English → English - company

n. corporation, firm; band, ensemble; basic military unit; people who are visitors in someone's house, guests, visitor (e.g.: "I am having company for dinner tonight"); condition of being with another person or with others; companionship
v. accompany; associate with

English → Spanish - company

s. compañía, consorcio, corporación, empresa, firma, sociedad; compañerismo; visitante, banda

English → French - company

n. compagnie, société; organisation, établissement, firme; corporation, ensemble, complexe; unité de base militaire, troupe

English → German - company

n. Gesellschaft, Firma; Musikband; Truppe

English → Indonesian - company

n. rombongan, kumpulan, teman bicara, perusahaan, maskapai, firma, persekutuan, perseroan, kongsi, teman-teman, tamu-tamu, kompi

English → Italian - company

s. compagnia; (fam) ospiti, visite; assemblea; brigata, accolta di persone, comitiva; (Comm, Econ) società, ditta, impresa; (Mar) equipaggio, ciurma

English → Polish - company

n. towarzystwo, bractwo, brać, grono, banda, spółka, trupa, kompania, państwo, asysta, asystowanie, wziąć

English → Portuguese - company

s. corporação, firma, companhia; unidade militar básica

English → Romanian - company

n. tovărăşie, societate, companie, asociaţie, întreprindere, antrepriză, agenţie, asistenţă, vizite, vizitatori, musafiri, echipaj de vas, trupă, anturaj

English → Russian - company

с. компания, собеседник, товарищество, фирма; гости; труппа, ансамбль артистов; общество; экипаж, рота, команда

English → Turkish - company

i. şirket, ortaklık, birlik; arkadaşlık, eşlik, topluluk, toplantı, misafir; bölük, tayfa

English → Ukrainian - company

n. компанія, товариство, об'єднання, ватага, рота
v. спілкуватися, супроводити

English → Dutch - company

zn. gezelschap; maatschappij; firma, vennootschap

English → Greek - company

ουσ. εταιρεία, όμιλος, συντροφιά, λόχος, παρέα, συναναστροφή

English → Arabic - company

‏شركة، جماعة، سرية، ضيوف، سرية في الجيش، ملاحو السفينة، فرقة مطافئ، شركاء، زائرون، فرقة فنية، مجموعة، رفاق، عشراء، مجالس، السرية‏
‏شركي، شركاتي‏

English → Chinese - company

(名) 公司, 交际, 友伴

English → Chinese - company

(名) 公司, 交際, 友伴

English → Hindi - company

n. संगठन, टोली, संग, संगत, समवाय, कंपनी, संगति, साहचर्य, सेना का गुल्म, साझा, समिति

English → Japanese - company

(名) 会社; 集団; 軍隊; 同席; 同席者; 交際; 仲間; 来客

English → Korean - company

명. 회사; 합주, 앙상블; 군중대

English → Vietnamese - company

n. hội, đoàn thể, bọn, khách, sự hội hợp, chung đụng, chung sống, công ty
v. hùn vốn chung, hội buôn

Definition of company

Legally, a company is a business organization which has been duly registered in line with the provisions of law. A company is an artificial person in legal contexts.
--From Company - Definition.net
1. A team; a group of people who work together professionally.
1. A group of individuals who work together for a common purpose.
A company of actors.
2. Military A unit of approximately sixty to one hundred and twenty soldiers, typically consisting of two or three platoons and forming part of a battalion.
The boys in Company C
3. A unit of firefighters and their equipment.
It took six companies to put out the fire.
4. Nautical The entire crew of a ship.
5. Espionage Nickname for an intelligence service.
As he had worked for the CIA for over 30 years, he would soon take retirement from the company.
2. An entity having legal personality, and thus able to own property and to sue and be sued in its own name; a corporation.
3. Any business, whether incorporated or not, that manufactures or sells products (also known as goods), or provides services as a commercial venture.
4. Social visitors or companions.
Keep the house clean; I have company coming.
5. Companionship.
I treasure your company.
6. To accompany, keep company with.
7. To associate.
8. To be a lively, cheerful companion.
9. To have sexual intercourse.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: companying
Present: company (3.person: companies)
Past: companied
Future: will company
Present conditional: would company
Present Perfect: have companied (3.person: has companied)
Past Perfect: had companied
Future Perfect: will have companied
Past conditional: would have companied
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