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English English - Definition of zingy 
adj. sharp, whistling (sound); moving at a very fast speed
Spanish English To Spanish - zingy 
adj. Silbante; de un tono; que se mueve con mucha rapidez
French English To French - zingy 
adj. sifflant, aigu (son); se remuant en grande vitesse
German English To German - zingy 
adj. pfeifend, schrill (Ton); sich schnell drehend
Italian English To Italian - zingy 
agg. brioso, energetico; emozionante
Portuguese English To Portuguese - zingy 
adj. estridente, agudo (som); que se movimenta rapidamente
Russian English To Russian - zingy 
волнующий; захватывающий; изумительный; потрясающий
Dutch English To Dutch - zingy 
bn. jeuïg, pittig, krachtig, vol vitaliteit; scherp (geluid)
Greek English To Greek - zingy 
(Lex**) τσιγκογραφία
ChineseS English To ChineseS - zingy 
(形) 愉快而激动的; 极吸引人的; 非常漂亮的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - zingy 
(形) 愉快而激動的; 極吸引人的; 非常漂亮的
Japanese English To Japanese - zingy 
(形) 甲高い(音); 素早く動く; 活気のある; 魅力的な; わくわくさせる
Korean English To Korean - zingy 
형. 생기 있는, 싱싱한, 흥분시키는, 재미있는, 매력적인


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