TOP 500 Children’s Learning Games

Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, especially among the children. Here is a list of TOP 500 most played games at – children’s games. This list includes the best and most played 500 flash games. The most popular flash game of recent times is not in list, you can find it in the following url:ş_ve_su

(Could this day be more worse for Fred? In this cool distance runner the Grim Reaper himself chases the poor boy through the Abyss. Help him to escape! Run to and fro to collect coins as you navigate the Running Fred past bulky obstacles along the way. Much fun!

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump)

(Drop is an awesome music based puzzle game made by QuickFingers. Aim of this cool Unity3D game is to fill the pipes on each level with drops to continue. Draw lines and direct the falling drops into the pipe. Solve the 36 puzzles or just relax in the sandbox mode. Enjoy!

Controls: Left Mouse Button = Draw lines, Right Mouse Button = Delete lines)

(CS Portable is an awesome web-browser-based port of Counter-Strike. Take a weapon and play as terrorist or counter terrorist. Critical Strike Portable was developed by friuns. Enjoy!

Controls: WASD = Movement, Mouse = Aim & Shoot, R = Reload Weapon, Space = Jump, Y = Chat, M = Select Team, 5 = Select bomb, Mouse Scroll = Select Gun, Left Mouse Button (hold) = Plant bomb, E = Detonate bomb)

(Can you pass all levels full of thrilling traps and obstacles without dying or will you just Give Up? Much fun!

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump)

(Play another addicting surgery simulation game and improve your surgical skills now. Your job is to medicate different patients eyes. To complete the whole operation just follow the instructions by the nurse. Enjoy Eye Surgery.

Controls: Mouse)

(Control the deadly Spikey, a mechanical spike trap in a video game. Mission is to smash all players by crushing down your beloved spikes when they passing your way so that the blood spurts. Try to destroy coins and other bonuses but keep your job secret. Enjoy Spike: A Love Story Too.

Controls: Space / X / L = Smash)

(Focus is an addictive platform game made by Armor Games. In Focus you have to untangle yourself by collecting the power you find. Enjoy the Focus Game.

Controls: Arrows = Move, A = Focus)

(Ninja Cat is a funny ninja-style platform game developed by Aim of the game is to kill enemy Ninjas while you explore the level. Use WASD to move, jump and duck. Press the left mouse button to throw a shuriken. Press SHIFT to switch to Ninja mode and push SPACEBAR to levitate.)

(My Dolphin Show – Perform tricks as dolphin in this addictive action game. Control your dolphin with arrow keys and jump out of the water to perform tricks. Create the best dolphin show in the world and flip your way into the audiences hearts. Much fun!)

(Multitask is a test of your ability to play multiple games at the same time. The objective of Multitask is simple: Play as much games at the same time as you can!)

(Jaywalking is a funny highway traffic survival game made by RobertShenton and sponsored by Your mission is simple: Get as many stick figures across the street as you can. Traffic cones will stop any car in the lane for a short time. Lets go Jaywalking!

Controls: Arrows = Movement, Space = Jump or pick up and place traffic cones)

(Lif is an awesome 3d exploration game in which you control a wild rabbit through its circle of life. Move through the hazardous nature, find food and lovely bunny friends but take care of other animals who wants to hunt you down. Much fun!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space = Jump)

(I Saw Her Standing There is a lovely game about a boy who likes a zombie girl. When he sees her the boy just wants to be close to his undead love. To save his life you have to lure the girl into the cage. Use tricks and guns as well. Much fun.

Controls: Arrows)

(Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday is a point and click adventure game by Christopher Gianelloni. Help a purple demon to levitate things by using your mouse and clicking things. Some objects may need to be combined in order to progress. Reincarnation: a Hillbilly Holiday – Find the evil and send him back to hell.)

(Many years of captivity have made the orca angry. Swim around in the basin with the arrow keys and press x to bite and eat the fishes. Dash and break walls with z.)

(Another virtual knee surgery. A young skateboarder has injured his knee and needs surgery. Enjoy!

Controls: Mouse)

(Xenos is a futuristic action game by Max Games. Control the hero, Asterus, who is equipped with big lightsabers. Let him fly through the world that has to be saved and use powerful weapons to battle your enemies. Enjoy Xenos.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move, Space = Start)

(Fight against enemies using bows, swords, kunais, axes and many more. Move Arcane with W,A,S,D and shoot with the left mouse button. Press the spacebar to switch between melee and range weapon. Change throwable weapons with your mouse wheel.)

(The End is a cool platform adventure game made by Channel 4. Jump, run, collect stars, walk on shadows, play deathcards and many more ..

Controls: Arrows = Walk around/Open doors/Climb, Spacebar = Jump, E = Use light power)

(Hello, you are the last survivor of your species. The only way we could save you was to rearrange your DNA and hide your true form. Now you are a unspecified green block. Find a way to the other side of the ship and save your life!

Controls: WASD = Move, Mouse = Drag objects)

(Checkpoint is a cool platformer created by Hero Interactive, LLC. Your mission in this action game is simple: Go to the checkpoint! Thats all? Yes, all you have to do is reach the checkpoint at the other side. Much Fun!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Spacebar = Jump)

(The Visit is another funny side-scrolling platform game with six alternate endings. Help the lovely guy to make his way to visit his girlfriend. Beware of crabs and weird happenings. Much fun.

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump, 1-2 = Answear

(Whack Your Ex is the ultimate couples therapy. Insult and injury your ex the way you want. Click on items at the bottom of the cartoon to use any item as weapon. Much fun!)

(The challenge of the game is to find 16 ways to whack your boss. Click on objects in the office to use the item as weapon and to make some crazy things with it. This is a virtual place to whack your boss. Have fun with this cool game!)

(Connect all bubbles before they pop. Use your mouse to link the bubbles. They will blast if you have connected all bubbles in a loop. Caution! Connecting lines cant intersect. If you intersect a line, your lines will disappear.)

(Vex is a challenging jump and run platform game in which a stickman is trapped in a dangerous world full of spikes and deathly traps. Help him to escape by trying in all sorts of ways to reach the red flaggs safely. Can you guide the extremely vexed figure out of his misery? Much fun.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move / Jump / Climb / Swim

(Death Worm a cool eat and upgrade game inspired by the famous movie Dune. Eat animals and humans and explode vehicles to progress. Jump in and out of the ground, eat everything you can and bring the death to the city!

Controls: Arrows = Movement)

(Zombie Smasher is a bloody physics-based puzzle game inspired by Pipol Smasher. Click on a car and smash all zombies. Dont let the car fall away!

Controls: Mouse = Start/Stop car)

(Help Sushi Cat to eat as much sushi as possible. Drag the sweet kitten with your mouse and drop it above a sushi line. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more of the delicious Japanese food. Much fun with Sushi Cat!)

(Starlight is awesome! Do you see pictures in the night sky or only stars? Change angle of view and find the hidden pictures among the stars. Much fun with the Starlight game.)

(In this cute game youre the manager of a dog hotel. The dogs will adore you if you take good care of them. Play with the dogs, feed them and give them a home. Much Fun!

Controls: Mouse)

(Take on the role of the hard working police officer in the jump and run platform game Cops And Robbers. Its your job to throw all baddies in jail. But therefore you need to catch those first. Do a good job and will gain medals and new weapons to attack. To increase your score try to pick up stars as you keep on running behind the robbers. Much fun!

Controls: Space = Jump, Z / X / C / V / B N / M = Attack)

(Give the ball spin by moving the paddle while it touches the ball. Control the paddle with your mouse and push the curveball back to your opponent. How many levels can you win before running out of blue balls? Have fun with curveball!)

(An ape named Donkey Kong has kidnapped Jumpmans girlfriend, the beautiful Lady Pauline. Your mission is to free the girl! Control the Jumpman with the arrow keys and jump over obstacels with spacebar. Be careful while you climb a ladder and avoid the rolling barrels.)

(The mission of cubefield is simple. Steer your ship with the arrow keys to dodge the cubes. Race and suvive as long as you can! The game will end if you crash with a cube. Play Cubefield in full screen!

Controls: Arrows)

(This is not another pacman clone. Fill empty space and capture ghosts by building walls. You must fill 75% of the empty space to got to the next level. Avoid ghosts or you will lose a life if you touch a ghost. Pacxon, a member of the golden arcade. Have fun!)

(Woobies is a cool Bubble Shooter with cute childish creatures. Shoot Woobies to create groups of 3 or more with the same color and rescue the babies before the big ambos smashes them. Enjoy!

Controls: Mouse = Aim and shoot)

(Smarty Bubbles is an addictive bubble shooter game made by Clear the bubbles from the board by connecting at least 3 of the same color. The game ends when there are no balloons left. Are you smart enough to remove all bubbles?

Controls: Mouse)

(Select by clicking and destroy by clicking – dont need more to be a bubble breaker? Select bubbles with the same color and let them burst. The more you break with one click the higher the score you get. First select a group of bubbles with the left mouse button then break them with a click. You can play Bubble Breaker in 2 different ways, level based or as unending game. Have fun!)

(In Earn to Die you are surounded by zombies and this is why you need to escape to the helicopter. Get money by destroying undead bodys and upgrade your car. Enjoy Earn to Die.

Controls: Arrows = Move, X = Boost / Shoot)

(BeGone is an awesome fast-paced multiplayer ego shooter like the popular Counter Strike game series and it comes with a brilliant gameplay and realistic themes. Its your mission to blast off as much enemy units as you can before the time is up and earn enough money for assassination to purchase new powerful and explosive weapons. Begone from my sight!

Controls: WASD = Move, Mouse = Aim / Shoot, Space = Jump

(Dune Buggy is another cool racing game. Mission is to drive your sand drift vehicle through extremly rough terrain. Collect lots of bonuses and avoid to have an accident or you will lose your life. Much fun.

