English → English - canon

n. Japanese corporation founded in 1937 and headquartered in Tokyo, world-renowned manufacturer of a wide variety of optical and imaging products (such as cameras, lenses, digital video cameras, etc.) and business machines (such as printers, copy machines, computer printers, laser facsimiles, etc.)
n. canyon, channel, gully, deep narrow valley
n. gun, cannon; barrel; model, example (Informal); stunner, one who is strikingly handsome or beautiful

English → Spanish - canon

s. Canon, compañía japonesa con sede en Tokio, fabricante de una amplia variedad de productos ópticos (tales como cámaras fotográficas, impresoras, fotocopiadoras y lentes)
s. cañón, canal, desfiladero, barranca, hondanada, valle profundo y angosto

Spanish → English - canon

n. canon, dogma; doctrine

English → French - canon

n. Canon, société japonaise qui siège à Tokyo connue pour ses produits optiques et d'images (comme les caméras, photocopieurs, appareils photos)
n. canyon, gorge, vallée profonde creusée par un cours d'eau (Géographie)

English → German - canon

[canon] n. Kirchengebot; Kanon; Grundregel; kanonische Bücher; kirchlicher Amtsrichter; Liste kirchlicher Heilige; Bücher der Bibel von der christlichen Kirche anerkannt; Geistlicher, religiöser Geistlicher; (Musik) kontrapunktisches Musikstück
n. Canon, japanisches Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Tokyo, Hersteller einer Varietät an Optik- und Grafikprodukte (wie z.B. Kameras, Kopierer usw.) und Büromaschinen (z.B. Drucker, Kopierer usw.)
n. Canyon, Schlucht, tiefes und enges Tal

English → Indonesian - canon

n. dalih agama, peraturan agama, peraturan gereja, ukuran, norma, tulisan asli, daftar orang suci, pastur, pastor

English → Italian - canon

s. canonico
s. gola, valle stretta e profonda fra le montagne

English → Polish - canon

n. kanon, formuła, kanonik

English → Portuguese - canon

[canon] s. constituição da igreja: cônego; cânone; obrigações religiosas; escrituras sagradas cristãs; padre
s. canhão, garganta; canal; vale profundo e estreito

English → Romanian - canon

n. canonic, preot, canon, regulă

English → Russian - canon

[canon] с. правило, канон, критерий; каноник, католические святцы

English → Turkish - canon

i. ilke, genel kural, kanun, ölçüt, kriter, kanon [müz.], kırk sekiz puntoluk harf, kilise kanunu, kutsal kitaplar, azizler listesi, kilise heyeti üyesi

English → Ukrainian - canon

n. критерій, основний принцип, канон, вухо, кільце дзвона, список творів, канонік, рюш, яким оторочені короткі штани біля колін, правило

French → English - canon

(m) n. gun, cannon; barrel; model, example (Informal); stunner, one who is strikingly handsome or beautiful

Romanian → English - canon

n. torment, torture, canon, dogma, tenet
n. catch

Dutch → English - canon

n. canon

English → Dutch - canon

zn. Canon, Japans bedrijf in 1937 opgericht en met hoofdkwartier in Tokio, wereldberoemde producent van een grote verscheidenheid aan optische en beeldende producten
zn. ravijn, diepe vallei, diep ravijn

English → Greek - canon

ουσ. κανόνας, κανόνες

French → Spanish - canon

1. (fusil) cañón (m)
2. (militaire) cañón (m)
3. (religion) canon (m)

Spanish → French - canon

(religión) canon (m)

Spanish → German - canon

n. kanon, gesetz, verzeichnis

French → German - canon

n. kanone, schaluppe, mündung, lauf, kanon, inbegriff, schaft, zahn: steiler zahn, kanonenrohr, rohr
adj. kanonisch, super

French → Italian - canon

1. (fusil) cannone (m)
2. (militaire) cannone (m)
3. (religion) canone (m)

French → Portuguese - canon

1. (fusil) cano (m)
2. (militaire) canhão (m)
3. (religion) cânon (m); cânone (m)

French → Russian - canon

n. канон (m), устав (m), церковный: церковное право (m), пушка (m), орудие (m), ствол (ружья) (m), стержень пера (m), штанина (m), слепой: слепая шахта (m), труба (m), гильза (те

Dutch → French - canon

(godsdienst) canon (m)

French → Dutch - canon

1. (fusil) loop (m)
2. (militaire) kanon (n)
3. (religion) canon (m)

English → Arabic - canon

‏كاهن مرتل، شريعة، قائمة القديسين، شريعة كنيسية، قانون كنسي، لائحة بالأسفار، آثار المؤلف‏

English → Chinese - canon

[canon] (名) 教士团成员; 大学教堂牧师; 大教堂教士; 律修会修士#教规; 正典, 经典圣经; 准则, 标准; 真作集, 真作目录

English → Chinese - canon

[canon] (名) 教士團成員; 大學教堂牧師; 大教堂教士; 律修會修士#教規; 正典, 經典聖經; 準則, 標準; 真作集, 真作目錄

English → Hindi - canon

n. कसौटी
a. कैनन का

English → Japanese - canon

[canon] (名) 教会の法規; 規準; キリスト教の聖人の名簿; キリスト教教会によって認められた聖典; 聖職者; (音楽)カノン, 旋律を他のパートが模倣しながら奏でる対位法の音楽様式
(名) 峡谷

English → Korean - canon

명. (카메라, 프리터 또는 복사기 등의)다양한 광학이나 영상에 관한 상품들을 제조하는 도쿄에 본사를 둔 일본계 회사

English → Vietnamese - canon

n. luật lệ, phép tắt trong tôn giáo, các kinh điển, thánh thư tôn giáo, tiêu chuẩn, thầy tu
a. nghị định giáo hội

German → Chinese - canon


Spanish → Korean - canon

n. 교조, 규약, 세, 원칙, 조세, 카논, 세금, 정경, 정전

Definition of canon

1. A generally accepted principle; a rule.
The trial must proceed according to the canons of law.
2. A group of literary works that are generally accepted as representing a field.
3. The works of a writer that have been accepted as authentic.
The entire Shakespeare canon
4. A eucharistic prayer, particularly the Roman Canon.
5. A religious law or body of law decreed by the church.
We must proceed according to canon law.
6. A catalogue of saints acknowledged and canonized in the Roman Catholic Church.
7. In monasteries, a book containing the rules of a religious order.
8. A member of a cathedral chapter; one who possesses a prebend in a cathedral or collegiate church.
9. A piece of music in which the same melody is played by different voices, but beginning at different times; a round.
Pachelbel’s Canon has become very popular.
10. Those sources, especially including literary works, which are generally considered authoritative regarding a given fictional universe.
A spin-off book series revealed the aliens to be originally from Earth, but it's not canon.
11. A rolled and filleted loin of meat.
A canon of beef or lamb
12. A large size of type formerly used for printing the church canons, standardized as 48-point.
13. The part of a bell by which it is suspended; the ear or shank of a bell.
14. A carom.
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