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English English - Definition of yipee 
interj. yahoo! , hooray! (cheer of joy)
Spanish English To Spanish - yipee 
interj. ¡¡Viva!!, ¡¡hurra!! (llamado de alegría)
French English To French - yipee 
interj. Hourra! bravo!
German English To German - yipee 
intz. Jipieh, Hurra, Ausruf der Freude
Italian English To Italian - yipee 
inter. Hurra! (esclamazione di gioia)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - yipee 
interj. oba!, viva! (grito expressando alegria)
Dutch English To Dutch - yipee 
tw. jippie! hoera! (uitdrukking van vreugde)
Japanese English To Japanese - yipee 
(間) ヤッホー, ワーイ(喜びの喝采)


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