English → English - behind

n. buttocks, rear end, seat
adv. late, tardy
prep. behind, in back of -

English → Spanish - behind

s. parte trasera
adv. atrás, detrás, por detrás, pos
prep. detrás, detrás de

English → French - behind

n. derrière, fesses, cul; arrière-train
adv. derrière, en arrière; tardivement, sur le tard, en retard
prép. derrière, par derrière, après, en arrière

English → German - behind

n. Hintern
adv. spät, verspätend
prp. hinter

English → Indonesian - behind

n. burit, pantat, panggul
adv. belakang: di belakang, terbelakang, belakang: ke belakang
prep. belakang: di belakang, balik: di balik

English → Italian - behind

s. (fam) didietro, sedere, (volg) culo
avv. dietro, di dietro, in coda; lontano; in ritardo; in arretrato, indietro
prep. dietro; al di là di; in ritardo; più indietro di, indietro rispetto a; sotto; alla guida di; al volante di; ai comandi di

English → Polish - behind

n. pośladek, tył, tyłek
adv. tył: z tyłu, siebie: za siebie
prep. za

English → Portuguese - behind

s. atrás
adv. atrás; atrasado
prep. atrás de; inferior a

English → Romanian - behind

n. dos, spate
adv. urmă: în urmă, spate: în spate, îndărăt, dindărăt
prep. spate: în spatele, înapoia, urmă: în urma, după, spate: din spatele, dindărăt: dindărătul cu

English → Russian - behind

с. зад
нареч. после, вслед, ниже, позади, сзади
предл. за, позади, сзади, после

English → Turkish - behind

i. popo, kıç (Argo), peş (Argo)
zf. arkada, arkadan, geride, arkaya, geriye, geri, geç, gizlenmiş, saklı
ed. arkasında, gerisinde, ardındaki, arkasından, ardından, peşinde

English → Ukrainian - behind

n. зад
adv. позаду, ззаду, за, назаді
prep. за, після, позаду, ззаду

English → Dutch - behind

zn. achterste
bw. achteraan
vz. achter

English → Greek - behind

επίρ. καθυστερημένος, πίσω, όπισθεν

English → Arabic - behind

‏خلف، وراء، متأخرا، مؤخرة‏
‏في المؤخرة، إلى الوراء‏

English → Chinese - behind

(名) 屁股; 背后部分, 后襟
(副) 在背后; 在原处; 向背后; 在后
(介) 在背后; 在原处; 向背后; 在后#屁股; 背后部分, 后襟#在...之后

English → Chinese - behind

(名) 屁股; 背後部分, 後襟
(副) 在背後; 在原處; 向背後; 在後
(介) 在背後; 在原處; 向背後; 在後#屁股; 背後部分, 後襟#在...之後

English → Hindi - behind

adv. पीछे की आ‍ेर, पीछे को, पिछड़ी स्थिति में
prep. पीछे: के पीछे, बाद: से बाद में, पिछड़ा: से पिछड़ा हुआ

English → Japanese - behind

(名) 後ろ; 尻; 1 点
(前) …のあとに, …の後ろに; 陰に; 味方して; 支持して
(副) 後ろに; 隠れて; 遅れて; 後れて

English → Korean - behind

명. 궁둥이, 후미
부. 늦어서, 늦게
전. ...의 뒤에, ...을 지지하여

English → Vietnamese - behind

n. đến trể
a. sau, phía sau, chậm trể
prep. đàng sau

Definition of behind

1. At the back of; positioned with something else in front of.
The car is behind the wall.
2. To the back of. rfc-sense
3. After, time- or motion-wise.
4. Responsible for.
5. In support of.
The republicans are fully behind their candidate.
6. Left a distance by, in progress or improvement; inferior to.
I'm ranked sixth in the French class, behind five other pupils.
7. At the back part; in the rear. rfc-sense
8. Toward the back part or rear; backward.
To look behind
9. Overdue, in arrears.
My employer is two paychecks behind on paying my salary.
I'm two weeks behind in my schedule.
10. Slow; of a watch or clock.
My watch is four minutes behind.
11. Existing afterwards
He left behind a legacy of death and sorrow.
He stayed behind after the war.
12. Backward in time or order of succession; past.
13. Behind the scenes in a theatre; backstage.
14. Not yet brought forward, produced, or exhibited to view; out of sight; remaining.
15. The rear, back-end
16. Butt, the buttocks, bottom
17. A one-point score.
18. The catcher.
19. In the Eton College field game, any of a group of players consisting of two "shorts" (who try to kick the ball over the bully) and a "long" (who defends the goal).
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