English → English - Label

n. ticket; tag; sign; note, slip of paper; nickname; text which appears on a computerized note (Computers); destination of a GOTO command (Computers)
v. affix a label to, affix a tag or sticker to; call, name, give a nickname to; classify
n. stamp, seal; label, ticket, tag

English → Spanish - Label

s. etiqueta, esquela, letrero, marbete, rótulo; (inform.) rótulo; nombre; volumen de almacenaje; en hojas cálculo: es cualquier texto ubicado en una celda
v. etiquetar, motejar, poner etiqueta a, poner etiquetas a, poner un letrero a, rotular; designar

English → French - Label

n. label; étiquette; surnom, mot; repère; label, texte situé sur une feuille de calcul (informatique); cible de la commande GOTO
v. étiqueter; coller des labels; affubler, surnommer; classifier

English → German - Label

n. Kennzeichen; (Comput) Etikette, ein Text der in einer Tabellenkalkulation aufführt; (Comput) das Ziel des Befehls GOTO
v. etikettieren, beschriften; mit Preisen bezeichnen; abstempeln; auszeichnen; einstufen

English → Indonesian - Label

n. etiket, label, nama
v. memberi etiket, menamakan, menamai, memberikan nama, mengecapi

English → Italian - Label

s. etichetta (anche inform.); segno; nota; soprannome; (inform.) testo che appare su un foglio di calcolo; destinatario del comando GOTO
v. etichettare, munire di etichetta, mettere un'etichetta a; (fig) qualificare, classificare

English → Polish - Label

n. etykieta, etykietka, przywieszka, nalepka, naklejka, kwalifikator, dodatek do aktu prawnego {prawn.}
v. etykietować

English → Portuguese - Label

s. rótulo (também em informática); insígnia; nota; bilhete; apelido; (informática) rótulo, texto que aparece nas planilhas de cálculos; (informática) destino do comando GOTO
v. rotular; pôr etiqueta; marcar; classificar; designar

English → Romanian - Label

n. etichetă, inscripţie, denumire, semn distinctiv, marcă fabricii, plumb de garanţie
v. eticheta, pune o etichetă pe, pune o inscripţie pe, marca, califica, caracteriza

English → Russian - Label

с. ярлык, этикетка, бирка, маркировка; помета; меченый атом; слезник; высотомер, алидада [тех.], алидада-высотомер
г. прикреплять ярлык, помечать

English → Turkish - Label

f. etiketlemek, etiket yapıştırmak, uyarı işareti koymak, sınıflandırmak
i. etiket, yafta

English → Ukrainian - Label

n. ярлик, етикетка, позначка, бирка
v. ярлик: наліплювати ярлик

French → English - Label

(m) n. stamp, seal; label, ticket, tag

Indonesian → English - Label

n. label, tag, tab

Dutch → English - Label

n. label, tab, tag, etiquette

English → Dutch - Label

zn. label (ook in computers), adreskaartje; kenteken; insigne; teken; bijnaam (in computers) label, tekst op een elektronische rekenblad; (in computers) de bestemming van het bevel GOTO
ww. etiketteren, labelen; bestempelen als

English → Greek - Label

ουσ. επιγραφή, επίγραμμα, τικέτα, μάρκα
ρήμ. επιγράφω, σημειώ, σημειώνω

French → German - Label

n. handelsmarke, schutzmarke, preisschild, prädikat

French → Russian - Label

n. клеймо (m), этикетка (m), товарный знак (m)

French → Turkish - Label

[le] etiket; marka

German → French - Label

n. étiquette de prix (f), étiquette (f)

Dutch → French - Label

(algemeen) étiquette (f)

English → Arabic - Label

‏رقعة، رقعة لاصقة، مادة مطبوعة، حلية معمارية، طابع، ملصق‏
‏صنف، وسم، لصق بطاقة، لصق رقعة، ميز‏

English → Chinese - Label

(名) 票; 标签; 商标; 签条, 一小条纸; 小名; 电脑化的签条上出现的文字 (计算机用语); GOTO 命令的终点 (计算机用语)
(动) 贴标签于; 分类; 指...为

English → Chinese - Label

(名) 標簽; 商標; 簽條
(動) 貼標簽於; 分類; 指...為

English → Hindi - Label

n. लेबिल, लेबुल, नाम-पत्र
v. अंकितक छिपना, लेबिल लगाना, अंकितक लगाना, लेबुल लगाना, नामपत लगाना, नामपत चिपकाना, चिप्पी चिपकाना

English → Japanese - Label

(動) 札を付ける; 名づける; 分類する
(名) はり札, レッテル, ラベル; 通り名; 分類表示; (コンピュータ)ラベル, GOTOコマンド先

English → Korean - Label

명. 딱지, 우표, 부호, 상표, 표찰
동. 꼬리표를 붙이다; 이름을 붙이다; 분류하다

English → Vietnamese - Label

n. miếng giấy, miếng vải, tên hay câu ngắn chỉ người nào, phòng xạ kế, nhản hiệu, tên của nhản hiệu, phần đá nhô ra ngoài
v. dán nhản hiệu, đóng nhản hiệu

German → Chinese - Label

[das] 标签。

Definition of Label

1. A small ticket or sign giving information about something to which it is attached or intended to be attached.
We laughed at her because the label was still on her new sweater.
The label says this silk scarf should not be washed in the washing machine.
Although the label priced this poster at three pounds, I got it for two.
2. A name given to something or someone to categorise them as part of a particular social group.
Ever since he started going to the rock club, he's been given the label "waster".
3. A company that sells records.
The label signed the band after hearing a demo tape.
4. A user-defined alias for a numerical designation, the reverse of an enumeration.
Storage devices can be given by label or ID.
5. A named place in source code that can be jumped to using a GOTO or equivalent construct.
6. A charge resembling the strap crossing the horse’s chest from which pendants are hung.
7. A tassel.
8. A piece of writing added to something, such as a codicil appended to a will.
9. A brass rule with sights, formerly used with a circumferentor to take altitudes.
10. The projecting moulding by the sides, and over the tops, of openings in mediaeval architecture.
11. In mediaeval art, the representation of a band or scroll containing an inscription.
12. To put a label (a ticket or sign) on (something).
The shop assistant labeled all the products in the shop.
13. To give a label to (someone or something) in order to categorise that person or thing.
He's been unfairly labeled as a cheat, although he's only ever cheated once.
14. To replace specific atoms by their isotope in order to track the presence or movement of this isotope through a reaction, metabolic pathway or cell.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: label(l)ing
Present: label (3.person: labels)
Past: label(l)ed
Future: will label
Present conditional: would label
Present Perfect: have label(l)ed (3.person: has label(l)ed)
Past Perfect: had label(l)ed
Future Perfect: will have label(l)ed
Past conditional: would have label(l)ed
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