Definition of years Pronunciation
1. A prolonged period of time.
We've known each other for ages.
I haven't been there for years and years.
2. The time during which someone's life continues.
The monarch's last days.
In his final years.
3. A late time of life.
Old age is not for sissies.
He's showing his years.
Age hasn't slowed him down at all.
A beard white with eld.
On the brink of geezerhood.
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English - Spanish - years Pronunciation
s. años, mucho tiempo; avanzado o viejo; término general para referirse al tiempo (pasado, presente y futuro); período específico de tiempo
English - French - years Pronunciation
English - German - years Pronunciation
Jahre, Jahrgänge
English - Indonesian - years Pronunciation
n. usia, umur
English - Italian - years Pronunciation
s. età (f)
English - Portuguese - years Pronunciation
s. anos, muito tempo; idade avançada, velhice; termo geral para o tempo (passado, presente e futuro); período de tempo específico
English - Romanian - years Pronunciation
n. an
English - Russian - years Pronunciation
с. возраст (M)
English - Ukrainian - years Pronunciation
n. вік, літа
English - Chinese - years Pronunciation
n. 岁 (suı4), 岁月 (suı4 yue4), 年月 (nıan2 yue4), 年华 (nıan2 hua2), 年份 (nıan2 fen5), 龄 (lıng2)
English - Chinese - years Pronunciation
n. 歲 (suı4), 歲月 (suı4 yue4), 年月 (nıan2 yue4), 年華 (nıan2 hua2), 年份 (nıan2 fen5), 齡 (lıng2)
English - Japanese - years Pronunciation
(名) 年々, 月日, 年年, 年輩, 年端, 星霜
English - Korean - years Pronunciation
명. 연령

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