Controls: Arrows = Drive, Space = Jump)

(Play another fun-addicting and challenging racing game developed by TurboNuke. Live the american dream and go up against much opposing racing cars. Try to compleate various tracks in best time and damage others to knock them out of the competition. Enjoy American Racing.

Controls: Arrows = Drive, X = Activate Turbo

(I Love Traffic is a game about cars. Your mission is to guide cars through busy cross-ways and intersections without accidents in the fastest time as possible. Click the traffic lights on and off to direct traffic.)

(Create you dream monster oil burner and get ready to rumble through dreadful hilly ground to battle for the coveted truck race cup. Step on the gas and try to finish among the first three. Perform awesome stunts to earn nitro and increase your score for wrecking at least one of your opponenents. Enjoy Truck Wars.

Controls: Arrows = Drive, Z = Jump, X = Weapon)

(You are an unknown stunt master and your mission is to conquer the world of Hollywood action films. You have to master different bikes and cars as you ride, drive and crash your way through various film sets. Much fun with Stunt Master!)

(Are you in for a bumpy ride? Then you must play Road Crossing, a cool fast-paced multiplayer motorbike game. Race your way to the finish line as you challenge online competitors for the ultimate victory. Use roadblocks to stop your fellow racer on the traverse but avoid chrashes or you will lose time. Much fun.

Controls: Arrows = Ride, Space = Jump, Shift = Throw Roadblock, Enter = Chat

(The mission of the game is to evacuate as many civilians as possible. Avoid the zombies and rescue the civilians in the specified time limit. Control your character with the arrow keys and use spacbar to shoot. Change your weapon with 1-4. Boxhead is Sean Cooper Game.)

(You are the ruler of a Sand Castle and your mission is to protect your kingdom against enemy battleships. Shoot with your cannon and sunk all ships in each battle before they destroy your Sand Castle.)

(You are called to free your city from invading zombies. Move fast through the level, find all bloodthirsty undeads and blast them away before they get you. Enjoy Decision.

Controls: Mouse = Move / Aim / Shoot)

(Raze 2 is an awesome arena shooting game made by Armor Games. Arm yourself with various weapons, eliminate your opponents and survive as long as you can. Enjoy Raze 2!

Controls: WASD/Arrow = Movement, Mouse = Aim and Shoot, Q/E = Switch Weapon, 1-9 = Select weapon, F/Ctrl = Use Ability)

(Raze is a futuristic shooting game full of action. Battle against aliens and robots and fight for your planet. Control your character with WASD, aim and shoot with your mouse. Change weapon with 1-9. Much fun with Raze, the ultimate fighting game!)

(Reaper is a cool high-tec shooting game. Take over the role of dreadful Grim reaper, travel fast trough several dimensions and hunt lots of targets. It´s your aim to kill all black ops agents and their boss at the end. Reap profit and upgrades for your weapons by increasing experience. Much luck.

Controls: Arrows = Move, Mouse = Shoot, QE = Switch Weapon)

(Zombie Train is a bloody zombie shooter made by Box10. Your mission in this defense game is to kill the zombies as the train tries to take you to safe land. Defend the train at all costs!

Controls: WASD = Move, R = Reload, 1-5 = Select Weapon, H = Heal, F = Repair barricade)

(Crazy Craft is a physics-based construction game. Mission of the game is to build vehicles that will successfully get to the end of each level. Much fun with Crazy Craft!)

(Bart Simpson Saw is a funny escape game made by Inkagames. Evil Puppet Pigsaw has trapped Bart inside his own school along with some of the most evil characters of Springfield. Help him find a way out before its too late.

Controls: Mouse)

(Ballz is a cool retro platformer developed by Darbits and Mode17. Play as a ball on a mission and jump over obstacles, collect stars and find the exit. Jump with arrow up. Good Luck!)

(Blind is dark puzzle platformer. Somebody needs your help. Try to find a way through the dark levels, avoid spikes and other deadly traps. Use Arrows or WASD to walk or climb and press Space to jump. Throw a ball with your left mouse button to see more of the environment. Press Shift to flip a switch. Much fun with the Blind game!)

(Help the three cute panda bears to escape the pirate ship and make the way through the dangerous jungle, past of aboriginal people to get back home. Point and click on interactive objects to cause a chain of action. Enjoy 3 Pandas.

Controls: Mouse)

(Amigo Pancho is a cool physics-based puzzle game. Help Pancho to escape the big canyon. Click on objects to remove them. Some objects cant be removed. Much Fun, Amigo!

Controls: Mouse)

(Cover Orange is a physics-based game by Johnny K. Mission of Cover Orange is to place objects on the screen to shield the orange smilie from the deadly rain. Place all objects with the mouse and wait for the cloud to pass by.)

(The Impossible Quiz is a quiz type game where you need to answering all the unanswerable questions. Sounds paradoxical? Sure, the quiz is almost impossible and some of the answers may not make sense, but you have a good chance to finish this game!)

(Transylvania is an addictive point-and-click adventure game from Fastgames. Your mission is to escape from Transylvania and to get Mr. Potato safely back home. You can expect to die many, many times on your quest to escape back to Miss Potato but thats .. Enjoy Transylvania!

Controls: Mouse = point and click)

(Mission of Tilt is to get all balls into the blue circles. Each goal (blue circle) must have a ball inside to complete a level. Move the board by moving the mouse. Much fun with the tilt game!)

(Lucky Bob has the right numbers on his lottery ticket. An insane trip starts. Its your duty to help Bob and his cute dog to reach the airport in time to change the ticket to real money. Unravel the mysteries and switch between the best pals to overcome all obstacles. Much fun.

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump, 1-2 = Select Character

(Try another test for idiots and prove your intelligence in this funny puzzle game. You have to be smart and fast. Can you answer all tricky and ambiguous questions? Enjoy Idiot Test.

Controls: Mouse)

(Red Ball 3 is another cool physics-based puzzle game made by Red Ball Studio. Your girlfriend was kidnapped by an evil black ball. Roll and jump your way through each level and save your girlfriend!

Controls: Arrows = Roll/Jump

(Monkey Go Happy: Castle is here! Uhh, all lovely, mini monkeys were abducted to a scary fortress, where an evil scientist transformed them into dark creatures. Start a rescue operation, but first go to the character screen and choose a sad ape you want to play with. Aim is to make the monkey go happy by finding all hiding little gargoyles. So explore the castle, click on interactive objects and combine different items together to cause a chain of action to complete your mission. Much fun.

Controls: Mouse)

(If you liked the Bart Simpson Saw game you will enjoy this funny sequel by inkagames. Play as the nice Lisa and take up the challenge to rescue your whole bunch of family from the evil puppet Pigsaw. Have fun with Lisa Simpson Saw.

Controls: Mouse)

(Destroy the colorful Marble Lines before the balls can reach the end. Much fun!

Controls: Mouse)

(The mission of the game is to fill up 66% of the screen with white balls. Create a filler ball with the your mouse, it will continue to grow while you press the left mouse button. Dont touch a bouncing ball during the growth else you will lost a life.)

(Snoring is a funny physics-based puzzle game from GirlsGoGames. The elephants rumbling snores are deafening. Help wake him up! Click on owls and other animals and let them roll, jump or bounce against the sleeping elephant. Stop his annoying snoring!

Controls: Mouse)

(Speedplay World Soccer is an addictive football game. Pick one of 32 national soccer teams and win the FIFA World Cup! Control ball and player with your mouse and shoot the ball with the left mouse button. Thats all! Much fun with World Soccer.)

(Its time for a penalty shoot out in this fun-addicting physics-based soccer game. Try to overcome obstructive barriers, clowns and cupid and get the ball into the goal. Enjoy Penalty.

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot)

(Rapid Fire is a fast-paced stickman shooting game from FluidAnims. Your mission is simple: Fire your cannon at the incoming stickmen, upgrade your gun in the shop and survive as long as you can. Aim and shoot with your mouse.)

(Bowman is an old school archery game in which you can test your archery skills. Aim your shot accurately, power up and fire the arrow from the bow in order to kill your opposing stickman. You can battle the computer or other players. Much fun.

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot)

(1066 is an awesome strategic defense game. Mission of 1066 is to defeat the enemy army by killing as many of them as possible! Control the English, the Vikings or the Norman armies in the Battle of Hastings. For full instructions, read the How to Play section of 1066.)

(Warlight is a turn-based strategy game ispired by Risk and Dice Wars. Deploy armies, attack neighboring countries, play cards and conquer the world. Play WarLight!

Controls: Mouse)

(Family Barn is a cool farming game made by Plinga. Grow crops, raise animals, fix barns and other farm buildings and live the life of a farmer. Enjoy Family Barn!

Controls: Mouse)

(In this war of conquest you have to take over the role of the commander and defeat lots of opponents. To support and grow your troops you need to build farms, mines and other houses. Battle against enemies and destroy their fortresses to gain control of the whole land. Enjoy Takeover.

Controls: Mouse)

(Design your personal fighting robot and let the wars begin. Mission is to destroy other mechanical warriors in an one on one by using good tactics. After each fight you can purchase upgrades and deploy new weapons. Enjoy Super Mechs.

Controls: Mouse)

(Are you a skilled blacksmith? In this fun time management game you take on the role of the busy donkey Jacksmith. Its your job to forge various weapons to satisfy demand of the kings army. Collect more significant minerals to produce more mightier armaments. Enjoy Jacksmith.

Controls: Mouse)

(Mission of Shopping Street is to start your own retail business and earn money by operating your shops. Upgrade the shops and increase your cash flow by running profitable jewelry shops, boutiques and mini markets.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Being the new owner of a pizza hut, you must utilize your pizza making skills to fulfill the hunger of your customers. You just have to put the ingredients in the right and perfect places to earn more cash.Click the Placed item again to remove it.Good luck and enjoy!)

