English → English - bond

n. link; obligation; grasp; certificate of debt
v. store in a bonded warehouse; stick; be stuck
n. family name

English → Spanish - bond

s. lazo, atadura, ligazón; bono, certificado de inversión; enlace, trabadura, unión, vínculo; fianza, afianzamiento, dita, garantía
v. pegar, unir; adherirse, pegarse; afianzar
s. Bond, apellido

English → French - bond

n. lien, attache; engagement; assemblage, adhésion, adhérence; contrat; obligation, bon (Finances); caution; garantie par obligation (dette)
v. lier; appareiller; coller; entreposer; mettre en entrepôt (douane)
n. Bond, nom de famille

English → German - bond

n. Band, Fesseln; Haftwirkung; Anleihe, Schuldschein; chemische Verbindung
v. bonden; kleben; in einem Lagerhaus lagern
n. Bond, Nachname

English → Indonesian - bond

n. tali, pertalian, ikatan, obligasi, surat obligasi, kontrak, surat tanggungan, pengikat, budak, budak belian
v. mengeluarkan obligasi, mempertanggungkan, mengikat seorang dgn tanggungan, mengganti dgn obligasi, mengikat, mempersatukan
a. perbudakan: berkenaan dgn perbudakan

English → Italian - bond

s. vincolo, legame; (fig) accordo, patto; impegno; (Dir) garanzia, cauzione; (am) whisky invecchiato in magazzini doganali; (Cart) carta di buona qualità; (Econ) obbligazione; (tecn) aderenza
v. legare, assicurare, fissare; (Econ) emettere obbligazioni su; ipotecare; cauzionare; (El) collegare; (Edil) apparecchiare; connettere
s. Bond, cognome

English → Polish - bond

n. łącznik, więź, spójnia, wiązadło, więzy, zobowiązanie, abonament, bon, obligacja, cyrograf, skład celny, wspólność, wspólnota, przyczepność
v. wiązać, zobowiązać, pobierać kaucję, spajać, zobowiązywać, spoić
a. niewolny

English → Portuguese - bond

s. laço, ligação; obrigação; contrato
v. ligar; unir; amarrar; afiançar
s. Bond, sobrenome

English → Romanian - bond

n. legătură, relaţii, cătuşe, lanţ: lanţuri, fiare, obligaţie, datorie, angajament, legământ, creanţă {fin.}, metoda de aranjare a caramizilor
v. fixa {tehn.}, întări, ipoteca, pune marfa în depozit la vamă

English → Russian - bond

с. связь, узы, тесная связь; долговое обязательство, закладная; крепостной; облигация, купюра; оковы; тюремное заключение; соединение, перевязка
г. скреплять, связывать, привязываться; подписывать обязательства; закладывать имущество; выпускать облигации, выпускать боны; оставлять товары на таможне

English → Turkish - bond

f. tutturmak, yapıştırmak, bağlamak; örmek (duvar); antrepoya koymak
i. zincir, pranga, bağ, ilişki, bono, senet, tahvil, yapışma, yapıştırıcı, tutkal, harç ile duvar örme

English → Ukrainian - bond

n. зобов'язання: боргове зобов'язання, застава, іпотека, поручитель, облігація, окови, кріплення, зв'язь
v. зобов'язання: підписувати боргове зобов'язання, майно: заставляти майно, випускати облігації
a. кріпацький

French → English - bond

n. Bond, family name

Italian → English - bond

n. Bond, family name; James Bond, character of a secret agent based on the books of Fleming

Dutch → English - bond

n. union, federation, league

English → Dutch - bond

zn. verbintenis; verplichting;steunpunt; obligatie
ww. verbinden;opbergen in een veilige bergplaats (bv spullen waar belasting voor betaald moet worden), waarborg staan voor
zn. bond (familienaam)

English → Greek - bond

ρήμ. θέτω υπό εγγύηση, υποθηκεύω
ουσ. εγγυητής, δεσμός, ομολογία

French → Spanish - bond

(mouvement) salto (m)

French → German - bond

n. sprung, satz

French → Italian - bond

(mouvement) balzo (m); salto (m)

French → Portuguese - bond

(mouvement) salto (m); pulo (m)

French → Russian - bond

n. прыжок (m), скачок (m), отскок (m), перебежка (m), резкий: резкое движение (m), резкий: резкое повышение (m)

