English → English - complex

n. compound, various objects that form a whole; interconnected group (of objects, buildings, etc.); obsessive feeling; repressed feelings or concepts that lead to exceptional mental condition or behavior
adj. composite, made up of interconnected parts; complicated
n. complex, compound, various objects that form a whole; interconnected group (of objects, buildings, etc.)

English → Spanish - complex

s. complejo, preocupación exagerada; instalación, base, gran instalación
adj. complicado, abstruso, complejo, intrincado, peliagudo, sofisticado; compuesto

English → French - complex

n. complexe; tout; composition
adj. complexe, compliqué, composé

English → German - complex

n. Komplex; komplitiertes System
adj. komplex. kompliziert

English → Indonesian - complex

n. kompleks, kebencian yg tak berdasar
v. merumitkan, meruwetkan
a. kompleks, rumit, ruwet, majemuk

English → Italian - complex

s. complesso, insieme; (pop) fissazione, mania; (Chim) composto complesso
agg. complesso, complicato

English → Polish - complex

n. kompleks, uraz
a. złożony, zawiły, skomplikowany, kompleksowy

English → Portuguese - complex

s. complexo; sistema complicado ou complexo
adj. intricado, complicado, complexo

English → Romanian - complex

n. complex
a. complex, complicat, compus

English → Russian - complex

с. комплекс; совокупность; заскок, пунктик
прил. сложный, составной, запутанный, комплексный, трудный

English → Turkish - complex

i. kompleks; bileşik şey; karışık şey; blok, site
s. kompleks, bileşik, karmaşık, karışık, komplike

English → Ukrainian - complex

n. комплекс, сукупність
a. складний, складовий, комплексний, важкий, заплутаний, складнопідрядний

Romanian → English - complex

n. complex
a. complex, complicated, decomplex, intricate

Dutch → English - complex

n. complex, compound, various objects that form a whole; interconnected group (of objects, buildings, etc.)

English → Dutch - complex

zn. moeilijk; gekompliceerd; ingewikkeld
bn. ingewikkeld, gekompliceerd

English → Greek - complex

ουσ. συγκρότημα, σύμπλεγμα, κόμπλεξ
επίθ. πολυσύνθετος, σύμπλοκος, σύνθετος, πολύπλοκος

Dutch → French - complex

1. (verklaring) compliqué; complexe
2. (systeem) complexe (m)
3. (psychologie) complexe (m)

English → Arabic - complex

‏مركب، عقدة، المجمع، مجموعة‏
‏مركب، معقد، كل مركب من أجزاء‏

English → Chinese - complex

(名) 复合物, 综合体; 综合设施; 集团; 情结
(形) 复杂的, 合成的

English → Chinese - complex

(名) 複合物, 綜合體; 綜合設施; 集團; 情結
(形) 複雜的, 合成的

English → Hindi - complex

n. मनोग्रंथि, भवन-समूह
a. जटिल, मिश्रित

English → Japanese - complex

(名) 複合体; 連結したもの(もの, 建物など)
(形) 複合の; 複素数の; 複文の; 入り組んだ, 複雑な

English → Korean - complex

명. 합성물, 전체를 이루는 다양한 물건들; 복합체, 서로 연결된 물건 또는 건물 등의 무리
형. 복합적인; 복잡한

English → Vietnamese - complex

a. phiền phức, phức tạp, khó hiểu, mặc cảm

Definition of complex

1. Made up of multiple parts; composite; not simple.
A complex being; a complex idea
2. Not simple, easy, or straightforward; complicated.
3. Of a number, of the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers and i is a square root of −1.
Complex function
4. A curve, polygon or other figure that crosses or intersects itself.
5. A problem.
6. A collection of buildings with a common purpose, such as a university or military base.
7. Assemblage of related things; collection.
8. A psychological dislike or fear of a particular thing.
Jim has a real complex about working for a woman boss.
9. An organized cluster of thunderstorms.
10. A structure consisting of a central atom or molecule weakly connected to surrounding atoms or molecules.
11. To form a complex with another substance
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Verb Forms

Present participle: complexing
Present: complex (3.person: complexes)
Past: complexed
Future: will complex
Present conditional: would complex
Present Perfect: have complexed (3.person: has complexed)
Past Perfect: had complexed
Future Perfect: will have complexed
Past conditional: would have complexed
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