English → English - act out

v. act a part; pretend to be; play a certain role

English → Spanish - act out

v. expresar, exteriorizar, representar

English → French - act out

v. représenter, exprimer; jouer un certain rôle, prétendre être

English → German - act out

v. Auftreten, schauspielern; eine bestimmte Rolle spielen

English → Portuguese - act out

v. atuar; fingir; fazer certo papel em uma peça

English → Russian - act out

г. разыгрывать

English → Turkish - act out

f. dışa vurmak, davranışlarıyla ortaya koymak

English → Arabic - act out


English → Japanese - act out

(動) 芝居する; ふりをする; 役をつとめる

Definition of act out

1. Out
She's a street performer, so she acts out on Ninth Street.
2. To perform something specific.
1. Idiomatic To perform a scene from a play, a charade or an exercise.
Despite already being aware, he will be acting out the pretence of a surprise.
2. Idiomatic To perform a fantasy in reality.
I've wanted to do this for so long, but I never thought I could act it out.
3. To express internal feelings or thoughts.
3. To express one's feelings through disruptive actions.
I know you're angry, but you can't act out and break dishes like that.
4. To express ideas or desires through actions rather than words.
When her jaw was wired shut, she had acted out what she needed.
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