English → English - count

n. counting, numbering; amount; European nobleman
v. enumerate; take into account

English → Spanish - count

s. cuenta, conteo, recuento; conde; escrutinio
v. contar, enumerar, tener importancia, significar

English → French - count

n. compte; chef d'accusation; comte
v. compter; additionner; considérer

English → German - count

n. Zählung; Anklage; Graf
v. zählen

English → Indonesian - count

n. hitungan, perhitungan, jumlah, perhatian, tuduhan, pangeran
v. menghitung, berhitung, membilang, memperhitungkan, menganggap, mengharapkan, memperharapkan, mempercayai, berarti, berharga, berlaku

English → Italian - count

s. conteggio, conto, calcolo; (Dir) capo d'accusa; (Tess) titolo; conta
v. contare; calcolare, conteggiare; annoverare; considerare, reputare, ritenere

English → Polish - count

n. hrabia, graf, obrachowanie, obrachunek, rachuba, rachunek, liczenie, obliczenie, poczet, wyliczenie, numer, przestępstwo
v. rachować, obrachować, porachować, obliczać, policzyć, przeliczyć, wyliczać, zliczać, naliczyć, liczyć, odliczać, polegać, oglądać się, znaczyć, liczyć się, obliczyć, przeliczać, wyliczyć, zliczyć

English → Portuguese - count

s. contagem; consideração, estimação; alegação, acusação; questão; conde
v. contar; levar em conta; calcular

English → Romanian - count

n. conte, socoteală, consideraţie, total, sumă, cap de acuzare
v. număra, socoti, calcula, pune la socoteală, totaliza, valora, considera, conta, lua în seamă ceva, avea importanţă

English → Russian - count

с. счет, подсчет, сосчитанное число, итог; номер пряжи; пункт обвинительного акта; одиночный импульс; граф
г. считать, сосчитать, подсчитывать; просчитывать, пересчитывать, числить; принимать во внимание, идти в расчет; полагать, счесть; иметь значение

English → Turkish - count

f. saymak; hesaba katmak, varsaymak; addetmek, sayı saymak, sayılmak; önemi olmak
i. sayma, sayı; hesap, hesaba katma, önemseme; dava maddesi, iddialar; kont

English → Ukrainian - count

n. рахунок, підрахунок, увага
v. рахувати, перелічувати, увага: брати до уваги, враховувати, вважати, налічувати, перераховувати

English → Dutch - count

zn. telling; beschuldigingsclausule; graaf
ww. rekenen; meetellen

English → Greek - count

ουσ. κεφάλαιο κατηγορίας, λογαριασμός, μέτρημα, κόμης, αρίθμηση
ρήμ. αριθμώ, λογαριάζω, μετρώ, υπολογίζω, θεωρώ

English → Arabic - count

‏عد، فقرة إتهامية، الكونت النبيل، مبلغ اجمالي، إحصاء‏
‏عد حضر، أحصى، عد عدد، أثر، صرف، إعتبر، قدر، إتكل، دخل في الحساب، ساوى، أخذ بعين الإعتبار، أعلن‏

English → Chinese - count

(名) 计数; 总计, 总数; 计算; 罪状#伯爵
(动) 计算, 数; 认为; 将...计算在内; 看作; 数, 计数; 总计; 有重要意义, 有价值

English → Chinese - count

(名) 計數; 總計, 總數; 計算; 罪狀#伯爵
(動) 計算, 數; 認為; 將...計算在內; 看作; 數, 計數; 總計; 有重要意義, 有價值

English → Hindi - count

n. गणना, संख्या
v. गिनना, गिनती गिनना, गणना करना, गिनती करना, अंकों का हिसाब रखना, मानना, महत्त्वपूर्ण होना, सिम्मलित करना

English → Japanese - count

(名) 計算; 総数; 訴因事項; 伯爵
(動) 数える; 数に入れる; 含める

English → Korean - count

명. 계산, 셈; 총계; 유럽의 백작
동. 세다, 셈에 넣다; 고려하다

English → Vietnamese - count

n. sự tính toán, kiểm điểm, kiểm tra, tổng số, sự đếm
v. đếm, tính toán

Definition of count

1. To recite numbers in sequence.
Can you count to a hundred? The psychiatrist asked her to count down from a hundred by sevens.
2. To determine the number (of objects in a group).
There are three apples; count them.
3. To be of significance; to matter.
Your views don't count here.   It doesn't count if you cheat with someone when you're drunk.
4. To be an example of something.
Apples count as a type of fruit.
5. To consider something an example of something.
He counts himself a hero after saving the cat from the river.   I count you as more than a friend.
6. To take account or note (of).
7. To plead orally; to argue a matter in court; to recite a count.
8. The act of counting or tallying a quantity.
Give the chairs a quick count to check if we have enough.
9. The result of a tally that reveals the number of items in a set; a quantity counted.
10. A countdown.
11. A charge of misconduct brought in a legal proceeding.
12. The number of balls and strikes, respectively, on a batter's in-progress plate appearance.
He has a 3-2 count with the bases loaded.
13. An object of interest or account; value; estimation.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: counting
Present: count (3.person: counts)
Past: counted
Future: will count
Present conditional: would count
Present Perfect: have counted (3.person: has counted)
Past Perfect: had counted
Future Perfect: will have counted
Past conditional: would have counted
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