Definition of yawp Pronunciation
1. To yelp, or utter a sharp cry, as in intense pain, or another raucous noise
2. To talk loudly and coarsely
3. Clamor, utter loud complaints
4. A yelp or bark
5. Loud or coarse talk
Sound my barbaric yawps over the roofs of the world - Walt Whitman
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English - English - yawp Pronunciation
v. talk noisily; shout
English - Spanish - yawp Pronunciation
v. quejarse
English - French - yawp Pronunciation
v. bavarder; papoter
English - German - yawp Pronunciation
v. schwatzen; schreien
English - Italian - yawp Pronunciation
v. (fam) guaire, uggiolare; parlare a vanvera
English - Portuguese - yawp Pronunciation
v. vociferar, berrar; tagarelar
English - Russian - yawp Pronunciation
(v) взвизгивать; взвизгнуть; вскрикивать; вскрикнуть; глазеть; драть горло; зевать во весь рот; пискнуть; разевать рот; чесать языки
English - Ukrainian - yawp Pronunciation
v. горланити
English - Dutch - yawp Pronunciation
ww. kletsen; schreeuwen
English - Greek - yawp Pronunciation
ρήμ. φωνάζω, μαλώνω
English - Chinese - yawp Pronunciation
(动) 大声叫嚷, 说反对的话, 大声喊叫
English - Chinese - yawp Pronunciation
(動) 大聲叫嚷, 說反對的話, 大聲喊叫
English - Japanese - yawp Pronunciation
(動) 馬鹿話をする; わめく
English - Korean - yawp Pronunciation
동. 날카로운 소리로 말하다, 날카로운 소리로 외치다, 재잘재잘 지껄이다, 입을 멍하니 벌리다

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Verb forms for yawp
Present participle: yawping
Present: yawp (3.person: yawps)
Past: yawped
Future: will yawp
Present conditional: would yawp
Present Perfect: have yawped (3.person: has yawped)
Past Perfect: had yawped
Future Perfect: will have yawped
Past conditional: would have yawped