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n. capitalization rate, interest rate for calculating the present value; method for converting an estimate of income expectancy of one a single year into an indication of value in one direct step by dividing the income estimate by a proper rate


n. hat; cover, cork; maximum limit or quota; summit, peak; symbol used to denote an intersection (Mathematics); top part of a mushroom; noisemaker made of paper containing a bit of gunpowder; (Dentistry) crown
v. put a cap on; put a top on; crown; do better than
n. cape, point, headland


n. ratio, proportion between two things; price, cost; speed, pace; tax, assessment
v. assess, appraise, determine value; grade, classify, sort
n. advice, counsel, consultation, counseling, recommendation; assembly, board, group of people (gathered to advise, plan, etc.)
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