English → English - core

n. central part of a fruit (containing the seeds); center, heart; cross-sectional sample (of soil, ice, etc.)
v. remove the core of a fruit, take out the center section of a fruit
v. blush, redden, flush; color, paint, bleach

English → Spanish - core

s. centro, alma, cogollo, corazón, médula, meollo, núcleo
v. extraer el corazón de una fruta

English → French - core

n. trognon du fruit; centre, coeur
v. enlever le trognon

English → German - core

n. Kern; Zentrum, Herz (stück)
v. entkernen

English → Indonesian - core

n. bagian tengah, sari, biji, mata, inti, intisari, pokok, pati
v. mengeluarkan bagian yg keras, membuang bagian tengah yg keras

English → Italian - core

s. torsolo; (fig) centro, nucleo, cuore; (fig) nocciolo, essenza; anima; (Minier, Geol) carota; (Atom) nocciolo del reattore
v. togliere il torsolo a; (Minier, Geol) carotare; (Met) svuotare

English → Polish - core

n. owocnia, ogryzek, jądro, rdzeń, sedno sprawy, czopek, dusza, puchlina
v. rdzeniować

English → Portuguese - core

s. o centro, o coração de algo; polpa da fruta
v. tirar o centro

English → Romanian - core

n. miez, inimă, nucleu, esenţă, umflătură, protuberanţă, sâmbure
v. scoate miezul

English → Russian - core

с. сердцевина, ядро, центр, сердце, внутренность; суть, сущность; сердечник, жила кабеля, ядро сечения
г. вырезать сердцевину

English → Turkish - core

f. içini çıkarmak, göbeğini almak
i. iç, öz; çekirdek; göbek, meyve göbeği; dolgu

English → Ukrainian - core

n. серцевина, середина, осердя, ядро, суть, сутність, сердечник, стержень, стрижень
v. середина: вирізати середину

English → Dutch - core

zn. klokhuis (van de appel of ander fruit); centrum; hart
ww. uitboren, het binnenste van het fruit weghalen

English → Greek - core

ουσ. πυρήν, πυρήνας, καρδιά, κέντρο, κουκούτσι
ρήμ. ξεκουκιάζω

English → Arabic - core

‏قلب الثمرة، لب، صميم، جوهر، قلب‏
‏نزع البذور‏

English → Chinese - core

(名) 核心, 争论的核心, 果心
(动) 挖...的核

English → Chinese - core

(名) 核心, 爭論的核心, 果心
(動) 挖...的核

English → Hindi - core

n. गूदा, मर्म, सत्व

English → Japanese - core

(名) 芯, 果物の中心部(種がある); 中心; 心(土や氷など)
(動) 芯を取る

English → Korean - core

명. 과심, 과일의 중앙 부분 ( 씨가 있는 부분); 중앙, 심장, 중심; 지구의 중심부, 핵
동. 과일의 속을 빼내다, 과일의 응어리를 빼내다

English → Vietnamese - core

n. ruột, ruột cây, phần ở giữa, phần nồng cốt, trụ giữa khuôn đúc, thịt thúi ở giữa mụt nhọt, tận đáy lòng, thành phần chính, trung tâm
v. lấy ở giữa

Definition of core

1. The central part of fruit, containing the kernels or seeds.
The core of an apple or quince
2. The heart or inner part of a thing, as of a column, wall, rope, of a boil, etc.
3. The center or inner part, as of an open space.
The core of a square
4. The most important part of a thing; the essence.
The core of a subject
5. The portion of a mold that creates an internal cavity within a casting or that makes a hole in or through a casting.
6. The bony process which forms the central axis of the horns in many animals.
7. Magnetic data storage.
8. An individual computer processor, in the sense when several processors (called cores) are plugged together in one single integrated circuit to work as one (called multi-core processor).
I wanted to play a particular computer game, which required I buy a new computer, so while the game said it needed at least a dual-core processor, I wanted my computer to be a bit ahead of the curve, so I bought a quad-core.
9. The material between surface materials in a structured composite sandwich material.
A floor panel with a Nomex honeycomb core
10. The inner part of a nuclear reactor in which the nuclear reaction takes place.
11. A piece of soft iron, inside the windings of an electromagnet, that channels the magnetic field.
12. A disorder of sheep caused by worms in the liver.
13. A cylindrical sample of rock or other materials obtained by core drilling.
14. A tiny sample of organic material obtained by means of a fine-needle biopsy.
15. The central part of a protein structure consisting in mostly hydrophobic aminoacids.
16. To remove the core of an apple or other fruit.
17. To extract a sample with a drill.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: coring
Present: core (3.person: cores)
Past: cored
Future: will core
Present conditional: would core
Present Perfect: have cored (3.person: has cored)
Past Perfect: had cored
Future Perfect: will have cored
Past conditional: would have cored
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