(Dress up and put make up on Selena Gomez. Here at Wambie we think she’s got a great future ahead of her.)

(Put make up on the dramatic Katy Perry, singer of the song, ‘I Kissed a Girl’. Do you like her? We think she’s great!)

(Have fun playing with Beyonce’s style. Try blonde, red head or brown hair, she’s always pretty!)

(Shakira put out her first CD in 1991 when she was just 14. Since then her fame has kept growing.)

(Shoot as many zombies as you can in time!)

(Controls: Space bar – left planet go.
Arrow keys – move.

Feel you’re more than a speck in space!)

(Defend your base from falling objects!)

(Even though you are a vampire, love is always complicated. Elena is a stunning and powerful vampire but choosing between Damon or Stefan is still confusing! Tonight she will attend an important ball and handsome vampire brothers will be there too. Let’s help Elena get dressed for tonight!)

(Dress the hottest fiction couple of 08. We so want to see part II!)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Obama is the president of the United States. To celebrate that wambie has created this nice game.)

(Help him get ready to work by clicking on items inside the room.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

The queen of gossip will release her latest scoop better make her all dress up.)

(Cow sitting cute space car, accidentally into the demon city, taking a bite, destroy the devil bandit.)

(Guns don’t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Find the hidden Alphabets by using your observing skills.)

(Do people think about life in cage? A prisoner hamster wants to be free! Only you can lead him to freedom! Be carefully, the road is full of dangers. Collect golden stars and win levels. Freedom is not far. You born to be free.)

(Time to dress up an epic duo: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask! Their styles are in your hands now! They brought their favorite clothes with them but you will make the final decision! Let them look cool and charismatic!)

(Its dinner time for Chinese people! Can you give a help hand to this cute young girl to find the preferred food for the customers to eat at dinner tonight? Your goal is to serve the customers as many foods you can in the given time duration. Click on a food and place it the proper box. Now its your time to start serving.)

(Controls: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move.
Up / Down Arrow Keys – Jump.
Spacebar – Reverse gravity.

One day, a golden meteorite struck the Land of Llamas, covering the whole country, including most of the llamas living there, with a film of gold. This took away their freedom of movement at one stroke. You’re one of the few lamas that were not covered with gold, but blown away to another world, 8 worlds away. You want to go back to your own world, and set off for the Land of Llamas. On your way, you should collect as many nuggets of gold as possible. The text balloons contain hints, the eyes give you a powerup and the exit you want to reach, is indicated by a star.)

(Help Barney to bring back the stolen treasure to the museum.)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Do you like Emo style? It’s so mysterious. Right?)

(The object is to get all the people across the river. Don’t leave mothers and sons together, or fathers and daughters.)

(Dress our lovely mermaid for her prince.)

(It’s your chance to make a birthday card for your family and friends!)

(Annabell’s favorite animal is the zebra. She also loves photos of zebras. Dress her for her next trip to Africa, where she will be in close proximity to these beautiful animals.)

(Another great fighting game similar to street fighter)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

This banana bread is moist and delicious with loads of banana flavor! Everyone love banana bread recipe and say it is the best! It is wonderful toasted!! Learn how to make banana bread by following this easy recipe.)

(Classic old school game run around and shoot your harpoon at the dangerous bubbles to break them down.)

(Controls: Use the mouse key to control turtles,and see how far he can move forward, be careful sky falling objects,and some will kill the Guinea pig.

Guinea pig dont crawling forward.he will roll up the body, and the move forward sprint.)

(Controls: use arrow keys to avoid the thick layer of ice.

Helps the kids survive the icy river.)

(Who doesn’t love a nerd? Well they don’t always dress the best, so now you can make them cool!)

(Bake the best cupcakes in town all year round in Papa’s Cupcakeria! You’ll need to choose baking cups, add batter, watch the oven, and decorate your cupcakes with a variety of frosting and toppings. As you level up and gain new customers, you’ll notice the seasons changing in the town of Frostfield, along with new holiday celebrations! Help your customers get in the holiday spirit with seasonal clothing, furniture, and a new set of unlockable seasonal toppings for each holiday. Work your way through each holiday season to unlock over 100 ingredients, and become a cupcake-crafting master!)

(You just got a job at Papa’s Donuteria with great pay and benefits, but you took the job for that coveted Line-Jump Pass. Unfortunately, now you have to cook dozens of delicious donuts a day for all the crazy customers in this carnival-like town. Cut out the donuts, fry ’em up, and decorate them with a dizzying array of toppings.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Honey is a worker bee. Her job is to pollenate flowers and make honey, just like all of the other bees in her hive.)

(Controls: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move.
Spacebar – Jump.

Gather all the seeds to pass each level.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Welcome to the Tropical Island. Your task in this game is to find all hidden objects.)

(Controls: Player 1:
W,A,S,D – Move.
J – Attack.
K – Special.

Fight against all your enemies!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Conquer the ancient world in this real time strategy warfare game. Go through the in-game instructions! The are long and detailed. So if you really don’t feel like it, then just experiment – you may fail at first, but you will eventually figure out a good strategy to win the game.)

(It’s morning and you have to cook and serve for breakfast. Serve them as quick as you can.)

(As veterinarian, take care of the pets!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Autumn can be a hard time of the year, because we still want to wear light weight clothing but if we do we end up with a cold.)

(Super Sushi Pack Mission: recover the stolen paintings and jewels!)

(Controls: Use Arrow Keys to drive.

Challenger is a new car racing game. You are the driver of a big truck, and you have a special mission, to protect the city from a bomb attack. On the road are several cars filled with bombs, you have to find and destroy them using other cars on the road. If you touch a car full of bombs, your truck will explode and you`ll fail your mission. Play Challenger to see if you are ready for this challenge.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Fly with your umbrella during 90 seconds. Try to change your clothes to be accumulating points without shocks with any bird because they will remove your points.)

(Jasmine is a little dog who wants to have fun. Do all she wants to keep her entertained.)

(Controls: Use mouse to control this game.

Help Heart collect hearts while avoiding enemies based on characters from their songs. Learn a little about Heart along the way.)

(You control the ship with the mouse and shoot all the neon bubbles.)

(Have you ever dreamed of taking part in a beauty contest? This game gives you the opportunity to create the perfect look for Miss Universe. Choose from a variety of night dresses. You can even choose a crystal tiara to match the dress. Have fun!)

(Controls: Use your mouse to click the categories and dress up Taylor!

Taylor is a huge Taylor Swift fan. She has seen her in concert 6 times and has all of her albums. She learned to play guitar because of her idol, Taylor Swift.)

(Move thru the sidescroller, as you drag the shining orb to light your pathway over spikes.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Shoot all enemies that pops out in front of you.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Help this cute waitress turn her lovely fast food into the most popular restaurant in town! Put your mind to work while you’re enjoying the fast food management game, trying to guess what type of yummy food the black shapes rolling on the screen stand for, picking the right product from the list there and bringing a huge smile on the sweet looking waitress’s face. So, is it ham or maybe a slice of cake or maybe some tasty cookies? Do your best to match the right mouth watering dishes with the empty shapes rolling on your screen. Have fun! )

(Controls: Up Arrow Key – Move Forward.
Down Arrow Key – Reverse.
Left Arrow Key – Tilt Backward.
Right Arrow Key – Tilt Forward.

Control your jeep’s physics as you drive over the mountain.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Fling the ball to hit the targets.)

(Greek mythology tells tales about brave heroes fighting glorious battles. These battles always come with lots of bloodshed, which makes them excellent for re-enactment on your computer screen.)

(Slide the board around in similar fashion to “Threes”. Add numbers together & remove red blocks.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

A quest about the funny new adventures of the three musketeers who liked beer and crackers. The beautiful princess has been kidnapped by evil forces, and d’Artagnan went for a long way to rescue her. He will meet many dangers, but if there will be some beer and crackers, there will be no problems.)

(Zed is an Android. But unlike other Androids, he has always had a very special dream – to sport a space suit entirely made of gold. Collect enough golf pieces to fulfill his dream.)

(Controls: WASD – move.
Mouse – Fire “Glow Power”.

You are a part of another tribe out there in maybe another world, another dimension, or maybe an entirely different universe. You wake and notice your companions are leaving for another place, unable to keep up with the majority, you are forced to find your own way back to them.)

(Fun-addicting 2-players action. Try to defeat the other player by pushing him over. Win when the other players head touches the ground. Funny.)

(Blow walls of ice to block enemies in this two player arcade game!)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Help Hansel and Gretel build there very own house made out of goodies.)

(Controls: Mouse key cursor – To aim and fire your arrows.

Help cupid do shoot his love arrows and create some love in the world! Cupid really needs you game, so hurry up and play this funny game.)

(You’re a piece of toast. Beware of toasters and grab butter. Cool sidescroller game with Mario feel.)

(Controls: Arrow keys to move.

Play this game! Your head will explode.)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Do you like getting manicures? In this fun game you can choose colors and styles for the perfect nails.)

(What Lily likes the most is to experiment with sandals, which is her preferred shoe for the summertime.)

(Controls: Use Left and Right Arrow Keys to interact.

Help the boy catch red red lips.)

(Controls: Drag the animals to the boat and then press right arrow key to get them to the shore. Drag them to the beach and you succeed. Don’t put too many in the boat at one time as the boat will sink.

Put these lovely animals on Noah’s Ark. Keep balance and don’t overturn it.)


(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Move the vehicles around so that you can let the race car escape.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Sally is a survivor castaway on her way to complete a mission. Dress her up and then help her solve the puzzle to win!)

(Controls: Arrow keys to move.
D to pulse.
S to crouch.
A t activate pulse mode.

Run up walls, avoid mines & watch out for enemies that launch grenades at you.)

