
s. tormento; aborrecimento; preocupação; aflição; receio; desgraça; ruptura na carne do dente (nos cachorros)
v. atormentar; aborrecer; importunar; inquietar; preocupar-se; afligir-se; perturbar; romper a carne do dente (nos cachorros); progredir com esforço
English - Russian - worry Pronunciation
с. беспокойство, волнение, тревога, забота, мучение
г. надоедать, беспокоить, заботить, приставать, мучить, терзать, беспокоиться, мучиться, терзаться, волноваться, болеть, держать в зубах и трепать, тормошить
English - Turkish - worry Pronunciation
f. üzülmek, endişe etmek, endişelendirmek, endişelenmek, kaygılanmak, merakta kalmak, merak etmek, tedirgin olmak, rahatsız olmak, ısırıp silkelemek, sinirlenmek, hırpalamak, taciz etmek, zorlamak, rahatsız etmek, üzmek
i. endişe, karın ağrısı, kaygı, merak, üzüntü, dert, acı, silkeleme, ısırıp silkeleme (köpek)
English - Dutch - worry Pronunciation
zn. zorg; bezorgdheid; bron van zorgen; het scheuren van vlees (bij honden)
ww. bezorgd maken; zich bezorgd maken; lastig vallen; verscheuren van vlees (bij honden); vooruitgaan bij inspanning
English - Greek - worry Pronunciation
ουσ. ανησυχία, μπελάς, σκοτούρα, στενοχώρια
ρήμ. παιδεύω, στενοχωρούμαι, στενοχωρώ, ανησυχώ, βασανίζω, σκοτίζω, σκοτίζομαι, στενοχωριέμαι
English - Chinese - worry Pronunciation
(名) 烦恼, 苦恼, 忧虑
(动) 烦恼, 撕咬, 担心; 使烦恼, 使苦恼, 使焦虑
English - Chinese - worry Pronunciation
(名) 煩惱, 苦惱, 憂慮
(動) 煩惱, 撕咬, 擔心; 使煩惱, 使苦惱, 使焦慮
English - Japanese - worry Pronunciation
(動) 心配する; 心配させる; いらいらさせる; 歯で肉を引き裂く(例えば犬); 努力して進む
(名) 心配; 恐れ; 災難; 心配事; 歯で肉を引き裂くこと(例えば犬によって)
English - Korean - worry Pronunciation
명. 걱정; 두려움; 불행, 불운, 우울; 걱정거리; 이빨로 고기를 찢음 ( 개가)
동. 걱정하다; 걱정시키다; 귀찮게하다, 성가시게 하다; 이빨로 고기를 물어뜯다 ; 조금씩 노력해서 진전되다

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Verb forms for worry
Present participle: worrying
Present: worry (3.person: worries)
Past: worried
Future: will worry
Present conditional: would worry
Present Perfect: have worried (3.person: has worried)
Past Perfect: had worried
Future Perfect: will have worried
Past conditional: would have worried