English → English - absolute

n. something definite, something absolute
adj. complete, perfect; pure; unlimited; definite, positive; not relative
n. absolute, something definite, something absolute

English → Spanish - absolute

s. absoluto
adj. absoluto, certísimo, inconcuso, incontrovertible, incuestionable, indiscutible, indisputable, indubitable, innegable, irrebatible, irrefragable, rotundo, perfecto; tiránico

English → French - absolute

n. absolu
adj. absolu, (parfait, illimité)

English → German - absolute

n. absolut
adj. absolut, endgültig

English → Indonesian - absolute

n. mutlak: hal yg mutlak
a. penuh, sepenuh, sepenuhnya, mutlak, nyata, positif, pasti, tentu, absolut, sebetulnya, sesungguhnya: yg sesungguhnya

English → Italian - absolute

s. l'assoluto
agg. assoluto, completo, perfetto; illimitato; definito

English → Polish - absolute

n. absolut {filoz.}
a. absolutny, bezwarunkowy, czysty, stwierdzony, prawdziwy, skończony, bezwzględny, całkowity, nieograniczony, pełny, nieodwołalny, arbitralny

English → Portuguese - absolute

s. absoluto
adj. absoluto (completo, ilimitado, acima de todos)

English → Romanian - absolute

a. absolut, deplin, total, perfect, complet, nelimitat, desăvârşit, neapărat, pur, curat, categoric, sigur, primordial

English → Russian - absolute

с. полный; абсолютный, безусловный
прил. полный, неограниченный, абсолютный; безусловный, беспримесный, чистый; самовластный; безотносительный

English → Turkish - absolute

s. mutlâk, kesin, tam, salt; kayıtsız şartsız, sınırsız; saf; katışıksız

English → Ukrainian - absolute

n. абсолют
a. повний, цілковитий, безумовний, абсолютний, необмежений, самовладний, чистий, бездомішковий, дійсний, безсумнівний, максимальний

German → English - absolute

n. absolute

English → Dutch - absolute

zn. absoluut, totaal
bn. zeker, absoluut (heel, onbegrensd)

English → Greek - absolute

επίθ. απεριόριστος, απόλυτος, άνευ όρων, απολυταρχικός, δεσποτικός, αυθύπαρκτος, πλήρης, αναμφισβήτητος

German → French - absolute

n. absolu (m)

German → Italian - absolute

n. assoluto (m)

Dutch → French - absolute

(algemeen) absolu (m)

German → Dutch - absolute

absolute ,absoluut

English → Arabic - absolute

‏مطلق، إستبدادي، كامل، غير نسبي، ثابت، أساسي، غير مقيد بدستور، صرف، مطبق، مجرد، حاسم، مستبد‏

English → Chinese - absolute

(名) 绝对事物; 绝对
(形) 纯粹的; 绝对的; 完全的; 专制的

English → Chinese - absolute

(名) 絕對事物; 絕對
(形) 純粹的; 絕對的; 完全的; 專制的

English → Hindi - absolute

a. पूर्ण, परम, असीम, निरंकुश

English → Japanese - absolute

(名) 絶対的なもの, 絶対不変の性質
(形) 完全な; 純粋な; 無制限の; 絶対の; 無関係な

English → Korean - absolute

명. 절대적인 것
형. 절대의, 무조건의; 순수한;단연 ... 한;결정적인

English → Vietnamese - absolute

a. tuyệt đối, cần thiết, hoàn toàn, chuyên chế, xác thật

German → Chinese - absolute


Definition of absolute

1. Absolved; free.
2. Disengaged from accidental circumstances.
3. Complete in itself; perfect.
4. Not immediately dependent on the other parts of the sentence.
1. Of a case form Syntactically connected to the rest of the sentence in an atypical manner; ablative absolute; nominative absolute; genitive absolute; accusative absolute.
2. Standing by itself in a loose syntactical connection, and qualifying the sentence as a whole rather than any single word in it.
Anyhow in 'anyhow, I made it home' is an absolute.
3. Of an adjective or possessive pronoun Lacking a modified substantive.
Hungry in 'Feed the hungry.'
4. Superlative Expressing a relative term without a definite comparison.'
Older in 'An older person should be treated with respect.
5. Transitive Having no direct object.
Kill in 'If looks could kill...'
6. Welsh An inflected verb that is not preceded by any number of articles or compounded with a preverb.
5. Absorbed in, as an occupation.
6. Pure; unmixed; as, absolute alcohol.
7. Complete; utter; outright; unmitigated; entire; total; not qualified or diminished in any way; unrestricted; without limitation.
When caught, he told an absolute lie.
8. Unconditional; free from any conditions, limitations, and relations;
7. Having unlimited power, without limits set by a constitution, parliament, or other means; independent in ownership or authority.
8. Absolutist; arbitrary; despotic.
9. Proceeding from or characteristic of an absolute ruler.
9. Authoritative; peremptory.
10. Positive; unquestionable; peremptory.
11. Real; actual.
12. Certain; free from doubt or uncertainty, as a person or prediction.
13. Free from conditional limitations; operating or existing in full under all circumstances without variation.
14. Complete; unconditional; final; without encumbrances; not liable to change or cancellation.
15. Existing, able to be thought of, or able to be viewed without relation to other things.
Absolute motion
Absolute time or space
Absolute rights and duties are such as pertain to man in a state of nature as contradistinguished from relative rights and duties, or such as pertain to him in his social relations.
16. Fundamental; ultimate; intrinsic; free from the variability and error natural to the human way of thinking and perception.
17. Independent of arbitrary units of measurement not comparative or relative.
10. Having reference to or derived from the simplest manner from the fundamental units of mass, time, and length.
11. Relating to the absolute temperature scale.
18. Pertaining to a grading system based on the knowledge of the individual and not on the comparative knowledge of the group of students.
19. Concerned entirely with expressing beauty and feelings, lacking meaningful reference.
20. Utilizing the body to express ideas, independent of music and costumes.
21. As measured using an absolute value.
Absolute deviation
Absolute square
Mean absolute difference
22. Indicating an expression that is true for all real number; unconditional.
23. That which is independent of context-dependent interpretation, inviolate, fundamental.
Moral absolutes
24. Anything that is absolute.
25. In a plane, the two imaginary circular points at infinity; in space of three dimensions, the imaginary circle at infinity.
26. A realm which exists without reference to anything else; that which can be imagined purely by itself; absolute ego.
27. The unity of spirit and nature; God.
28. The whole of reality; the totality to which everything is reduced.
29. Concentrated natural flower oil, used for perfumes.
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