(Expand your mind with Pitch! Practice intonation skills by distinguishing notes from one another. while guiding your ship across an alien planet while)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Soccer Ball is a wonderful game of final kicks in Soccer.Set the direction, swing, and power respectively.)

(Controls: Use Srrow keys or WASD keys to move.
Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Dive deep into the colorful atmosphere and get ready to conquer the ocean.)

(Find some fizzy fun in bubble-popping mayhem!)

(Dress Bloom, the Winx that has wings.)

(Bootcamp is a cool 3D based online shooting game that you will enjoy playing. Just as in any other shooting game, even here you will need to have accuracy and speed. Download the Unity webplayer to play this game.)

(The classic bomber man game has got a new look and more exciting characters to choose from.)

(You need to wake up all fellow whooblies and then go to bed for some well deserved rest. Bonuses and enemies are also present in this cozy twilight game.)

(Controls: Arrow keys- To move.
Space bar- To jump.
S- Push button or use objects you find.
A- To use weapon.

Move around the map and make Lil’ G survive all the obstacles.)

(You are running an animal shelter. You have 4 rooms for different types of animals. Your goal is to make sure all animals in these rooms are happy and taken care of. You can click on every animal to see its status and perform actions such as feeding the animal, playing with it etc. The rooms must be cleaned every once in a while. If you do your work well, you’ll earn money. You’ll need it to buy supplies, equipment and decoration.)

(How quick can you work sums out? well give ‘Formula’ a try, it gives you the final answer and you have to quickly work a formula out that equals the figure. The grid starts to fill up the more you get right, and the bigger the numbers become.)

(Do you really REALLY like blowing stuff up…? There’s a runaway train headed your way and it’s loaded with a cargo of toxic chemicals! Can you build track fast enough to guide it through towns and avoid massive destruction to public property?)

(Many Flash games are starting to look more like the 16-bit games for the Genesis or SNES, with complex backgrounds, better graphics, accurate physics, and fast full-stage movement. Fast Track is a great example of this evolution in the form of a fast-paced 3D racing game.)

(Try kill all the people without getting notice by anyone of them.)

(Controls: Arrow Keys to move.
Space bar to Shoot.

Fly through space on a suicide mission and try to take down as many enemies as you can in this space shooter!)

(This is a nice and addicting ball game where you have to shoot down all the yellow balls but they want to do just the same. This works like a billiard only that there’s no hole and it’s free to kick each enemy ball off the board. Have fun!)

(Controls: Q – left
E – right
SPACE + Q > throw the mail in the left boxes
SPACE + E > throw the mail in the right boxes

Help Postman the postman to deliver the mail being careful not to crash into any obstacles on the way! Attention! If you hit the vehicles or the cassette is missing your score will go down! GOOD LUCK!)

(Rox is a fast paced and frantic gem stacking game with a twist! Rotate the field to form groups of same colored gems, and click them to remove them! Play in Open Play, Obstruction mode or Timed mode.)

(Pour sand to build mounds and fill in gaps to help the sleep walkers escape.)

(Guide Hopper to the star at the top of the mountain!)

(Build a new life for yourself on the old North America frontier!)

(Your aim to park the car at the parking space marked with same colors that of the car color.)

(If a Pizzeria serves pizzas, then naturally a Burgeria would serve burgers. However, Papa’s Burgeria will make any delicious hamburger or cheeseburger to order, and it just so happens his customer’s are as picky as they come. In this frantic sequel to Papa’s Pizzeria, you play as either Marty or Rita, cooking, building, and serving the craziest burgers in town. Work up the ranks and become a paddy flipping master.)

(Flipline is back with yet another great Papa title. This time the player has to help Papa to create and stack pancakes. Run the pancakeria and try to reach the daily goals. Ofcourse the various upgrades are available again, allowing the player to upgrade the restaurant with fun additions.)

(Counteract the force of gravity, make flat and ceiling runnings and challenge your friend in these interesting racings.)

(Samurai Jack is the only one that can defeat the underground bandits and recover the stolen food. Use keys to unlock doors and cages.)

(A little different than regular Solitaire try to get all the cards off the board.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

This is a physics-based game. Manage the sugar-shooting cannon to get into the cup. Try to use the smallest number of shots you can.)

(Play the famous fighting game street fighter in flash version!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Arrange at least 3 of the same coloured bricks in a row or column to destroy them before they reach the ceiling.)

(Controls: Arrow Keys – Move.
Spacebar – Fire.

Destroy the kamikaze suicidal floating bomb rafts and other boats trying to destroy your oil rig.)

(Controls: Arrow keys – To move.
A – To shoot.
S – To melee.
D – To jump.

Shoot all the bad guys that are coming from different directions straight from the start. Keep shooting and pick up some guns.)

(Flash remake of Tyrian, collect money to buy new ships amd weapons.)

(Controls: Arrow keys- To maneouver.

To earn themselves some “Stree Cred”, Ed, Edd and Eddy have built a Go-car of junk to enter the annual village downhill Go-Kart race. Collect the stars to gain points.)

(Controls: Arrow keys to play the game.

A deceptively simple minimal puzzle game about shape and space across multiple dimensions. It’s an original title, most reminiscent of Fez and Echochrome.)

(Its the game that combines trivia with chance. The question that you will have to answer will scroll once on top and you must be quick in answering them to earn spins to help you continue to the next round. Good luck and have fun!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Pick up as many beans as you can using your chopsticks.)

(Dazzling Arab clothing and gorgeous jewelry.)

(Controls: Arrow keys – To move.
Space bar – To shoot.

The Fire and Ice ploÅ¡inovce accept the identity of an inconsistent man , as it combines the element of fire and ice . Prob­jejte the gaming world and collect gold coins , which will increase your score . Destruction of your opponents can be achieved in two ways – either zlolajn­ka train the icy balls of fire or flame , depending on which elements of your character just as prevalent , or hostile monster once and for all locks of the fight by jumping on her head .)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Aim your magnifying glass, focus your eyes, and get ready for this fun Del Monte challenge! )

(The little guy will try to catch your mouse pointer! Try to evade as long as you can!)

(Controls: Arrow keys – To drive.
Space bar – Use weapon.
Shift – Jump.

Are you ready for a crazy race? This is a high-octane adventure of a speed racer. Hurtling down the track, careening around, over and through the competition.)

(Shoot colored balls next to others of the same color. Don’t let any reach the end hole.)

(Clear the board by removing all pairs of identical tiles.)

(Our hero was sleeping in his hut in the mountains, when out of nowhere appeared a landslide and destroyed the entire house. But you had luck and now you will try to get on the skis away from danger. Along the way you can meet various animals that will surely be happy to help.)

(Catch the black bombs before they fall to the ground. Avoid the red bombs and collect “Kaboom” to get an extra life and bonus points. Enjoy!)

(Swing the fighter around and make him punch and swing into people at just the right time.)

(Help Harold to jump up the Icy Tower as high as possible. Make special jumps to activate combo mode and score even more points! Icy Tower is made by Swedish developer Free Lunch Design.)

(Dig as much gold as you can.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Discover China on a soothing mahjong expedition!Get ready for some mahjong magic! Match open tiles to remove them from the board. The faster you clear the board, the higher your score. Shuffle the tiles if you need to, and don’t forget to press Hint if you’re stuck.)

(Make as much money as you can! Make it rain. Buy investments.)

(Controls: Explained in-game

Gear up and battle hordes of dangerous bots!
Try to survive.
Good luck.)

(Old flash retro remake of Galaga!)

(Ever wonder what President George Dubya” Bush will be doing once he leaves the White House?
Well, we wondered too and voted for him to run a hot dog stand, in the city that never sleeps – New York!”)

(Shoot all the attack enemy before they destroy your base!)

(Look for this cool stuff at Polly’s pool party.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Eat sweets, but don’t fall to the bottom of the bag! )

(Controls: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move.
X – Attack / Pick up.
A,S,D,F,G,H,Q,W,E,R,T – Action.
1-4 – Special.

Fight against all your enemies and stay alive for as long as you can.)

(Swing from tree to tree with your long arms as you grab bananas and rescue monkey friends.)

(Slide the rooms into place and guide the dog to find his dinner.)

(Controls: Arrow Keys – Move.
Shift Key – Switch between player.
Spacebar – Use Rope.

Show some team player skills in this logic platform game. Jump and run and switch between the dudes and help each other.)

(Want to know your future? Quickly open a mysterious fortune cookie in this girls’ game. Your wishes may come true…)

(Play as both the owl and the pussy cat in this frantic puzzle shoot-em-up.)

(Controls: Use mouse or arrow keys to fight.

Our favorite battery is in trouble and he needs to use all his energy to fight.)

(Controls: Z to punch.
X to kick.
Arrow keys to move.

Use your Kung Fu skills and duel against your enemies.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Flit and frolic with fantastical feats of matching mastery!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Run and dodge all the people along the way.)

(Ride in your car & earn points for upgrades. Upgrade your retro car & watch out for overheating.)

(Live the life of a movie star by doing some interviews, dressing designer clothes, and posing for pictures.)

(Try to survive in three different words without food, fresh water and a house! Do everything with your own hands – like in any other Minecraft version. You have nothing at the very beginning, but if you will be clever enough, you’ll have everything soon – thus don’t be afraid of adventures!)

(Controls: Arrow Keys – Drive.
CTRL – Wack Attack.

Choose the cars from the television series. Once you have the perfect vehicle, try to finish in third place or better to continue to the next race in the Arcade mode)

(A game that needs you to pe prepared to make fast desisions as you accelerate through a dangerous tunnel.)

