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English English - Definition of wrench 
n. violent twist; violent ripping; act of wresting; tool for gripping or turning bolts
v. pull by force; bend forcefully; twist; hurt by twisting; cut off; distort, pervert
Spanish English To Spanish - wrench 
s. llave mecánica, torcedura, torcimiento
v. torcer; distorsionar
French English To French - wrench 
n. clé; violent mouvement de torsion; arrachement; séparation brutale; peine; mal
v. tordre ou tourner violemment; se fouler; arracher, enlever
German English To German - wrench 
n. heftige Drehung; Verzerrung, Verstauchung, Schmerz; Schraubenschlüssel
v. mit Gewalt ziehen o. reißen, entwinden, entreißen; verrenken, verstauchen, verzerren, verdrehen; sich losreißen, mit Gewalt öffnen, aufreißen
Italian English To Italian - wrench 
s. strappo, torsione; strazio, colpo terribile; (USA) chiave inglese, chiave per avvitare o svitare bulloni
v. storcere, distorcere; strappare, tirare con forza; (Med) slogarsi, storcersi; allontanare a forza; falsare, travisare, svisare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - wrench 
s. chave de parafusos, alicate; atração por força, puxada à força; o ato de desconectar à força; o ato de entortar por meio do uso da força; distorção; sofrimento; dor
v. puxar com violência; torcer com força; arrancar, arrebatar; desconjuntar, desarticular; tirar dos gonzos; machucar (torcendo, etc)
Russian English To Russian - wrench 
с. дерганье, скручивание, вывих, искажение; щемящая боль, щемящая тоска; гаечный ключ
г. вырывать, вывертывать, вывихнуть, искажать
Turkish English To Turkish - wrench 
f. bükmek, burkmak, zorla almak, asılmak, çarpıtmak, ters anlamak, yanlış yorumlamak
i. bükme, burkma, bükülme, burkulma, ayrılış acısı, İngiliz anahtarı
Albanian English To Albanian - wrench 
n. përdredhje, ndrydhje [mjek.], pikëllim
v. dëmtoj, tërheq fort, ndrydh, shtrembëroj fjalët
Dutch English To Dutch - wrench 
zn. ruk, draai; verrekking, verzwikking; verdraaiing; ellende, pijn
ww. rukken, draaien; verrekken; verstuiken; verdraaien; schroef sleutelen; pijnlijk scheiden
Greek English To Greek - wrench 
ουσ. βίαια στροφή, βίαιο τράβηγμα, γαλλικό κλειδί, κλειδί βίδας, κλειδί, στραμπούληγμα, κοχλιοστρόφιο
ρήμ. στρέφω, διαστρέφω, στρεβλώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - wrench 
(名) 扳钳, 猛扭, 扳手
(动) 猛扭, 曲解, 使扭伤; 猛扭, 绞痛
ChineseT English To ChineseT - wrench 
(名) 扳鉗, 猛扭, 扳手
(動) 猛扭, 曲解, 使扭傷; 猛扭, 絞痛
Japanese English To Japanese - wrench 
(動) ぐいとねじる; ねじって…にする; ねんざする; 切り取る; 曲げる
(名) ぐいとねじること; ねじり取ること; レンチ, スパナー, ボルトを回転させる道具; ねんざ; 悲しみ
Korean English To Korean - wrench 
명. 비틀기, 삠, 비통, 비통함, 렌치, 억지로 끌어댐
동. 비틀다, 삐다, 왜곡하다, 뒤틀리다
noun: a hand tool that is used to hold or twist a nut or bolt
noun: a sharp strain on muscles or ligaments Example:The wrench to his knee occurred as he fell.
noun: a jerky pulling movement
verb: twist or pull violently or suddenly, especially so as to remove (something) from that to which it is attached or from where it originates Example:Wrench a window off its hinges.
verb: make a sudden twisting motion
verb: twist and compress, as if in pain or anguish


 Synonyms for wrench
1. twist: tug, wrest, turn, strain, jerk, dislodge, yank
2. hurt oneself: sprain, dislocate, strain, throw out, separate
Tenses for wrench
Present participle: wrenching
Present: wrench (3.person: wrenches)
Past: wrenched
Future: will wrench
Present conditional: would wrench
Present Perfect: have wrenched (3.person: has wrenched)
Past Perfect: had wrenched
Future Perfect: will have wrenched
Past conditional: would have wrenched

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