English → English - baby

n. infant, very young child; honey, sweetie (term of endearment); childish person (Slang)
v. spoil, indulge; treat like a baby
adj. tiny, miniature, dwarf; babyish; pertaining to or resembling a baby

English → Spanish - baby

s. bebé, criatura, crío, nene, recién nacido
v. mimar
adj. infantil

English → French - baby

n. bébé, enfant, gamin, bambin; nourrisson; nom coeur, mon trésor, chéri; personne puérile (familier)
v. gâter,pourrir, faire tous les caprices; traiter comme un bébé
adj. minuscule, miniature, chétif; bébé, petit

English → German - baby

n. Baby, Neugeborenes
v. verwöhnen; als Baby behandeln
adj. kindisch; klein; kindlich; von einem Baby

English → Indonesian - baby

n. bayi, orok
a. kebayi-bayian

English → Italian - baby

s. bambino, bimbo; neonato, (fam) bebè; piccolo; il più giovane, il più piccolo; bambinone; (fam) creatura; (am; fam) ragazza, (fam) bambola
v. viziare, coccolare
agg. giovane, piccolo; infantile, puerile, sciocco

English → Polish - baby

n. niemowlę, dzieciątko, dzidziuś, dziecina, dzieciuch, kochanie {sl.}, noworodek

English → Portuguese - baby

s. bebê; benzinho, querido, meu bem
v. mimar; tratar como um bebê
adj. criança de peito, neném, pessoa infantil; boneca (gíria)

English → Romanian - baby

n. copil, copil mic, copilaş, sugaci, prunc, pui, drăguţă, fată frumoasă, plod
a. copilaş: de copilaş, prunc: de prunc

English → Russian - baby

с. крошка, младенец, ребенок, малютка, дитя, детеныш, малыш, самый маленький, девочка; дорогая
прил. детский, младенческий, ребяческий, инфантильный, малый, небольшой

English → Turkish - baby

f. şımartmak, bebek muamelesi yapmak
i. bebek, çocuk, yavru, çocuksu kimse, piliç (kız), eser, sorumluluk
s. bebek, bebeksi, küçük

English → Ukrainian - baby

n. дитя, немовля, дитина, маля, дитинча, дитиня, дитятко, малюк, лялька, маленство, малюта, мила
v. поводитися як з дитиною
a. дитячий, малечий, маленький

French → English - baby

adj. baby

German → English - baby

adj. tiny, miniature, dwarf; babyish; pertaining to or resembling a baby

Italian → English - baby

adj. juvenile, young, child; mini

Dutch → English - baby

n. baby, nurseling, nursling

English → Dutch - baby

zn. baby
ww. verwennen, als baby behandelen
bn. baby, klein, jong

English → Greek - baby

ουσ. νήπιο, βρέφος, μωρό

German → Spanish - baby

n. bebé (m), rorro (m), baby (m)

Spanish → German - baby

n. baby, kittel

German → French - baby

n. bébé (m)

German → Italian - baby

n. ragazza {gerg.} (f), bebè (m), lattante (m), neonato (m)

German → Russian - baby

n. младенец (n), дитя (n), малютка (n)

German → Turkish - baby


Dutch → French - baby

(zuigeling) bébé (m); nourrisson (m)

English → Arabic - baby

‏صغير، طفل رضيع، طفلة، ولد، فتاة، إمرأة، حبيب، شخص‏
‏تصرف كالأطفال، دلل أو يعامل كالأطفال بعناة‏

English → Chinese - baby

(名) 婴孩
(动) 把...当婴儿般对待; 娇纵
(形) 婴儿的; 小型的; 幼小的

English → Chinese - baby

(名) 嬰孩
(動) 把...當嬰兒般對待; 嬌縱
(形) 嬰兒的; 小型的; 幼小的

English → Hindi - baby

n. बच्चा, शिशु, मुन्ना, छगन
a. बच्चे का

English → Japanese - baby

(形) 赤んぼのような; 子供用の; 小さい
(名) 赤ん坊; 末っ子; 最年少者; 可愛い人
(動) あまやかす; 軽く打つ; 子ども扱いする

English → Korean - baby

명. 아기
동. 어린애처럼 다루다
형. 작은; 어린이 같은; 어린이의

English → Vietnamese - baby

n. trẻ nhỏ, đứa bé, em bé, trẻ nít

German → Chinese - baby

[das] pl.Babys 婴儿。

Definition of baby

1. A very young human, particularly from birth to a couple of years old or until walking is fully mastered.
2. Any very young animal, especially a vertebrate; many species have specific names for their babies, such as kittens for the babies of cats, puppies for the babies of dogs, and chicks for the babies of birds. See :Category:Baby animals for more.
3. Unborn young; a fetus.
When is your baby due?
4. A person who is immature or infantile.
Stand up for yourself - don't be such a baby!
5. Term of endearment for a girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse.
6. A form of address to a man or a woman considered to be attractive.
Hey baby, what are you doing later?
7. A pet project or responsibility.
The annual report has been my baby since September.
8. The lastborn of a family.
9. An affectionate term for anything.
See my new car here? I can't wait to take this baby for a drive.
10. A small image of an infant; a doll.
11. Of a child: very young; of the age when he or she would be termed a baby or infant.
A baby boy
12. Of an animal: young.
A baby elephant
13. Intended for babies.
Baby clothes
14. Picked when small and immature (as in baby corn, baby potatoes).
15. To coddle; to pamper somebody like an infant.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: babying
Present: baby (3.person: babies)
Past: babied
Future: will baby
Present conditional: would baby
Present Perfect: have babied (3.person: has babied)
Past Perfect: had babied
Future Perfect: will have babied
Past conditional: would have babied
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