(The aim of this game is to get 4096 with merging 2 and powers of 2. Use your arrow keys to move the numbers (2 and power of 2). When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Help Archer Fish Archie through 50 levels of ocean themed, water shooting puzzles. Knock as many of the Color Balls down in a row as possible to string together incredible combos! The less shots you take to clear the level, the more bonus points you earn in the easy to learn – hard to master puzzle adventure!Aim with the Mouse, click and hold to charge Archie’s shot, and release to fire. Knock down as many balls as you can each shot. Click on the floating balls to finish the level.)

(Throw the disc into the cage in as few throws as possible.)

(Controls: Use Arrow keys to play the game.

Combine is unlike any match 3 game you have ever played before! Matching 3 or more balls of the same color will result in them combining to form a ball of a new color. Unlocking new colors will earn you more points, but the game will become harder. If one)

(Kill some people. This is a violent game – sensitive or young people should not play it.)

(Hello kids! We have a brand new game for you! In this game, we’ll give you two Princess Aurora pictures and ask you to find the differences between them. There are 10 differences and 4 levels, you have 1 minute for each level. But be careful, even though the differences give you 100 points, every wrong click will take 10 points from you. Have fun!)

(Awesome classic game. Play with arrows and space bar.)

(Based on a game Deim Requiem and now tars in his own action beat-em-up game facing against enemies.)

(Drive your plane on Runway and take off your flight without hitting the obstacles. Collect the assigned gadgets to complete each level. Each level is having different task to finish. Collect speed power up to increase your speed and collect armor power to drive with armor around you. Health is not effected with armor power. Complete the tasks and Unlock new planes. Best of Luck!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

A classic game of pairs, also known as Flip Flop. Find all ten pairs of cards within the time limit and score extra points for finding pairs in a row.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Decorate the nails and give a great manicure in this fun nail design game for girls.)

(While on an Antarctic trek, Penny the Penguin goes off track and ends up lost and penniless, on top of an icy hill.)

(Pirate ships could be almost any floating thing for pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries, but the most desirable pirate ships were swift, well-armed, and nimble enough to evade counterattack.)

(Regular game – this unusual adventure hero square. Jump bypassing the obstacle. Fly as far as possible. Slow down time if you want. Stop to die.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Search for hidden items and secrets to work your way out.)

(Is shopping your hobby? Help Macy find all of the items and achieve her dream of becoming the best Personal Shopper possible! Search for requested items in several stores. Did you spot one of the requested items? Click on it with your mouse to buy it. Make sure you find all of the items before closing time! Search for goodie bags to collect extra hints.)

(A cute puppy was lost the other day, and you must make a perfect description of him. Try to be as creative as you can and dress him up. Try to use different combinations of clothes and make him a colorful little doggy. If any person will see this and will like it he will retrieve the lost dog to the rightful owners.)

(Select your character and beat all other barbarians!)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

It’s fab to walk along the seashore! But, hey, we also need to look good while we’re doing it.)

(Controls: WASD to move.

The challenging platformer is back with more dangerous platform to get through. Added ghost recording, stage builder, achievements, and more features.)

(You need to make some extra cash so you become the newest Valet Parking attendant at the local country club. Ensure you park the members cars carefully otherwise the damages will come out of your pocket. Bash the cars too much and you’ll get fired.)

(Controls: Move paddle with mouse. Click to fire bullets.

Play this classic game in new style with mind bending graphics! Smash all the bricks on the screen with a ball. Help yourself with some new good powers like Kite Mode, Magnet and avoid bad powers like Gravity, Earthquake and much more! Play 20 levels!)

(have you ever dreamed of flying above the cities like a bird? Now you can. Soar magestically, and swoop through the streets, and if you find the hidden portion of chips you can even poo on the traffic wardens below.)

(Deliver the right item to the passenger.)

(Hop into the Dump Truck and bring your load of rocks to the factory in this fun physics-based truck driving game.)

(Strategy flash game. You must lead
your troops well to win the battle.)

(Excellent remake of Bomberman. Multiplayer. Bomb your enemies! Blow up your opponents before they kill you, you only have 2 minutes to do this so don’t hang around! You can have a two player game or play against one, two or three opponents.)

(If you think it’s hard to look stylish on a cold, rainy day, you are so wrong! Winter is around the corner and you should learn the tricks to be chic on these days. Rainboots and umbrellas are the key elements to complete your look and look stylish on a rainy day. Make your choices and dazzle everyone with your stunning look.)

(An awesome sidescroller action game that feels a lot like Heli Attack. Shoot down enemies and more!)

(Controls: Up Arrow Key – Accelerate.
Left / Right Arrow Keys – Steer.
Down Arrow Key – Reverse.

This is the time to park your Car on either side of the road without hitting any obstacles like waiting cars, Potholes. After the first two levels park the car in the parking area.)

(Protect your planets, capture enemy own!
Combine different types of ships to get advantage!
Use skills to help yourself in battle)

(Controls: Use Mouse and Arrow Keys to play the game.

Jump on the rope for as many times as possible.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

This cute little girl is having a slumber party. She invited all her friends to sleep over and she needs your help in choosing the cutest pijama for that.)

(Save your favorite teacher from her doom in this educational platformer. Find each scroll and learn its contents (you will be tested later!) You can also pick up itching powder to throw at the evil masters!)

(Controls: Use mouse to play the game.

Create your own platformy adventure game, starring the stick figure of your dreams! Build levels, save and share them – can your friends beat your most devious invention? )

(Snipe an entire map as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper rifle.)

(Collect the wastes and haul them to the treatment facility. The faster you do the run, the more you get paid. It’s as simple as that! Upgrade your trash truck or even change you truck for a bigger one to collect more waste and drive faster to the destination.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Try to reach the highest distance than you can with this little light aircraft, without crashing into the air balloons.)

(Controls: WASD or Arrow keys to Move.
Space to Interact

Successor to A Good Wife.)

(You control the tank to defend the heart of city.)

(Why do you play hard to get, baby? Demonstrate your loving devotion by leaping to the lady!)

(Based on the very popular game World of Warcraft.)

(Controls: Player 1:
Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move.
Up Arrow Key – Jump.

Try to help Naruto getting the ball to hit the ground on the other side of the court.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Chubby bears, chirping monkeys and petite squirrels – so many cute little animals have lost their way and ended up in your backyard. Using animal-friendly nets catch as many of them as possible to take them back to the forest where they belong.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Drive the helicopter and avoid anything until the end of the stage.)

(Drive the taxi around taking your passengers from one place to another as you earn money.)

(Try to juggle with as many balls as you can.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Would you seize the honor of becoming Her Majesty’s
personal fashion stylist? Then take a trip to her icy dreamland and see what majestic gowns and spectacular crystal made accessories you can pick for her!)

(Controls: Use arrow keys to move.
Use Space to shoot.

This is a fun version of the classic Pang. To move use the arrows and to fire use the space button. Move from side to side to dodge the balls.)

(Long Jump – Race against the other 3 characters in the Long Jump event.)

(she got your guy. Now you get your revenge. Break them up and get him for yourself!)

(Controls: Up Arrow Key – Jump / Go Upstairs.
Down Arrow Key – Duck / Go Downstairs.
Left / Right Arrow Keys – Run.
Spacebar – Action / Use the SPLANKER.

You must build the power core to prepare for attack against D.C.F.D.T.L. Locate the SPLANKER (Solid Loaded Artillery Nicely Kick Enemy Rear) to break the glass around levers and for your final battle against toilenator.)

(Controls: A- To shoot.
Arrow keys- To move.

Fly around in your honey balloon and pick up pots shoot down bats and use turbo.)

(Controls: Use mouse to catch fish.

Do some remarkable brand of catching meals in thick ice.)

(Your goal is to make enough money selling ice cream to move on to the next city. You will have ten days to reach the required amount of money. You will need to make more money for each city as you pass to higher levels.)

(Controls: Use Arrow Keys to interact.

Finish all levels without hitting anywhere. You must finish levels with a short time to have much point.)

(Go for gold medal in the Pole Vault)

(Race around the streets of Boston as you collect all the presents and sweep the city’s streets clean.)

(Controls: Arrow Keys – Move / Tricks.
Spacebar – Jump.

Jump over objects, do tricks while in the air and rail slide to score points.)

(Live a normal life but you must have a diploma within 7 days and at least 1 friend.)

(Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them. Clear all the tiles before the time runs out.)



(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Christmas Gift is another simple Online Christmas game. Santa is waiting for the Gift. Direct the gift packet to Santa as fast as possible.Use Mouse click to destroy blocks. faster you attain, Greater will be your points.)

(Like all restaurant sims, time is a factor in Burger Restaurant. Your customers have a limited amount of patience, and taking too long to prepare orders means bad business.)

(In Burger Shop 2, you are once again tasked with combining ingredients coming from an ever-producing food machine to serve the constant stream of customers coming into the restaurant. In addition to the burgers and sandwiches that you dealt with in the first game, you will also be responsible to serve a number of breakfast and dinner items, such as bacon and eggs, waffles, roasted chicken, and meatloaf. In addition to rebuilding a successful restaurant empire, you will also be trying to figure out exactly what happened to you and the burger shops you originally built.)

Arrow keys to control player

(Sensational fashion and movie game in which you’ll be able to dress a Na’Vi couple from Planet Pandora, protagonist of the biggest box office success in history, “Avatar” by James Cameron. Become a great expert of the best alien fashion!)

(Help the ninja to follow his friend with the bike)

(Fight your way in this amazing arcade combat.)

(Come and visit Zombie Land! Drive with your skateboard through this metal-slug-like game using arrows and shoot zombies, also collect power and extras.)

(Sell beautiful toys for kids and kids at heart.)

(Bow hunting is a very simple and a really fun arrow shooting game. Shoot as many birds possible until the time runs out, challenge your friends to beat your score!)

(Controls: Find all the letters from the Alphabet that are hidden in the Gardens. You can use the hint button but it will cost you time and thus bonus points.

