English → English - cook

n. one who prepares food, chef
v. prepare food by heating; be prepared by heating (of food); falsify account records
n. family name; Captain James Cook (1728-1779), English navigator and explorer

English → Spanish - cook

s. cocinero, guisador
v. cocinar, cocer, freír, guisar, guisotear, hervir
s. cocinero, guisador

English → French - cook

n. cuisinier; chef
v. cuire, cuisiner; préparer; falsifier les comptes
n. Cook, nom de famille; Capitaine James Cook (1728-79), navigateur et explorateur anglais

English → German - cook

n. Koch
v. kochen
n. Cook. Nachname; Kapitän James Cook (1728-1779), englischer Seefahrer und Forschungsreisender

English → Indonesian - cook

n. tukang masak, pemasak, koki
v. memasak, mematangkan, mempersediakan, tukang: menjadi tukang masak

English → Italian - cook

s. cuoco
v. cucinare, cuocere; (fam) falsificare, alterare, manipolare
s. cuoco

English → Polish - cook

n. kucharz, kok
v. gotować, ugotować, przyrządzać, piec, fałszować, gotować się

English → Portuguese - cook

s. cozinheiro
v. cozinhar
s. Cook, sobrenome; Capitão James Cook (1728-1779), navegador e explorador inglês

English → Romanian - cook

n. bucătar, bucătăreasă
v. găti, face praf {fam.}, fierbe, coace, prăji, pregăti, arde, face, pune la cale, născoci, falsifica, pregăti: se pregăti, coace: se coace

English → Russian - cook

с. повар, кухарка, кок, кашевар, кулинар, повариха, стряпуха
г. готовить пищу, готовить, варить, жарить, вариться, жариться; жариться на солнце; подделывать; фабриковать, придумать

English → Turkish - cook

f. yemek yapmak, pişirmek, pişmek; uydurmak; oynama yapmak; mahvetmek
i. aşçı

English → Ukrainian - cook

n. кухар, кухарка, кок
v. куховарити, готувати, смажитися, варити, готуватися, зварити

German → English - cook

n. cook

Italian → English - cook

n. Cook, Captain Cook, Captain James Cook, English navigator and explorer (1728-79)

English → Dutch - cook

zn. kok
ww. koken; bereiden, klaarmaken
zn. Cook (achternaam)

English → Greek - cook

ουσ. μάγειρας, μαγείρισσα, μάγειρος
ρήμ. μαγειρεύω, ψήνω, τηγανίζω, πλαστογραφώ

English → Arabic - cook

‏طبيخ، الطاهي، طاه‏
‏وقع في ورطة، طها، طبخ، تلاعب‏

English → Chinese - cook

(名) 厨师
(动) 烹调, 加热, 煮饭; 做菜; 发生; 被烧煮

English → Chinese - cook

(名) 廚師
(動) 烹調, 加熱, 煮飯; 做菜; 發生; 被燒煮

English → Hindi - cook

n. रसोइया
v. पकाना, भोजनादि पकाना, रांधना

English → Japanese - cook

(動) 料理する, 調理する; 作り上げる; 手加減する; でっちあげる
(名) コック, 料理人, 調理師; 煮沸; 余詰め
(名) クック, 姓; キャプテン ジェームス クック(1728-1779), 英国の航海士で探検家; クック山

English → Korean - cook

명. 요리사
동. 요리하다; 조리하다; 못쓰게 만들다
명. 쿡, 제임스 쿡 선장(1728-79), 영국의 항해자 및 탐험가; 성

English → Vietnamese - cook

n. người nấu ăn, đầu bếp, thợ nấu
v. nấu, làm cơm, làm bếp, nấu ăn, đồ ăn chín

German → Chinese - cook


Definition of cook

1. A person who prepares food for a living.
2. The head cook of a manor house
3. One who manufactures certain illegal drugs, especially meth.
Police found two meth cooks working in the illicit lab.
4. A fish, the European striped wrasse.
5. To prepare (food) for eating by heating it, often by combining it with other ingredients.
I'm cooking bangers and mash.
6. To prepare (unspecified) food for eating by heating it, often by combining it with other ingredients.
He's in the kitchen, cooking.
7. To be being cooked.
The dinner is cooking on the stove.
8. To be uncomfortably hot.
Look at that poor dog shut up in that car on a day like today - it must be cooking in there.
9. To hold onto (a grenade) briefly after igniting the fuse, so that it explodes almost immediately after being thrown.
I always cook my frags, in case they try to grab one and throw it back.
10. To concoct or prepare.
11. To tamper with or alter; to cook up.
12. To play or improvise in an inspired and rhythmically exciting way. (From 1930s jive talk.)
Watch this band: they cook!
Crank up the Coltrane and start cooking!
On the Wagner piece, the orchestra was cooking!
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Verb Forms

Present participle: cooking
Present: cook (3.person: cooks)
Past: cooked
Future: will cook
Present conditional: would cook
Present Perfect: have cooked (3.person: has cooked)
Past Perfect: had cooked
Future Perfect: will have cooked
Past conditional: would have cooked
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