English → English - debit

n. liability, debt, obligation
v. charge with a debt
n. debit, outflow, output, rate of flow, yield; throughput, rate of transfer, amount of data that may be transferred in a data channel or through a device in one second (Computers)

English → Spanish - debit

s. débito, adeudo, cargo, debe, egreso, obligación
v. cargar a la cuenta, cargar en cuenta, cargar en cuenta a, cargar en la cuenta, debitar

English → French - debit

n. débit
v. débiter

English → German - debit

n. Debet, Soll
v. belasten

English → Indonesian - debit

n. beban, hutang, debet
v. membebankan, mencatat sbg hutang

English → Italian - debit

s. addebito, registrazione a debito
v. addebitare, segnare a debito

English → Polish - debit

n. debet
v. obciążyć, obciążać

English → Portuguese - debit

s. débito; cobrança
v. debitar, cobrar

English → Romanian - debit

n. debit
v. debita, trece o sumă în debit

English → Russian - debit

с. дебет
г. дебетовать, заприходовать

English → Turkish - debit

f. borçlandırmak, zimmetine kaydetmek
i. borç, zimmet, borç hanesine yapılan kayıt, borç tarafı

English → Ukrainian - debit

n. дебет, рахунок: ліва сторона рахунка, дебіт
v. дебетувати, записувати, стягати з поточного рахунка

Romanian → English - debit

n. shop, debit, yield, outlet, output, delivery, discharge, overflow, movement, flow, retail, sale, speech, utterance

English → Dutch - debit

zn. debetsaldo; debitering
ww. debiteren

English → Greek - debit

ουσ. χρέωση, χρέος
ρήμ. χρεώνω
επίθ. χρεωστικός

English → Arabic - debit

‏دين، مدين، المطلوب منه‏
‏مأخذ نقطة ضعف‏

English → Chinese - debit

(名) 借方; 借
(动) 记入借方

English → Chinese - debit

(名) 借方; 借
(動) 記入借方

English → Hindi - debit

n. जमा, विकलन, नामखाता, ऋणांकन, नामे
v. ख़र्चे में लिखना, नाम: किसी के नामे लिखना, ऋणांकन करना, रक़मनामे लिखना

English → Japanese - debit

(動) 借方に記入する
(名) 借方; 借方項目; 借方記入; 不都合

English → Korean - debit

명. 차변, 부채
동. 차변에 기입하다

English → Vietnamese - debit

n. sự biên, ghi nợ, phần nợ
v. biên vào sổ nợ, sổ mua chịu

Definition of debit

1. In bookkeeping, an entry in the left hand column of an account.
A cash sale is recorded as debit on the cash account and as credit on the sales account.
2. A sum of money taken out of a bank account. Thus called, because in bank's bookkeeping a cash withdrawal diminishes the amount of money held on the account, i.e. bank's debt to the customer.
3. To make an entry on the debit side of an account.
4. To record a receivable in the bookkeeping.
We shall debit your account for the amount of the purchase.
We shall debit the amount of your purchase to your account.
5. Of or relating to process of taking money from an account
6. Of or relating to the debit card function of a debit card rather than its often available credit card function {as used by US Postal Service, Walmart, and other payees
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Verb Forms

Present participle: debiting
Present: debit (3.person: debits)
Past: debited
Future: will debit
Present conditional: would debit
Present Perfect: have debited (3.person: has debited)
Past Perfect: had debited
Future Perfect: will have debited
Past conditional: would have debited
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