Find the letters hidden in de Gardens. Click on the letters, use the hint button carefully, it will cost time and bonus points.)

(This is a hardest fighter who has survived many fightings. Every fighting makes him more powerful!)

(Controls: Arrow keys to drive.

This is the cure to your road rage!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Cat and dog will have a fair fight in the kitchen. Separated by a low wall, they cast their unique weapons to each other until one of them has no blood to survive due to too much hitting. This game can be divided into single mode and double mode and you can also choose game levels in single mode. In this game, you can use four special items flexibly. Play this game with your mouse, let’s go!)

(Controls: WASD = Moves
Left Click = Shoot
Space = Change Color
P Key = Pause

Play as the Warrior and fight the enemies by changing your colors!)

(Controls: Up Arrow Key – Jump.
Right Arrow Key – Roll.
Down Arrow Key – Slide.

Ovoid obstacle by jumping, and sliding.)

(Cool pokemon trainer with a ton of clothes and colors to choose from.)

(Controls: Use Arrow keys to move.

Feed on people as night crawlers. Try to keep away from lights as much possible.)

(Get attracted. And distracted at the same time!)

(You are the nanny and you must save the day by cleaning all over the house! Just click on all things boarded by yellow lights and finish the tasks before the end of the day. This is a very cool game. Have fun!)

(How true is your love? Is it destined to last forever? Take this quiz and find out.)

(Collect all eggs and avoid obstacles along the way.)

(Controls: Use Arrow keys to move and jump.

Jump on the platforms to stay alive.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Satisfy the puppies by giving them what they want.)

(From eggrolls to crème brulee, prepare over 50 different recipes! Master the skills of chopping, flipping, frying, and more!)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Make your way from the start to the goal.)

(Take care of the farm as you earn money and buy new items for your farm to make even more money.)

(Start Fishing in the Deep Sea! Make it adventurous and strategic!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Dress Shop is another point and click hidden object game from Games2rule. It’s the time to use your observing skills to discover the hidden objects in this dress shop. Find the hidden objects in short duration to get high score. Avoid clicking wrongly as otherwise you will lose 20 seconds in given time duration. Good luck and have fun!)

(Controls: Use the Arrow Keys to guide the cat.

Eat all fishes and dodge the electric eels.)

(Try to shoot the invading aliens before they land!)

(Start assembling your own train with the set of objects Just click over the object with the help of mouse and place them at the appropriate position. You have the track, train and its compartments, dolls, ball and other articles to be assembled in its position. Make the train ready for a ride and make it run before the time lapses and move on to the next level. You may utilize the hint provided above if needed. You have option of choosing the background (season) either sunny, winter or rainy season.)

(Ride your dragon in the great shoot’em up game ‘Dragon Rider’, collect coins and stuff, change the weapons and use them to kill enemies and big bosses.)

(Roll and jump through fun levels and collect all the stars from Star Island.)

(Go head to head against the computer and try to kick the oversize soccer ball into the goal.)

(Simply match the your sushi with the incoming sushi to clear them in groups of three or more. Good luck!)

(Play Straight Pool, 8 Ball Pool against the Computer. Play in Practice Mode, Arcade mode to hone your skill. Try to pass the Challenging 8 Levels with various difficulties to become the Pool Master. Playing online Pool has never been this real!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

A beautiful princess is with his castle and she ask to wear a beautiful outfit for this event. Be ready to dress her with some beautiful choice of dress.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

In this food serving game you cook and prepare food in the school cafeteria to make sure all the kids get to eat. As each level advances you are offered more variety to serve and meet the demands of all the school kids.)

(This is a fun game! Simply click on correct color of ice cream and garnish based on the kids’ order. Make sure you use the correct cone. Have fun!)

(Whose reading whose mind?)

(Controls: Mouse or keyboard(arrow keys to move and space bar to fire).

Galaxian is a remake of the classic old-school fixed-shooter game.)

(Choose a player and throw as far as you can!)

(Controls: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move.
Spacebar – Action.

A Garbage recycling game with a twist of Kungfu.)

(Malika is the most beautiful princess of her day. When she dresses up, her grace mesmerizes everybody in the royal palace. When she sings, sweetness of her voice makes everybody stop what they are doing and just listen to her songs. She is a kind hearted, talented and intelligent woman. No wonder why lots of princes all around the world are in love with her!)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Test your reflexes in order to rise as high as you can, jumping from one cloud to another cloud.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

The ingredients starting with pizza base will be highlighted. Click on them in that order,and then click on the box. Click on the pizza again to put in it in the box. The ingredients will vary for the next pizza. You have to make 10 pizzas in 3 minutes in the first level. The number of pizzas to be will increase in the subsequent levels,and limit will also increase.)

(Match colors of the kids’ bubbles and don’t let your friends float over!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Playing soccer on the streets is pretty fun, but it’s a little dangerous. Besides scoring you’ll have to be careful and watch out with the cars. If they hit you, you lose)

(Controls: Space bar – Throw welly.
Arrow keys – To balance.

Sports Day is a new collection of mini-games inspired by classic school sports day games. Take part in six events including Welly Wanging, Egg & Spoon, Tug of War, Leap Frog, Super Sack Race and Sand Pit Jump. With Sports Day, you get to relive those fond memories from school and make new ones along the way!)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

It’s party time. Decorate the dance floor with lights, speakers and effects! Have fun!)

(Create your own delicious dishes in the kitchen and make sure your guests get their orders on time.)

(Air strike is an unity 3D airplane game with great 3D graphics where you have to fly as fast as you can and destroy all your enemies with your rockets and bombs. Prove you skills once again by finish alive all missions.)

(Rev your engines! Prepare to race through a series of challenging levels, where you have to be clever with physics to make it through in the fastest time possible. Do front and back flips in mid-air to charge your boost bar – you’ll need it to get past some long gaps! Be careful not to bump your head on low-hanging rocks and look out for exploding platforms. There are a lot of obstacles to the fastest finish, but with skill and daring you can conquer them all.)

(Controls: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Steer.
Down Arrow Key – Reverse.
Spacebar – Accelerate.

Risk your life and take a chance to become a champion sausage jockey, racing sausages over a breakfast table.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Dress up this cute little baby dinosaur – you can go for cute, extra cute or fiercely cute.)

(Create your own character and challenge the world’s best benders! Choose your nation and fight against 20 benders in this ultimate tournament. Good luck to you master bender !)

(Choose the place and person you would like to date. While talking with your date, you must answer any questions your date asks you, and you have to ask him/her questions. Choose from the sentences given.)

(In the wake of another reality television series, telly addicts are being turned into brain dead zombies. In their desperation to get to a television, they are invading your house. Stop these undead sofa surfers before the sight of Simon Cowell in wild screen causes more brains to turn to mush.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Simple colorful game where you break the groups of blocks as they add up from the bottom like the game collapse. Get a highscore by breaking as many groups of blocks as possible until one column reaches the top of the stage.)

(Controls: Arrow keys – Move Ball (or player in possession)

The ball is at your command. Don’t mess it up.)

(Release the lotuses from darkness.)

(Match underwater creatures with each other as you clear the golden tiles & decorate the fish tank.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Keep traffic under control and facilitate urgent transportation throughout the city.)

(Controls: Use the mouse to click the category tabs to select the items you like!

Oh no!!! Your fridge has ran out of food and drinks! But no worries! Mommy will take you shopping at your favorite supermarket! Your favorite part is riding in the shopping cart, it is so fun! Mommy will spoil you and let you buy whatever you want! Ah.. life is great! Buy all the snacks and junk food you want =))

(Panda Tony was a tourist and gourmet. One day, Tony took an aircraft to travel.But the vehicle broke down on the half-way, so Tony had to find bamboo groves to landing in order to earn money to repair.Luckily, he could do many kinds of food and served the other pandas. So Tony opened a restaurant and earned the money.You are a friend of Tony, and help him to earn enough money to go home as the directions.)

(The Money Movers are getting out of prison! Solve the puzzles and safely make your escape,don’t forget to move money away with you !)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Choose the odd bear to finish a level. You’ve got 2 minutes to complete 10 levels. If you finish 10 levels within 2 minutes you get a lot of extra points.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Make a penalty kick. Let’s see who is the best in football. )

(Play as Heaven or Hell and defeat your opponent.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

See how many ice creams you can serve!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

You have been hired in an ice cream factory and you are in charge of the whole production. Across levels, you must create different flavors of ice creams. Be careful because the recipes will differ a little from previous.)

(Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.)

(Controls: Up Arrow Key – To move forward. Down Arrow Key – To move backward. Left / Right Arrow Key – To lean the biker’s body.

Race your bike past on the obstacles to get into the finish line,Collect the coins on your way to gain more score.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

As a zoo keeper, take care of the animals and give them what they want.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

WOW Escape is type of point and click new escape game developed by A small boy was trapped inside a room while playing. No other humans are near to help him out. Help the boy to find some useful objects and hints to escape from that room. Good Luck and Have Fun!)

(The zombies have been captured and trapped into a tomb by the humans.
Now they want to escape because they want to revenge their freedom. Because the place was untouched a lot of time, there are a lot of bats and other obstacles which you have to avoid it, else you will be hurt and you will lose your lives. If you want to earn more points you have to collect all the bonuses and the powerups which will give you more strength and speed.)

(Red or Blue? Who ya down wit? Grab ya gat, rep ya set! Do battle with them fools in this gang war shootout game. Pick your side and blast as many of the enemy gang as possible. Head shots earn extra points and you can collect trophies for various achievements. Unlock bonus weapons and become the Top Blood or Top Crip in your set by posting the highscore.)

(Endless side scrolling game using just gravity.
Avoid the spikes on the top and the bottom of the screen to accumulate points.)

(A fun experimental game play simulation project. Do chores, rack up as many points while pleasing your husband by kissing him and cooking him food.)