French → Turkish - bond

[le] sıçrayış; atlama, zıplama, hoplama

German → Russian - bond

n. облигация (m)

Dutch → French - bond

1. (vereniging) alliance (f); union (f); organisation (f); association (f); assemblée (f); groupement (m); société (f)
2. (sport) ligue (f)
3. (politiek) confédération (f); fédération (f); alliance (f); ligue (f); coalition (f)

French → Dutch - bond

(mouvement) sprong (m)

English → Arabic - bond

‏قيد، حبل، رباط، وثاق، كفالة، صك تأمين، سند مالي، تعهد، علاقة‏
‏أوثق، رهن، حجز، جعله يتماسك‏

English → Chinese - bond

(名) 结合, 契约, 债券
(动) 以...作保; 使...粘合; 以...作抵押; 使结合; 粘合; 团结在一起; 结合
n. 键 (jıan4)

English → Chinese - bond

(名) 結合, 契約, 債券
(動) 以...作保; 使...粘合; 以...作抵押; 使結合; 粘合; 團結在一起; 結合

English → Hindi - bond

n. ऋणपत्र, प्रतिज्ञापत्र, अनुबंध, संबंध, बंधन, मेलभाव
v. बंधन लगाना, संबंधित करना, अनुबंधित करना
a. अनुबंधित, संबंधित, बंधित

English → Japanese - bond

(名) きずな; 束縛; 債券; 証書
(動) 接着する; 接着される; 保税倉庫に入れる
(名) ボンド, 姓

English → Korean - bond

명. 묶는 것; 의무; 속박, 구속; 차용증서
동. 보세창고에 저장하다; 잇다, 접착시키다; 접착되다

English → Vietnamese - bond

n. vật gì cột lại, bó lại, mối liên lạc, ràng buộc, phiếu
v. xây gạch, đem gởi vào kho

German → Chinese - bond


Definition of bond

1. Evidence of a long-term debt, by which the bond issuer (the borrower) is obliged to pay interest when due, and repay the principal at maturity, as specified on the face of the bond certificate. The rights of the holder are specified in the bond indenture, which contains the legal terms and conditions under which the bond was issued. Bonds are available in two forms: registered bonds, and bearer bonds.
2. A documentary obligation to pay a sum or to perform a contract; a debenture.
Many say that government and corporate bonds are a good investment to balance against a portfolio consisting primarily of stocks.
3. A physical connection which binds, a band; often plural.
The prisoner was brought before the tribunal in iron bonds.
4. An emotional link, connection or union.
They had grown up as friends and neighbors, and not even vastly differing political views could break the bond of their friendship.
5. Moral or political duty or obligation.
6. A link or force between neighbouring atoms in a molecule.
Organic chemistry primarily consists of the study of carbon bonds, in their many variations.
7. A binding agreement, a covenant.
You could rely on him. His word was his bond.
Herbert resented his wife for subjecting him to the bonds of matrimony; he claimed they had gotten married while drunk.
8. A bail bond.
The bailiff released the prisoner as soon as the bond was posted.
9. Any constraining or cementing force or material.
A bond of superglue adhered the teacups to the ceiling, much to the consternation of the cafe owners.
10. In building, a specific pattern of bricklaying.
11. In Scotland, a mortgage.
12. A heavy copper wire or rod connecting adjacent rails of an electric railway track when used as a part of the electric circuit.
13. To connect, secure or tie with a bond; to bind.
The gargantuan ape was bonded in iron chains and carted onto the stage.
14. To cause to adhere (one material with another).
The children bonded their snapshots to the scrapbook pages with mucilage.
15. To form a chemical compound with.
Under unusual conditions, even gold can be made to bond with other elements.
16. To guarantee or secure a financial risk.
The contractor was bonded with a local underwriter.
17. To form a friendship or emotional connection.
The men had bonded while serving together in Vietnam.
18. To put in a bonded warehouse.
19. To lay bricks in a specific pattern.
20. To make a reliable electrical connection between two conductors (or any pieces of metal that may potentially become conductors).
A house's distribution panel should always be bonded to the grounding rods via a panel bond.
21. To bail out by means of a bail bond.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: bonding
Present: bond (3.person: bonds)
Past: bonded
Future: will bond
Present conditional: would bond
Present Perfect: have bonded (3.person: has bonded)
Past Perfect: had bonded
Future Perfect: will have bonded
Past conditional: would have bonded
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