English → English - connect

v. join, link; be joined, be linked

English → Spanish - connect

v. conectar, acoplar, empalmar, encadenar, enchufar, entroncar, eslabonar, juntar, unir; asociar, relacionar; estar conectado, hacer conexión; embragar

English → French - connect

v. brancher, joindre; se brancher

English → German - connect

v. verbinden, binden

English → Indonesian - connect

v. menyambung, menyambungkan, mempertalikan, menauntukan, mempertauntukan, menggandengkan, mempergandengkan, menghubungkan, memperhubungkan, mempersangkuntukan, mengaitkan, memasang, bersambung

English → Italian - connect

v. connettere, collegare, unire, allacciare; associare; avere relazioni con, essere in contatto con; imparentare; (Tel) mettere in comunicazione

English → Polish - connect

v. łączyć, spajać, złączyć, załączać, zespalać, stykać, kojarzyć, połączyć, sprząc, podłączać, związać, nawiązać, spoić, złączać, załączyć, zespolić, sprzęgać, sprzęgnąć, podłączyć, związywać, nawiązywać

English → Portuguese - connect

v. conectar, ligar; associar-se

English → Romanian - connect

v. lega, uni, conexa, face legătură, asocia, îmbina, înmănunchea, racorda, lega: se lega, uni: se uni, ambreia {tehn.}

English → Russian - connect

г. соединять, связывать, связать, сочетать, ; соединяться, связываться; ассоциировать; ставить в причинную связь, сочетаться, быть согласованным

English → Turkish - connect

f. bağlamak, bitiştirmek, birleştirmek, iletişim sağlamak; devreye sokmak, bağlanmak; ilgili olmak

English → Ukrainian - connect

v. з'єднувати, сполучати, з'єднуватися, сполучатися, зв'язок: установлювати родинні зв'язки, асоціювати, зв'язок: установлювати зв'язок, зв'язувати, злучати, пов'язувати, поєднувати, приєднувати

English → Dutch - connect

ww. verbinden; aansluiten

English → Greek - connect

ρήμ. συνδέω, συνδέομαι

English → Arabic - connect

‏ربط، وصل، إرتبط، إتصل، ضرب، عشق‏

English → Chinese - connect

(动) 连接, 连结; 给...接通电话; 联想; 联系; 连接, 连结; 衔接, 联运

English → Chinese - connect

(動) 連接, 連結; 給...接通電話; 聯想; 聯繫; 連接, 連結; 銜接, 聯運

English → Hindi - connect

v. जोड़ना, संबद्ध करना, मिलना, संबंध रखना, संयोजित करना

English → Japanese - connect

(動) 繋ぐ; 繋がる; 接続する; 結びつける; 結ぶ; 連想する

English → Korean - connect

동. 잇다, 연결하다; 연결되다

English → Vietnamese - connect

n. liên lạc
v. liên kết, chấp nối, nối liền, liên hiệp, phối hợp

Definition of connect

1. To join (to another object): to attach, or to be intended to attach or capable of attaching, to another object.
I think this piece connects to that piece over there.
2. To join: to attach, or to be intended to attach or capable of attaching, to each other.
Both roads have the same name, but they don't connect: they're on opposite sides of the river, and there's no bridge there.
3. To join (two other objects), or to join (one object) to (another object): to be a link between two objects, thereby attaching them to each other.
The new railroad will connect the northern part of the state to the southern part.
4. To join (two other objects), or to join (one object) to (another object): to take one object and attach it to another.
I connected the printer to the computer, but I couldn't get it work.
5. To join an electrical or telephone line to a circuit or network.
When the technician connects my house, I'll be able to access the internet.
6. To associate.
I didn't connect my lost jewelry with the news of an area cat burglar until the police contacted me.
7. To make a travel connection; to switch from one means of transport to another as part of the same trip.
I'm flying to London where I connect with a flight heading to Hungary.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: connecting
Present: connect (3.person: connects)
Past: connected
Future: will connect
Present conditional: would connect
Present Perfect: have connected (3.person: has connected)
Past Perfect: had connected
Future Perfect: will have connected
Past conditional: would have connected
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