(After your last success at the Paris Fashion Show, you were recommended by the top European designers to work here in New York! Pick the design studio you would like to work for and put together three complete outfits for the fashion show.)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Care the cat well and earn maximum score. Click with your mouse to take the cat from the cage, put the cat in the cage and give them what they ask. Care each cat within seconds otherwise you will loose your life.)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Get your ball from start to finish avoiding all obstacles in your way.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Shoot all animals!)

(Controls: Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.
Space bar to jump.

An action puzzle game that requires you to edit the level and insert objects to help the stickman.)

(physics engine based puzzle game where you’ve to close the gaps with the given shapes in order to pave the way for the train.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Enjoy real soccer action! Play against computer or visit GleamVille to play this game in multiplayer mode.)

(Controls: Use space bar to play.

Make every stroke, a masterstroke!)

(Hey pretty ladies, why don’t you dress up this sexy lady so she may belong to your group. Have fun!)

(Controls: The game is loaded click [single-player] / [double game] / [PK Mode] – Select by AD role – press J to start the game. Player1 WASD: move J:Normal attack K: Whack L: Teleport UI: Stunt. Player2 Arrow keys: move 1: Normal attack 2: Whack 3: Teleport 45: Stunt.

The new fighting game has new moves, even strokes and more enjoyable. There are a variety of roles and different occupations for you to choose, like soldiers, gunmen, warrior, mage, assassin. At the same time, and the game also supports double mode, So let you and your partner to play together. Carry on a PK contest to see who is the strongest when you and your little friends play tired. Very challenging game, Call on your little partner join it and fighting together.)

(Imagine that you were the proud owner of a great American Muscle Car and you must find the perfect parking spot where nobody would scratch it. This car parking game will make you change your thinking about parking spots and will make your dreams come true. By the way, how would you want your American Muscle Car to look like? This parking game has a little twist which makes things much more interesting. You will need to park this American beauty, but you will need also to be careful at the traffic. Show off your dashing driving and parking skills to complete all levels of parking with ease and make the best score!)

(This game is a shooting game and your objective is to shoot and destroy all the enemy ship the more you hits the higher your score and you have to avoid shooting your friend ship the blue one.)

(Controls: Mouse – Fix Bike.
Arrow Keys – Drive.

First you have to join all the motorcycle parts piece by piece then choose your favorite color and start the horse competition.)

(Its the frenzy of bubble-popping! Burst all the bubbles as fast as you can by rolling over your mouse on them in order of colors and avoid the soap or else all those bubbles will bring back. Have fun!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Try the native clothes of different coountries.)

(Control the tank to defend your city from attack.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Go door to door with this happy squirrel and bake your neighbors some fun Christmas gifts. Memorize the ingredients and order then try and bake it yourself, if you get lost check on the Christmas tree for some hints. )

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Detonate the groups of three or more same blocks.)

(Controls: Use Up and Down Arrow Keys to move.

Help Tiger escape his angry wife!)

(A lot of famous people and celebrities are arriving at your dentist cabinet. You have to use your tools and take care of their broken teeth. Remove cavities and even teeth if it is necesarry and then implant new ones.)

(The loveliest job in the world is to work in a pet salon and care the little puppies! They need to be cleaned, dried, combed and loved! Take them onto the seats and give them what they need!)

(Controls: Use Arrow Keys to play the game.

You are a rocker girl and you love writing songs. Show the world how good you are playing the guitar and follow the melody with no mistakes.)

(Bella has to attend her friend’s Marriage ceremony. She wants her face to look bright because Many of her old friends are coming to attend the Ceremony. Can you give her a good Makeover. Follow the Instructions keenly and give a nice makeover to Bella.)

(Controls: Type demon words to blast them. Type upgrades to use them!

Typing is a deadly art – you must practice! Fend off menacing beasts by typing their names. Kaboom!)

(Help Jane make her dream come true and build a beautiful 5 star hotel in Jane`s Hotel! You begin with a small 2 star hotel at the outskirts of town and work your way to the top by upgrading accommodations and achieving an excellent reputation. Keep an eye on customer moods and make them happy by building a golf course, serving them exquisite drinks and good meals, or simply cleaning their room.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Serve the people’s needs in the beach. Keep them happy and safe all the time.)

(Play a nice game of poker and and play the bonus round for more points. This is one cool poker game so enjoy!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Have fun color the Little Pony images online. You can choose a lot of different colors and make her beautiful.)

(Controls: Up Arrow Key – Accelerate.
Left / Right Arrow Keys – Turn.
Down Arrow Key – Brake / Reverse.
CTRL – Oil Spot.
Spacebar – Nitro.

Drive your mini Cooper and race with your opponents.)

(Controls: Use arrow keys to drive.

In Milk Truck, you must go to the super market to get groceries and food for your family. Beware of huge drops and hills!)

(Street Cricket, a stripped down version of cricket is a rage almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent.)

(You are a good truckman. Here is a freightage task. Carry the freight from a factory to the destination. In the process, you will experience some trouble. Try your best to solve the problem. You can do a good job! Come on!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.


(This is a fun and challenging train puzzle game, in which your goal is to fix the train tracks and route the train to various stations. You have 30 quick levels of progressively increasing difficulty to solve. Watch the timer and Have Fun)

(Use every trick in the book to bounce this ball into the cup!)

(A cool match 3 game flip burgers match them up and make the orders to win!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Adam and eve 2 is a funny point and click adventure game. help adam to explore the environment and interact with objects in the right order to clear the path for true love.)

(Your mission in this online zombie game is to control the last platoon of soldiers on earth and save humanity from the zombie hordes. Kill all the zombies in each sector to clear that level and move onto the next. Take control of your soldiers and use them to destroy the zombies and build defenses. Use your commanders gun to protect your base. Once the base is destroyed it’s game over. Use the upgrades to kill more zombies. You start each level with 3 soldiers. A Machine gunner, a Hand grenadier and an engineer. Each solider type has different abilities.)

(Say hello to this sweet looking baby pony, your new winged companion and the one who’s going to take you on a free ride through its magical world of cuteness and happiness! But before that happens, get ready to work out your pony customization skills getting her a new lovely look!)

(Controls: Use the arrow keys to play and mouse to navigate

Finish in top time in this dirt racing games.You will have to finish in ten laps and try to get a good time.Have fun in this racing game.)

(The two girls are always trying to turn their nice, fun tea parties for two into some really festive events. Therefore, they’d really appreciate if you could use your skills as an interior designer to beautify their room, then your talent as a fashion stylist to get them some pretty princess dresses to wear while sipping their tasty tea and enjoying a nice chat. Enjoy!)

(Your objective in this puzzle game is to save the presidential family. Evil puppet Pigsaw has kidnapped Michelle, Sasha and Malia to force Obama to play a sick game at the White House. The only choice to get his family back is passing all sick test of the freaky puppet.)

(Jump out as far as you can to reach the Golden Banana. COllect fruits while jumping to add more scores but be careful not to fall or run out of time!)

(Dress up this girl with stylish Halloween costume to celebrate the Halloween Festival with her parents and friends! Pick her traditional halloween costume clothes and choose magical accessories to go with her look! Happy Halloween!)

(Controls: Use Mouse or Spacebar to interact.

The little monkey has to climb up the tall trees of the jungle to reach his home. You’ve got to help him jump on the platforms and climb upwards. Time your jumps carefully and avoid falling down or you’ll lose a life. Hit the Space Bar to jump.)

(Lilly, Ella, and Sarah are getting ready to go to the big Dream Mining sleepover party! Help give them a makeover and dress them up in awesome pajama party styles!)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

This well-designed remake is worth reviving the classical break-out arcade game. The objective of the game is to complete all levels and get the highest possible score. Once you have broken all bricks on the current level you will immediately proceed to the next one. In order to make your task easier, you can pick up various power-ups.)

(Fire your robo cannon as you try to take out all the zombies with limited shots.)

(So you wanna be part of the gang? You must first prove them that you can be a fast shooter and kill 30 of the other group. Just click on the upper left side to reload. If you’re ready, then start your initiation!)

(In an post-apocalyptic wasteland, a car that transforms in to a bullet is your only hope. Robotic sentinals are chasing you across the badlands – use your car’s transforming capability to your advantage and survive as long as you can. Will you escape with your life? I doubt it, but that doesn’t stop you trying!)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Use your mouse to position the player, click and hold to start aiming, and release when the aim is right. The direction and strength of wind is shown on the board. Watch it and plan your shot accordingly.)

(One deadly truck and loads of weapons against hundreds of zombies, will you survive?)

(Controls: Use arrow keys to drive.

Balance your big foot truck as you try not to crash or tip over. Make each level in the given time.)

(Controls: WASD and Arrow keys to move.

2 player platformer, crush your opponent by Blocking them out the screen or triggering a trap that shoots, impales or squashes them.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Align 3 or more of the same objects horizontally or vertically.)

(Difficult game of circling fish so the big fish are able eat the smaller fish. The limited time makes it even harder!)

(Controls: Use Left and Right Arrow Keys to move.

Race in three lanes and don’t hit other F1 race cars as you continually speed up in this game.)

(Drive an incredible Ferrari around the city and collect coins so you can buy upgrades and even new Ferrari cars !)

(Have fun creating delicious and colorful cakes!)

(This young princess is getting married at the palace. She needs your help to plan everything for the reception so the wedding of her dreams come true. The most important is the bride’s look. She has to look amazing, like a real princess as she is. Choose a wedding gown for her, the most beautiful shoes and give her all the accesories a bride need: gloves, jewelry and of course the bridal flower bouquet.)

(Controls: Use your arrow keys to move left/right and the space bar to hit the brakes.

Race through the winter and enjoy the ice racing action game, as you reach for the finish line in record time.)

