English → English - crown

n. headdress worn by royalty; decorative headdress; wreath worn on the head; top part of the head; summit, highest point; epitome; part of the tooth above the gum; artificial cap for the tooth (Dentistry); former British coin
v. appoint as king, appoint as queen; honor

English → Spanish - crown

s. corona, copa; decoración para la cabeza; corona de flores usada sobre la cabeza; ápice, punto más alto; epítome; parte de lo diente situada encima de la encía; cápsula artificial para los dientes (Odontología); antigua moneda británica
v. coronar; culminar, llegar al clímax

English → French - crown

couronne, comble, sommet, haut, apogée, bout, diadème, dame, cime, état, couronnement, bombé, collet, ramure, poinçon, ligne de crête de chaussée, clé, houppier, bombage, passer le sommet, arriver au sommet

English → German - crown

n. Krone; Haupt, Gipfel; oberer Teil des Kopfes; Spitze, höchster Punkt; Epitom; Teil des Zahnes; künstliche Zahnbedeckung (Zahnmedizin); ehemalige britische Münze
v. krönen

English → Indonesian - crown

n. mahkota, tajuk, lambang kekuasaan raja, kejuaraan, puncak, bagian atas pohon, ubun-ubun, bagian atas topi, akhir, kepala gigi
v. menobatkan, mentakhtakan, memahkotai, mengarunia, memukul pd kepala

English → Italian - crown

s. corona; ghirlanda, (poet) serto; (fig) coronamento, compimento; cocuzzolo; testa, (pop) zucca; cima, vetta, sommità; corolla; (Ornit) cresta; capsula; (Strad) colmo
v. incoronare; (Dent) mettere una corona a; (Strad) colmare

English → Polish - crown

n. korona, dynastia, wieniec, ciemię, denko kapelusza, zwornik, wypukłość
v. koronować, ukoronować, wieńczyć, uwieńczyć, zwieńczać, uwieńczać, zwieńczyć
a. koronny

English → Portuguese - crown

s. coroa; cabeça, nuca; grinalda; cume; epítome; parte do dente sob a gengiva; coroa (Odontologia); antiga moeda britânica
v. coroar

English → Romanian - crown

n. coroană, cunună, autoritate regală, sceptru, cinste, creştet, calotă, fund, regalitate, reputaţie, vârful pălăriei
v. încorona, încununa, pune o cunună

English → Russian - crown

с. корона, венец, государство, королевская власть, престол, король, королева; крона, верхушка дерева; макушка, темя, голова; гребень, венок; коронка; формат бумаги
г. венчать, короновать; вознаграждать, увенчать; завершать, заканчивать; возглавлять, провести в дамки; поставить коронку

English → Turkish - crown

f. taç giydirmek; ödüllendirmek; kaplamak, süslemek; kafasına vurmak; dama yapmak; doruğa ulaştırmak
i. taç, çelenk; hükümdarlık, taht, tepe; zirve, beş şilin

English → Ukrainian - crown

n. корона, вінець, монарх, крона, гребінь
v. коронувати, винагороджувати, увінчувати, винагородити, вінчати, тіснити

English → Dutch - crown

zn. koninklijke kroon; decoratief hoofddeksel; hoofdkrans; bovenste gedeelte van hoofd; top, hoogtepunt; personificatie; gedeelte van de tand boven het tandvlees; kunstmatige kroon op tand of kies; vroeger Engels muntstuk
ww. kronen

English → Greek - crown

ουσ. διάδημα, κορυφή, κορώνα νόμισμα, στεφάνι, στέμμα
ρήμ. στεφανώνω, στέφω, αποκορυφώνω

English → Arabic - crown

‏تاج، قمة، الجمجمة، إكليل، هامة، ذروة‏
‏توج، كلل، نجز على نحو ناجح، ضرب على الرأس‏

English → Chinese - crown

(名) 王冠, 顶点, 王权
(动) 加冕; 表彰; 顶上有

English → Chinese - crown

(名) 王冠, 頂點, 王權
(動) 加冕; 表彰; 頂上有

English → Hindi - crown

n. ताज, सिरताज, मुकुट, राज-मुकुट, शीर्ष, पूर्णता
v. मुकुट पहनाना, गौरवान्वित करना

