Definition of xenophilic Pronunciation
1. Exhibiting xenophilia; fond of foreign people or customs.
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English - English - xenophilic Pronunciation
n. person who likes foreigners, one who is attracted to foreign people or cultures; person who is attracted or likes the unfamiliar or strange things
English - French - xenophilic Pronunciation
n. xénophile, personne qui aime les étrangers, quelqu'un qui est attitré par un peuple ou des cultures étrangères
English - German - xenophilic Pronunciation
n. Xenophile, Person die Framde mag, Perosn sich zu fremden Menschen oder Kulturen hingezogen fühlend; Person die sich zu unbekannten oder komischen Sachen angezogen fühlt
English - Italian - xenophilic Pronunciation
s. xenofilo, persona attratto da oggetti o persone o culture straniere
English - Portuguese - xenophilic Pronunciation
s. xenófilo, pessoa que gosta de estrangeiros ou culturas estrangeiras
English - Japanese - xenophilic Pronunciation
(名) 外国人を好む人; 外国を好む人; 外国の文化を好む人; 変わった物を好む人
English - Korean - xenophilic Pronunciation
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