n. biology of aliens, biology of creatures from other planets
English - Spanish - xenobiology Pronunciation
s. Xenobiología (en biología de seres extraterrestres)
English - French - xenobiology Pronunciation
n. xenobiologie (biologie des extra-terrestres)
English - German - xenobiology Pronunciation
n. Xenobiology (Biologie von Außerirdischen)
English - Italian - xenobiology Pronunciation
s. xenobiologia (biologia degli organismi extraterrestri)
English - Portuguese - xenobiology Pronunciation
s. xenobiologia (biologia de extraterrestres, biologia de seres de outros planetas)
English - Dutch - xenobiology Pronunciation
zn. xenobiologie (biologie van vreemde wezens)
English - Japanese - xenobiology Pronunciation
(名) 宇宙生物学
English - Korean - xenobiology Pronunciation
명. 우주 생물학
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