English → Japanese - crown

(動) 王冠を授ける; 王位につかせる; 栄誉を与える; 報いる
(名) 王冠; 冠; 花輪; 頭頂; 頂上, てっぺん; 縮図; 歯冠; 義歯(歯学); クラウン硬貨, 旧英国硬貨

English → Korean - crown

명. 왕관; 화관, 장식적인 화관; 영관, 승리자에게 씌우는 관; 머리 꼭대기; 정상, 꼭대기; 개요; 치관, 잇몸에 있는 이빨의 일부; 이빨의 인공적인 마개; 옛 영국 동전
동. 관을 씌우다, 왕관을 씌우다; 영예를 주다

English → Vietnamese - crown

v. đội mũ, đội vương miệng, phong chức, tôn lên, bao quanh, tán thưởng, ban thưởng, ca ngợi, khum lên

German → Chinese - crown


Definition of crown

1. A royal, imperial or princely headdress; a diadem.
2. A representation of such a headdress, as in heraldry; it may even be that only the image exists, no physical crown, as in the case of the kingdom of Belgium; by analogy such crowns can be awarded to moral persons that don't even have a head, as the mural crown for cities in heraldry
3. A wreath or band for the head, especially one given as reward of victory or a mark of honor.
4. Any reward of victory or a mark of honor.
5. Imperial or regal power, or those who wield it.
6. The sovereign (in a monarchy), as head of state.
7. The state, the government (headed by a monarch).
Treasure recovered from shipwrecks automatically becomes property of the Crown.
8. The topmost part of the head.
9. The highest part of a hill.
10. The top section of a hat, above the brim.
11. The raised centre of a road.
12. The highest part of an arch.
13. Splendor; culmination; acme.
14. Any currency (originally) issued by the crown (regal power) and often bearing a crown (headdress); translation various currencies known by similar names in their native languages, such as the koruna, kruna, krone
15. A former pre-decimalization British coin worth five shillings.
16. The part of a plant where the root and stem meet.
17. The top of a tree.
18. The part of a tooth above the gums.
19. A prosthetic covering for a tooth.
20. A knot formed in the end of a rope by tucking in the strands to prevent them from unravelling
21. The part of an anchor where the arms and the shank meet
22. The rounding, or rounded part, of the deck from a level line.
23. The bights formed by the turns of a cable.
24. A standard size of printing paper measuring 20 inches x 15 inches.
25. A monocyclic ligand having three or more binding sites, capable of holding a guest in a central location
26. During childbirth, the appearance of the baby's head from the mother's vagina
27. A rounding or smoothing of the barrel opening
28. The upper range of facets in a rose diamond.
29. The dome of a furnace.
30. The area enclosed between two concentric perimeters.
31. A round spot shaved clean on the top of the head, as a mark of the clerical state; the tonsure.
32. A whole turkey with the legs and wings removed to produce a joint of white meat.
33. A formal hat worn by women to Sunday church services; elliptical for church crown.
34. Of, related to, or pertaining to a crown.
Crown prince
35. Of, related to, pertaining to the top of a tree or trees.
A crown fire
36. To place a crown on the head of.
37. To formally declare (someone) a king, queen, emperor, etc.
38. To bestow something upon as a mark of honour, dignity, or recompense; to adorn; to dignify.
39. To form the topmost or finishing part of; to complete; to consummate; to perfect.
40. To declare (someone) a winner.
41. Of a baby, during the birthing process; for the surface of the baby's head to appear in the vaginal opening.
The mother was in the second stage of labor and the fetus had just crowned, prompting a round of encouragement from the midwives.
42. To cause to round upward; to make anything higher at the middle than at the edges, such as the face of a machine pulley.
43. To hit on the head.
44. To shoot an opponent in the back of the head with a shotgun in a first-person shooter video game.
45. In checkers, to stack two checkers to indicate that the piece has become a king.
“Crown me!” I said, as I moved my checker to the back row.
46. To widen the opening of the barrel.
47. To effect a lodgment upon, as upon the crest of the glacis, or the summit of the breach.
48. To lay the ends of the strands of (a knot) over and under each other.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: crowning
Present: crown (3.person: crowns)
Past: crowned
Future: will crown
Present conditional: would crown
Present Perfect: have crowned (3.person: has crowned)
Past Perfect: had crowned
Future Perfect: will have crowned
Past conditional: would have crowned
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