English → English - craft

n. skillfulness (in doing or creating); creative project; boat, plane; slyness, guile; skill, trade,occupation
v. shape with skill

English → Spanish - craft

s. arte, habilidad; trabajo de artesanía, trabajo manual
v. hacer trabajo de artesanía

English → French - craft

n. adresse, habileté; navire; avion; ruse
v. fabriquer (artisanalement)

English → German - craft

n. Handwerk; Boot, Flugzeug; Verschlagenheit
v. Handarbeiten machen

English → Indonesian - craft

n. kerajinan, kerajinan tangan, pekerjaan, ketrampilan, keahlian, keprigelan, kelicikan, tipu daya, tipu muslihat, pertukangan, kaum teman sekerja, sampan, perahu, kapal

English → Italian - craft

s. mestiere; arte, abilità, destrezza, maestria; astuzia, furberia, scaltrezza; inganno; corporazione, categoria; (Mar) imbarcazione, natante; (collett) navi; (Aer) aeroplano; (collett) aeroplani
v. creare un opera artistica

English → Polish - craft

n. kunszt, przebiegłość, cwaniactwo, chytrość, zawód, rękodzieło, rękodzielnictwo, rzemiosło, branża, cech, statek, łódź, płatowiec
a. rzemieślniczy

English → Portuguese - craft

s. arte; embarcação; estratagema, trapaça
v. fazer um trabalho manual (por exemplo: escultura, bijuteria, etc.)

English → Romanian - craft

n. meserie, meşteşug, îndemânare, măiestrie, abilitate, breaslă, ambarcaţiune, şiretenie, şmecherie, viclenie

English → Russian - craft

с. ремесло, умение; ловкость, сноровка; мастерство, искусство; хитрость, обман; масонское братство; судно, самолет

English → Turkish - craft

i. beceri, hüner, sanat, zanaat; gemi; hile; uçak

English → Ukrainian - craft

n. ремесло, умілість, вправність, майстерність, хитрість, лукавство, спілка, цех, промисел
a. ремеслений, ремісничний

English → Dutch - craft

zn. bekwaamheid (om iets te maken of creëren); creatief project; boot, vliegtuig; sluwheid, slinksheid; beroep, vak, bezigheid
ww. met de hand vervaardigen of maken

English → Greek - craft

ουσ. δεξιότης, δεξιότητα, πανουργία, πονηριά, χειροτεχνία, τέχνη, πλοίο, πλεούμενο, σκάφος

English → Arabic - craft

‏براعة، مركب صغير، مكر، دهاء، صنعة، حرفة، أصحاب الحرفة الواحدة، أعضاء نقابة، طائرة‏

English → Chinese - craft

(名) 技艺, 诡计, 手艺
(动) 精巧地制作

English → Chinese - craft

(名) 技藝, 詭計, 手藝
(動) 精巧地製作

English → Hindi - craft

n. हस्तकौशल, कारीगरी, चालाकी

English → Japanese - craft

(名) 巧みさ(何かをしたり作ったりするのが); 作る計画; ボート; ずるいこと
(動) 念入りに作る

English → Korean - craft

명. 솜씨, 기술 ( 어떤 것을 하거나 만드는); 창의적인 계획; 배, 비행기; 교활, 술책, 꾀

English → Vietnamese - craft

n. sự khéo léo, mưu kế, nghề làm bằng tay, dụng cụ đánh cá voi, kỳ xảo, gian xảo, xảo quyệt
a. hội tương trợ

Definition of craft

1. Strength; power; might.
2. Ability; dexterity; skill, especially skill in making plans and carrying them into execution; dexterity in managing affairs; adroitness; practical cunning.
3. Cunning, art, skill, or dexterity applied to bad purposes; artifice; guile; subtlety; shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception.
4. A device; a means; an art; art in general.
5. The skilled practice of a practical occupation.
6. The members of a trade collectively; guild.
She represented the craft of brewers.
7. Implements used in catching fish, such as net, line, or hook. Modern use primarily in whaling, as in harpoons, hand-lances, etc.
The whaling craft consists of harpoons, lances, lines, and sealskin buoys, all of their own workmanship.
8. Boats, especially of smaller size than ships. Historically primarily applied to vessels engaged in loading or unloading of other vessels, as lighters, hoys, and barges.
1. Figurative A woman.
9. Those vessels attendant on a fleet, such as cutters, schooners, and gun-boats, generally commanded by lieutenants.
10. A vehicle designed for navigation in or on water or air or through outer space.
11. A particular kind of skilled work.
He learned his craft as an apprentice.
12. To make by hand and with much skill.
13. To construct, develop something (like a skilled craftsman): "state crafting", "crafting global policing".
14. To combine multiple items to form a new item
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Verb Forms

Present participle: crafting
Present: craft (3.person: crafts)
Past: crafted
Future: will craft
Present conditional: would craft
Present Perfect: have crafted (3.person: has crafted)
Past Perfect: had crafted
Future Perfect: will have crafted
Past conditional: would have crafted
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