Definitions and translations for "wrench"

Definition of wrench

1. A trick or artifice.
2. Deceit; guile; treachery.
3. A movement that twists or pulls violently; a tug.
4. An injury caused by a violent twisting or pulling of a limb; strain, sprain.
5. A turn at an acute angle.
6. A winch or windlass.
7. A screw.
8. A distorting change from the original meaning.
9. A hand tool for making rotational adjustments, such as fitting nuts and bolts, or fitting pipes; a spanner.
10. A violent emotional change caused by separation.
11. In screw theory, a screw assembled from force and torque vectors arising from application of Newton's laws to a rigid body.
12. Means; contrivance
13. To violently move in a turn or writhe.
14. To pull or twist violently.
With a surge of adrenaline, she wrenched the car door off and pulled out the injured man.
15. To turn aside or deflect.
16. To slander.
17. To tighten with or as if with a winch.
18. To injure (a joint) by pulling or twisting.
Be careful not to wrench your ankle walking along those loose stones!
19. To distort from the original meaning.
20. To thrust a weapon in a twisting motion.
21. To disarm an opponent by whirling his or her blade away.
22. To rack with pain.
23. To deprive by means of a violent pull or twist.
24. To use the tool known as a wrench.
The plumber wrenched the pipes until they came loose.
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English - English - wrench

n. violent twist; violent ripping; act of wresting; tool for gripping or turning bolts
v. pull by force; bend forcefully; twist; hurt by twisting; cut off; distort, pervert

English - Spanish - wrench

s. llave mecánica, torcedura, torcimiento
v. torcer; distorsionar

English - French - wrench

n. clé; violent mouvement de torsion; arrachement; séparation brutale; peine; mal
v. tordre ou tourner violemment; se fouler; arracher, enlever

English - German - wrench

n. heftige Drehung; Verzerrung, Verstauchung, Schmerz; Schraubenschlüssel
v. mit Gewalt ziehen o. reißen, entwinden, entreißen; verrenken, verstauchen, verzerren, verdrehen; sich losreißen, mit Gewalt öffnen, aufreißen

English - Indonesian - wrench

n. renggutan, sentakan, pilinan, putaran, kunci pas, kunci, engkol
v. membuka, merenggut, terkilir, menyedihkan

English - Italian - wrench

s. strappo, torsione; strazio, colpo terribile; (USA) chiave inglese, chiave per avvitare o svitare bulloni
v. storcere, distorcere; strappare, tirare con forza; (Med) slogarsi, storcersi; allontanare a forza; falsare, travisare, svisare

English - Polish - wrench

n. szarpnięcie, wyrwanie, ból, zwichnięcie, klucz {techn.}
v. szarpać, zwichnąć, przekręcać, szarpnąć

English - Portuguese - wrench

s. chave de parafusos, alicate; atração por força, puxada à força; o ato de desconectar à força; o ato de entortar por meio do uso da força; distorção; sofrimento; dor
v. puxar com violência; torcer com força; arrancar, arrebatar; desconjuntar, desarticular; tirar dos gonzos; machucar (torcendo, etc)

English - Romanian - wrench

n. smulgere, smucitură, răsucire, entorsă, scrântire, strângere de inimă {fig.}
v. smulge din, scoate cu forţă, smuci, scrânti, denatura faptele, răstălmăci vorbele cuiva

English - Russian - wrench

с. дерганье, скручивание, вывих, искажение; щемящая боль, щемящая тоска; гаечный ключ
г. вырывать, вывертывать, вывихнуть, искажать

English - Turkish - wrench

f. bükmek, burkmak, zorla almak, asılmak, çarpıtmak, ters anlamak, yanlış yorumlamak
i. bükme, burkma, bükülme, burkulma, ayrılış acısı, İngiliz anahtarı

English - Ukrainian - wrench

n. сіпання, смикання, вивих, звих, перекручення, гайковий ключ
v. сіпати, викручувати, закручувати, вивихнути, викривляти, рвати, видерти, викривлятися
a. гайковий

English - Dutch - wrench

zn. ruk, draai; verrekking, verzwikking; verdraaiing; ellende, pijn
ww. rukken, draaien; verrekken; verstuiken; verdraaien; schroef sleutelen; pijnlijk scheiden

English - Greek - wrench

ουσ. βίαια στροφή, βίαιο τράβηγμα, γαλλικό κλειδί, κλειδί βίδας, κλειδί, στραμπούληγμα, κοχλιοστρόφιο
ρήμ. στρέφω, διαστρέφω, στρεβλώ

English - Arabic - wrench

‏مفتاح البراغي، ألم، أسى شديد، ملوي‏
‏لوى، شوه، سحب بقوة، عذب، وجع‏

English - Chinese - wrench

(名) 扳钳, 猛扭, 扳手
(动) 猛扭, 曲解, 使扭伤; 猛扭, 绞痛

English - Chinese - wrench

(名) 扳鉗, 猛扭, 扳手
(動) 猛扭, 曲解, 使扭傷; 猛扭, 絞痛

English - Japanese - wrench

(動) ぐいとねじる; ねじって…にする; ねんざする; 切り取る; 曲げる
(名) ぐいとねじること; ねじり取ること; レンチ, スパナー, ボルトを回転させる道具; ねんざ; 悲しみ

English - Korean - wrench

명. 비틀기, 삠, 비통, 비통함, 렌치, 억지로 끌어댐
동. 비틀다, 삐다, 왜곡하다, 뒤틀리다

English - Vietnamese - wrench

n. sự vặn mạnh, nổi khổ sở, đau đớn vì chia rẻ, đau đớn vì xa nhau
v. vặn mạnh, giựt lấy, cướp lấy, đoạt lấy, làm sai nghĩa

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Synonyms for wrench
1. twist: tug, wrest, turn, strain, jerk, dislodge, yank
2. hurt oneself: sprain, dislocate, strain, throw out, separate
Verb forms for wrench
Present participle: wrenching
Present: wrench (3.person: wrenches)
Past: wrenched
Future: will wrench
Present conditional: would wrench
Present Perfect: have wrenched (3.person: has wrenched)
Past Perfect: had wrenched
Future Perfect: will have wrenched
Past conditional: would have wrenched