English → English - create

v. produce, make
v. create, make, produce, form, set up
adj. created

English → Spanish - create

v. crear, componer, fabricar, formar, hacer, innovar, moldear; traer a la existencia, forjar

English → French - create

v. créer

English → German - create

v. erstellen, herstellen; kreieren

English → Indonesian - create

v. mencipta, menciptakan, menjadikan, menjelmakan, mewujudkan, menimbulkan, membuat, memperbuat

English → Italian - create

v. creare, fare, produrre; nominare, eleggere; suscitare, causare, far sorgere

English → Polish - create

v. tworzyć, stwarzać, utworzyć, kreować, formować, ustanawiać, narobić, stworzyć, ustanowić

English → Portuguese - create

v. criar; gerar; produzir

English → Romanian - create

v. crea, face, alcătui, înfiinţa, întemeia, numi intr-un post, acorda titlul, lăsa, stârni, produce, provoca, ridica, zidi

English → Russian - create

г. создавать, творить, созидать; возводить; вызывать; производить, возводить в звание; волноваться, суетиться

English → Turkish - create

f. yaratmak, oluşturmak, yapmak, neden olmak; meydana getirmek; yetki vermek, atamak

English → Ukrainian - create

v. творити, створювати, викликати, звання: надавати звання, звання: зводити в звання, хвилюватися, збудувати

English → Dutch - create

ww. creëren, scheppen

English → Greek - create

ρήμ. δημιουργώ, πλάττω

English → Arabic - create

‏خلق، أنتج، تألف، بتدع، أحدث، عين، سبق إلى تمثيل، كان أول من يمثل كذا، أبدع، لفق‏

English → Chinese - create

(动) 创造; 设计; 创作; 创建

English → Chinese - create

(動) 創造; 設計; 創作; 創建

English → Hindi - create

v. सृजना, सर्जन करना, सृष्टि करना

English → Japanese - create

(動) 創造する; 生み出す; 演じる

English → Korean - create

동. 창조하다, 창작하다, 만들다

English → Vietnamese - create

v. sáng tạo, phong chức, đóng tuồng, gây nên, tạo thành, làm rối loạn

Definition of create

1. To put into existence.
According to the Bible, God created the universe in six days.
You can create the color orange by mixing yellow and red.
2. To design, invest with a new form, shape, etc.
Couturiers create exclusive garments for an affluent clientele.
3. To be creative, imaginative.
Children usually enjoy creating, never mind if it is of any use!
4. To cause, bring a (non-object) about by action.
A sudden chemical spill on the highway created a chain‐collision which created a record traffic jam.
5. To confer a title of nobility, not by descent, but by giving a title either initiated or restored for the incumbent.
Henry VIII created him a Duke.
6. To confer a cardinalate, which can not be inherited, but most often bears a pre‐existent title (notably a church in Rome).
Under the concordate with Belgium, at least one Belgian clergyman must be created cardinal; by tradition, every archbishop of Mechelen is thus created a cardinal.
7. To make a fuss, complain; to shout.
8. Created, resulting from creation.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: creating
Present: create (3.person: creates)
Past: created
Future: will create
Present conditional: would create
Present Perfect: have created (3.person: has created)
Past Perfect: had created
Future Perfect: will have created
Past conditional: would have created
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