English → English - boat

n. ship, vehicle for traveling on water; bowl, serving dish
v. travel by or sail in a boat; sail a boat; transport by boat

English → Spanish - boat

s. bote, arca, barca, barco, chalupa, embarcación, lancha, yate
v. dar un paseo en bote

English → French - boat

n. bateau, canot; embarcation; barque; bol, coupe (dessert); plat (pour servir), saucière
v. naviguer; flotter, voyager par bateau; naviguer un bateau; transporter par bateau

English → German - boat

n. Boot; Schüssel
v. in einem Boot reisen, segeln

English → Indonesian - boat

n. perahu, sampan, sekoci, kapal, bahtera
v. mengangkut di dlm perahu, perahu: naik perahu

English → Italian - boat

s. imbarcazione, battello; scialuppa; nave; salsiera
v. imbarcare, mettere nella barca; tirare in barca; trasportare in barca, traghettare

English → Polish - boat

n. łódź, łódka, statek, okręt, czółenko, czółno, sosjerka, kadzielnica
v. jechać łódką, ładować na łódź

English → Portuguese - boat

s. barco; bote; canoa
v. navegar; remar

English → Romanian - boat

n. barcă, ambarcaţiune, navă, lotcă, luntre, ciobacă, şalupă
v. face canotaj, pluti, plimba: se plimba cu barca

English → Russian - boat

с. лодка, шлюпка, судно, корабль, подводная лодка, корытце
г. кататься на лодке, перевозить в лодке

English → Turkish - boat

f. kayıkla gezmek
i. kayık, sandal, tekne, bot, gemi, filika, kayık tabak

English → Ukrainian - boat

n. човен, бот, шлюпка, судно, корабель, пароплав
v. перевозити по воді, кататися на човні

English → Dutch - boat

zn. schip, boot; schaal
ww. uit varen/roeien/zeilen gaan

English → Greek - boat

ουσ. καράβι, βάρκα, πλοίο, σκάφος, πλοιάριο, λέμβος

English → Arabic - boat

‏زورق، قارب، مركب زورق، سفينة، جرم‏
‏ركب زورقا، نقل بمركب‏

English → Chinese - boat

(名) 船
(动) 划船, 荡桨; 乘船游玩

English → Chinese - boat

(名) 船
(動) 划船, 蕩槳; 乘船遊玩

English → Hindi - boat

n. नाव, नौका, नैया
v. नाव खेना

English → Japanese - boat

(動) ボートに乗る; ボートを漕ぐ
(名) ボート; 船; 汽船

English → Korean - boat

명. 보트, 배; 그릇
동. 보트로 항해하다; 보트로 여행하다; 보트로 이동하다

English → Vietnamese - boat

n. thuyền
v. đi chơi bằng ghe

Definition of boat

1. A craft used for transportation of goods, fishing, racing, recreational cruising, or military use on or in the water, propelled by oars or outboard motor or inboard motor or by wind.
3. A vehicle, utensil, or dish somewhat resembling a boat in shape.
A stone boat;
A gravy boat
4. One of two possible conformations of cyclohexane rings (the other being chair), shaped roughly like a boat.
5. The refugee boats arriving in Australian waters, and by extension, refugees generally.
6. To travel by boat.
7. To transport in a boat.
To boat goods
8. To place in a boat.
To boat oars
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Verb Forms

Present participle: boating
Present: boat (3.person: boats)
Past: boated
Future: will boat
Present conditional: would boat
Present Perfect: have boated (3.person: has boated)
Past Perfect: had boated
Future Perfect: will have boated
Past conditional: would have boated
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