(Controls: Use your mouse to find the symbols

Collect all the symbols in a category to open the lock. Find all the hidden symbols to get the words. You have limited clicks in the game, if you run out of clicks, your game is over. You can get 10 bonus clicks if you free a letter!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Homer’s family has been kidnapped by the evil puppet. Help Homer rescue Marge,)

(How fast can you get to the finish line!)

(The evil Pigsaw is back and will force Marge Simpson to play his twisted game.)

(Riding in from a far off land of magic, fairy dust, and wondrous enchantments, the Unicorn Princess denied her family’s wish to wed the Dark Prince. And now she’s blazing a trail to become the world’s next great leader!)

(Controls: Use your mouse to play.
Drag the furnitures and decorations into the correct position of the correct room. The items will disappear if you place them in the wrong position. Press Hint for reference.

You best friend gave you cute princess doll house for your birthday. It has bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and garen. But the furnitures and dolls are not in the right places. Could you find the correct position for all the items? It’s very challenging. Have fun!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Little princess Leila loves fashion. It’s amazing how she can wear different hairstyles everyday. Do you want to know her secrets? Play this fun princess hair salon game and learn! Have Fun!)

(Try to park your plane in the designated parking spot as quickly as you can, but avoid damaging other plane.)

(Here’s a game that let’s you dress up two ordinary individuals and turn them into one glamorous couple. Choose the necessary dresses that suits your taste for them. Enjoy!)

(Complete as many passes as you can and don’t get intercepted.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

In this third part of the very popular and free game Angry Birds, the birds battle again against the evil pigs. Use the cannon and load it with different birds, each with it’s own special abilities. Fire the birds to bounce, bump and explode the pigs.Aim the cannnon by moving mouse cursor, press the left mouse button to shoot.)

(Steer your jacked-up beast around the course, clearing obstacles as fast as possible to pass each level!)

(Hit all of the targets before the time runs out in this tricky archery challenge! )

(Earn enough points by destroying the convoy as you automatically keep dropping limited bombs.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Helen is so excited: her best friend Evelyn is getting married in three days! Evelyn is very busy so she asked Helen to help her shop some things in a wedding shop. But the list is huge! It includes wedding outfits, invitation cards, wedding candles and so much more! Help Helen not to forget a thing! Leftclick on the things Helen needs to buy to put them in the cart. Hurry up, the time is limited!)

(A funny bubble shooter remake. In this free online bubble game the player has to shoot and create groups of three or more bubbles of the same color. Collect and eat the falling candy bubbles to increase your score.)

(Controls: Use Arrow Keys to drive your bike.

This is a typical trial bike game, but wit Ben 10 as its main character. Actually, Ben doesn’t do much, but being the driver.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Gary, and Spongebob will have to rescue him before it’s too late.)

(Controls: Use mouse to aim and rhrow snow ball.
Use arro keys to move.

You are the king of the snow and your sole duty is to naibntain and keep winning.)

(Princess Maria is throwing a ball in her palace. She needs your help. Check out her fabulous gowns and accessories in her dressing room and choose the most beautiful one that suits her. Then you could give her a makeup with colorful cosmetics. Have fun!)

(Controls: Up Arrow Key – Move Forward.
Left / Right Arrow Keys – Lean.
Down Arrow Key – Move Backward.

Try to finish each level within 60 seconds. )

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Who says monkeys only travel by swinging from tree-to-tree? Leap, roll, and tumble as Monkey in this fast-paced game. Hit as many lanterns as you can as you leap through the air, just watch out for the birds and boulders!)


Dress up this Indian girl for a fun girls event! Do her make-up, and then choose a fun colorful outfit and matching jewelry for her to wear.)

(Protect yourself from the attacks of the Robot Balls, avoiding and breaking them throwing him rockets.)

(Kill all the Hostage takers before they shoot you)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Click on the groups of three or more identical blocks to remove them and score points! Click on the bomb to be able to remove the blocks of the same color.)

(Lucky you, you have the chance to learn all the best cookie cooking secrets from the most skillful pastry cook in the world! Prove to her that you’re a quick learner, pay great attention to her precious indications, carefully read those orders,)

(Swim against your opponents and beat their time to become world champion)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Burst the balloon based on the color or background.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

click 3 or more of the same ball color.)

(Take car of this really cute cat.)

(Controls: In this game you need to build a tower that is as tall as possible. Blocks will swing from the top, and when you click the mouse button, the block will drop down. If it fails to land on the block beneath, then you lose a block. When you loses three blocks, the game will be over. If you manage to drop the block perfectly on the block beneath, then you get extra bonus scores. As the tower gets taller, it will start to shake. The taller it gets, the wider it shakes, making the dropping of new blocks more difficult.

Build your tower as tall as possible, but don’t drop the blocks!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

MatchThree with 8 fan tools: 1:eliminate the horizontal line. 2:eliminate the vertical line. 3:reset the faces. 4:eliminate the same faces as you selected; 5:random eliminate several 6:time-bomb 7:Forced switching wrench 8:Tracking the face may be matched; Other Description: 1.With the increase of the level, the game becomes more difficult. 2.Over time,the timer will be faster, you have to buy item to use so that you can survive longer. 3.The final score is calculated by the time and money,so you must take care of the balance between these two things.)

(Not only you need succeed in maths but also you must be fast. To test your speed you must try Crazy Math Game. You can test yourself Four operations in maths and you can improve your speed. To get good results, use the mouse fast at the same time. Let’s start!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Steal the item and escape the locked room! )

(Did you need a reason to escape? This joint is full of ghosts and other spooky stuff. Bloody axes? No Like! Please to go home!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

The game graphics are closed squares in order. Clicking the mouse cursor is opened drawing. Identical squares are removed. The game has 3 difficulty levels.)

(Controls: Use arrow keys to drive.

Park the taxi in the bay provided for you. Drive your taxi carefully, avoid hitting cars and any obstacles on the way. Park it within the minimum time and earn score. Finish all the levels to win the game.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Paint your Sonic Coloring Game with your favorite colors.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

In this game you have trays moving from right to left. What you need to do is to put a plate on each tray and to fill the plate with a kind of soup.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Remove all the cards by matching pairs.)

(This winter, a new set of clothes will invade your closets. Choose from a wide selection and dress up this beautiful lady. Enjoy!)

(Race your car with opponents with your favorite Barbie. Win the race to get qualify for the next round. You have three lives to try. Have fun!)

(A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring Ben 10.)

(in 3d space. Collect as many pieces as possible without hitting yourself. Plain simple fun! High score is saved over to the next time the game is played.)

(Controls: Arrow keys to move.

Drive your car while avoiding other cars and collecting coins as much as possible to rush in the leader board and fuel cans to an endless driving.)

(Controls: Use Mouse to interact.

Help this girl choose a nice Korean outfit.)

(Get behind the wheel of the airplane and avoid any obstacles in the way while trying to get to the parking spot.)

(Controls: Arrow Keys – Move.
Spacebar – Use Bonus.
Z – Nitrous oxide.

Run over all the zombies on your way and cross first the finish line to unblock the following circuit.)

(Help this girl get a holiday look!)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

Help this thief escape from the police. All you have to do is, click and drag him away from the police. Escape as long as you can and score more. If you get caught or hit the side walls , you are out. All the best and have fun!)

(In this mouse-driven logic puzzle game you have to cluster the fruit symbols. Attend to not confuse your current pair of fruits with the previewed fruits!)

(Ben 10 Racing : Experience the ultimate racing in 3D with Ben 10.
Win the race and unlock your favorite car in each level. You need to complete each lap within time to qualify for the next Level.
All the best !)

(You are a cop and drive a police car.
Your mission is to win the race.)

(Controls: A,D to move. W to jump.
K to attack. L to use boomerang.
Q,E to change the weapons.

You are to save a friend kidnapped in a big palace. Let’s challenge it!)

(If you love air shooting then you must play this game and complete your mission in this shooting war game. Just implement your shooting skills perfectly and shoot down enemy balloons before time runs out and complete the levels. Enjoy playing this exciting flying match.)

(Controls: Mouse only

Here is a new type of brick breaker totally free !)

(The submarine war is a type of naval battles game,Players need to control their submarine to finish mission. On the way, will encounter a lot of enemies,complete mission after destroy them.When destory an enemy will get money,Only reasonable upgrade weapons level to becom strong.)

(Controls: Use keyboard arrows to control the character.
Press space bar to shoot.

Harry Potter needs to get back to her castle and fast! He must collect the magic potion and key on route and complete all three levels. Shoot or dodge the ghastly ghouls but look out for magic charms to help you on your way.)

(Doraemon is Racing against his best friend Nobita, Gian and Shizuka select Doraemon or any other character to race and complete the level in first place to unlock new levels.)

(Prepare eggs and hotdogs for breakfast.)

(I know you college people cook this at least twice a week! People who are not in college yet, learn how to cook ramen! This tasty but fattening treat is irresistible. Serve it to hungry business men.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Santa Claus. Help him escape safe and sound!)

(Race through the tunnel dodging all obstacles and grabbing power ups.)

(Controls: Use mouse to interact.

Hit the balls using the white color ball to make the balls reach the fence. To increase the hitting power, click and hold the mouse, and release it to move the white color ball. Make the balls reach the fence before the time gets over. To mute the sound, click the mute button, or press M on the keyboard. To bring the game to pause, click on the pause button, or press P on the keyboard.)

(Controls: This game is a Mouse Only game.

ts winter time and Christmas Eve is near. Have fun with this Match 3 game in a nice winter theme (no jewels this time). Challenge your friends by combining at least 3 items to get points. If you combine 4 or more, you will also get a special item for even more points! But do not idle – you got only 90 seconds. Have fun!)

(A princess had some friend in their room and she need to clean it before his mom come out. Clean the room and make sure it is clean before your mom arrived.)