English → English - center

n. middle, midpoint, place located in the middle; organization or place which offers a specific kind of service or activity (i.e. medical center, sports center, etc.)
v. place in the center, gather to a center
adj. central; equally distant from two extremes, halfway

English → Spanish - center

s. centro, cogollo, medio, meollo, núcleo, punto medio; instituto, institución; corazón, raíz
v. centrar, concentrar; poner en el centro, concentrarse

English → French - center

n. centre; milieu, coeur, noyau; point situé au milieu; foyer, pivot, siège, point où des forces sont concentrées; centre d'activités, centre de loisirs, organisation qui propose des services ou des activités (centre médical, centre sportif,...)
v. centrer, mettre au centre, ramener, disposer au centre
adj. central, qui est au centre, au milieu, à une distante égale des deux extrêmes

English → German - center

n. Zentrum; Mitte
v. zentrieren, einmitteln
adj. zentral; von zwei Orte gleichweit entfernt; auf halben Wege

English → Indonesian - center

n. pusat, penengah, titik pusat, sentrum, ligas, bagian tengah, tengah, pumpunan, penyerang tengah, senter
v. memusatkan, menyenter, berkisi, menempatkan di tengah-tengah

English → Italian - center

s. centro, punto centrale; area urbana centrale; sede di organizzazione o di servizi o di attività (es. centro medico, centro sportivo)
v. centrare

English → Polish - center

n. środek, centrum, ośrodek, krążyna, skupisko
v. środkować, ześrodkować się, scentrować, skupiać się

English → Portuguese - center

s. centro, meio, núcleo; organização ou lugar que oferece um determinado tipo de serviço (por ex.: centro comercial, centro médico, centro esportivo)
v. centralizar, pôr no centro
adj. central, equidistante de duas extremidades

English → Romanian - center

n. centru, mijloc, punct central, cintru {constr.}, focar, inimă, sediu, cuib
v. aşeza în centru, concentra, centra, centrui {tehn.}

English → Russian - center

с. центр, середина, средняя точка, средоточие; ось, стержень; центральный игрок; угольник, шаблон; кернер
г. концентрировать, сосредотачивать; помещать в центре

English → Turkish - center

f. merkezde toplanmak, merkezde toplamak, yoğunlaşmak, ortalamak, ortaya yerleştirmek, ortaya gelmek; çevresini dönüp dolaşmak; konsantre olmak
i. merkez, orta, göbek, santra, orta alan; ılımlı kimse, ılımlı politik görüş; odak; orta alan oyuncusu; kemer inşaat desteği, kubbe inşaat desteği; punta, sente

English → Ukrainian - center

n. центр, середина, центральний: центральна точка, осереддя, будинок, вісь, стрижень, точка: середня точка тіла, лідер, керівник, центр землі, мішень: внутрішнє кільце мішені, гравець центру, осередок
v. концентрувати, зосереджувати, центр: розташовувати в центрі, центрувати, помічати кернером, спиратися, базуватися

German → English - center

n. middle, midpoint, place located in the middle; organization or place which offers a specific kind of service or activity (i.e. medical center, sports center, etc.)

Dutch → English - center

n. device

English → Dutch - center

zn. centrum; middelpunt
ww. midden, middelpunt

English → Greek - center

ουσ. κέντρο
ρήμ. συγκεντρώνω, συγκεντρώνομαι, κεντράρω

German → Italian - center

n. centro (m)

German → Turkish - center

i. merkez (m), alışveriş merkezi (m)

English → Arabic - center

‏مركز، محور، قلب، وسط‏
‏حدد، ركز، حدد مركز‏

English → Chinese - center

(名) 中心, 中锋, 中心点
(动) 集中; 定中心; 使聚集在一点; 居中; 被置于中心; 有中心

English → Chinese - center

(名) 中心, 中鋒, 中心點
(動) 集中; 定中心; 使聚集在一點; 居中; 被置於中心; 有中心

English → Hindi - center

n. केंद्र, मध्यविंदु
v. केंदित करना, केंद्रीभूत करना, केंद्रीय करना, केंद्रीय होना, केंद्रस्थ करना, केंद्रस्थ होना, एकत्रित करना

English → Japanese - center

(名) 中心, 中央, 中心地, 中心施設, センター(例えばメディカルセンター, スポーツセンターなど)
(動) 集中する; 中心に置く; センターへパスする
(形) 中央の; 中間の

English → Korean - center

명. 한가운데, 중앙;특정한 종류의 활동이나 서비스를 제공하는 단체나 장소(스포츠 센터, 메디컬센터)
동. 중심에 두다, 중앙에 두다, ...에 중심을 두다, ...의 중심을 결정하다, ...의 중심을 표시하다, 터로 차다, 터로 날리다, 화면의 중심에 오도록 조정하다, 중심에 있다, 중심점에 있다

English → Vietnamese - center

n. tâm, tâm điểm, chổ chính giữa, trung khu, trung bộ, trục, đầu nhọn của máy, tập trung, tụ hợp, trung tâm, vai trung phong, vòng bán nguyệt, trung ương, trọng tâm, trung tâm điểm
v. kiến xây cung
a. tụ tập

German → Chinese - center


Definition of center

1. The point in the interior of a circle or sphere that is equidistant from all points on the circumference.
2. The middle portion of something; the part well away from the edges.
3. The point on a line that is midway between the ends.
4. The point in the interior of any figure of any number of dimensions that has as its coordinates the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of all points on the perimeter of the figure (or of all points in the interior for a center of volume).
5. A place where some function or activity occurs.
Shopping center
Convention center
6. A topic that is particularly important in a given context.
The center of the controversy
The center of attention
7. The player, generally the tallest, who plays closest to the basket.
8. The forward that generally plays between the left wing and right wing and usually takes the faceoffs.
9. The person who holds the ball at the beginning of each play.
10. The person who holds the ball at the beginning of each play.
11. A player who can go all over the court, except the shooting circles.
12. A pass played into the centre of the pitch.
13. One of the backs operating in a central area of the pitch, either the inside centre or outside centre.
14. A temporary structure upon which the materials of a vault or arch are supported in position until the work becomes self-supporting.
15. One of the two conical steel pins in a lathe, etc., upon which the work is held, and about which it revolves.
16. A conical recess or indentation in the end of a shaft or other work, to receive the point of a center, on which the work can turn, as in a lathe.
17. The ensemble of moderate or centrist political parties.
18. Of, at, or related to a center.
19. To cause (an object) to occupy the center of an area.
He centered the heading of the document.
20. To cause (some attribute, such as a mood or voltage) to be adjusted to a value which is midway between the extremes.
21. To give (something) a central basis.
22. To concentrate on (something), to pay close attention to (something).
The plot centers on the life of a working-class family.
The discussion centered around the recent issues.
23. To form a recess or indentation for the reception of a center.
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