English → English - body

n. physical form of a person or animal; corpse, carcass; torso; main part, mass; group (of people, things, ideas, etc.); substance; human being
n. leotard, tight-fitting body suit
n. body

English → Spanish - body

s. cuerpo; cuerpo humano, cuerpo físico; fuselaje, carrocería; organismo, colegio, cadáver

English → French - body

n. corps, partie matérielle des êtres animés; chair; organisme; cadavre; tronc; sève, générosité (vin); consistance; vaisseau, nef,coffre (instrument de musique); fuselage (avion); nacelle (voiture); ventre (fourneau); fût; panse; bâti, corps, carosserie; corps (Physique); astre (Astrologie)

English → German - body

n. Körper; Leiche; Klumpen

English → Indonesian - body

n. badan, tubuh, awak, jisim, selera, kumpulan, benda, mayat, pokok, gerombolan, majelis, lembaga, dewan, isi
v. mewujudkan, membentuk, mengambil bentuk, menjelma

English → Italian - body

s. corpo; cadavere, salma; carcassa; (Anat) busto, tronco; (Arch) corpo principale; navata centrale; (Aut) carrozzeria; (Mar) scafo; (Aer) fusoliera; maggior parte; parte principale; (fig) forza, peso

English → Polish - body

n. organizm, ciało, zwłoki, ścierwo, grupa, kolektyw, grono, gremium, poczet, ogół, korpus, kadłub, karoseria, nadwozie {auto}

English → Portuguese - body

s. corpo; pessoa; corporação

English → Romanian - body

n. corp, trup, corp neînsufleţit, cadavru, persoană {fam.}, individ, fizic, înfăţişare fizică, talie, parte principală, naos {bis.}, caroserie, fuzelaj {av.}, organizaţie, organ, colectivitate, colegiu, masă, mulţime, majoritate
v. reprezenta

English → Russian - body

с. тело, плоть, туловище; ствол; труп; человек; основная часть, главная часть; кузов, остов, фюзеляж; станина; стакан; лиф, корсаж; реторта, перегонный куб; группа людей, группа; юридическое лицо, корпорация, организация

English → Turkish - body

i. karoser, vücut, gövde, beden, ceset, cisim; hacim; büyük kısım; birlik, grup, kuruluş, kütle

English → Ukrainian - body

n. тіло, плоть, тулуб, стовбур, труп, особа, головний: головна частина, предмет, кістяк, асоціація, маса, колектив, комплекція, кузов, орган
v. форма: надавати форми, втілювати

French → English - body

(m) n. body

German → English - body

n. physical form of a person or animal; corpse, carcass; torso; main part, mass; group (of people, things, ideas, etc.); substance; human being

Italian → English - body

n. leotard, tight-fitting body suit

Turkish → English - body

n. physical form of a person or animal; corpse, carcass; torso; main part, mass; group (of people, things, ideas, etc.); substance; human being
n. leotard, tight-fitting body suit
n. body

English → Dutch - body

zn. fysieke verschijning van persoon of dier, lichaam; lijf; blok; grote hoeveelheid, massa; groep (van mensen, dingen, ideeen, etc.); substantie; menselijk wezen

English → Greek - body

ουσ. σώμα

German → French - body

n. justaucorps (m)

German → Italian - body

n. calzamaglia (f)

English → Arabic - body

‏جسد، جذع، هيكل، بدن، مجلس، جثة، شخص، جزع الشجرة، الجزء المركزي، صحن الكنيسة، بدن السيارة، بدن الطائرة، بدن السفينة، بدن الثوب، كتلة، مجموعة، جماعة، قوة جماعة من الجند، هيئة‏

English → Chinese - body

(名) 身体; 躯干, 主体; 肉体; 正文

English → Chinese - body

(名) 身體; 軀幹, 主體; 肉體; 正文

English → Hindi - body

n. शरीर, अंग, काया, जिस्म, डील-डौल, देह, शव, जनाज़ा, समिति, समुदाय

English → Japanese - body

(名) 体, 肉体 身体; 胴体; 本文; ボディー; 死体

English → Korean - body

명. 몸, 몸뚱이; 신체; 몸통;주요부; 실질

English → Vietnamese - body

n. thân thể, thân thể người, đoàn, đám đông, thùng, mình
v. cu lô
a. thân cây

German → Chinese - body


Definition of body

1. Physical frame.
1. The physical structure of a human or animal seen as one single organism.
I saw them walking from a distance, their bodies strangely angular in the dawn light.
2. The fleshly or corporeal nature of a human, as opposed to the spirit or soul.
The body is driven by desires, but the soul is at peace.
3. A corpse.
Her body was found at four o'clock, just two hours after the murder.
4. Except in compounds A person.
What's a body gotta do to get a drink around here?
2. Main section.
5. The torso, the main structure of a human or animal frame excluding the extremities (limbs, head, tail).
The boxer took a blow to the body.
6. The largest or most important part of anything, as distinct from its appendages or accessories.
The bumpers and front tyres were ruined, but the body of the car was in remarkable shape.
7. Archaic The section of a dress extending from the neck to the waist, excluding the arms.
Penny was in the scullery, pressing the body of her new dress.
8. The content of a letter, message, or other printed or electronic document, as distinct from signatures, salutations, headers, and so on.
9. A bodysuit.
10. Programming The code of a subroutine, contrasted to its signature and parameters.
In many programming languages, the method body is enclosed in braces.
3. Coherent group.
11. A group of people having a common purpose or opinion; a mass.
I was escorted from the building by a body of armed security guards.
12. An organisation, company or other authoritative group.
The local train operating company is the managing body for this section of track.
13. A unified collection of details, knowledge or information.
We have now amassed a body of evidence which points to one conclusion.
4. Material entity.
14. Any physical object or material thing.
All bodies are held together by internal forces.
15. Uncountable Substance; physical presence.
We have given body to what was just a vague idea.
16. Uncountable Comparative viscosity, solidity or substance (in wine, colours etc.).
The red wine, sadly, lacked body.
17. An agglomeration of some substance, especially one that would be otherwise uncountable.
The English Channel is a body of water lying between Great Britain and France.
5. The shank of a type, or the depth of the shank (by which the size is indicated).
A nonpareil face on an agate body
6. A three-dimensional object, such as a cube or cone
7. To give body or shape to something.
8. To construct the bodywork of a car.
9. To embody.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: bodying
Present: body (3.person: bodies)
Past: bodied
Future: will body
Present conditional: would body
Present Perfect: have bodied (3.person: has bodied)
Past Perfect: had bodied
Future Perfect: will have bodied
Past conditional: would have bodied
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