English → English - degenerate

n. mental retard; sexual pervert, one who has does not follow the accepted moral standards
v. become worse, deteriorate; lose quality; deteriorate into a state of low moral values; cause deterioration
adj. pertaining to degeneration or deterioration; depraved, wicked

English → Spanish - degenerate

s. degenerado
v. degenerar, pervertir; degenerarse, abastardarse, abellacarse, avillanarse, degradarse, embellaquecerse, embellecarse, encanallarse, envilecerse
adj. degenerado, corrupto, depravado

English → French - degenerate

adj. dégénéré
v. dégénérer

English → German - degenerate

n. Verkommener
v. entarten, degenerieren
adj. entartet, degeneriert

English → Indonesian - degenerate

n. merosot: seorang yg merosot akhlaknya
v. memburuk, turun derajat, merosot
a. akhlak: yg merosot akhlaknya, bobrok

English → Italian - degenerate

s. degenerato
v. degenerare; corrompersi; deteriorarsi; scadere
agg. degenere; degenerato, depravato, corrotto

English → Polish - degenerate

a. zdegenerowany, zwyrodniały, wyrodny
n. degenerat, zwyrodnialec, wyrodek
v. zdegenerować się, degenerować się, wyrodnieć, zwyrodnieć, nikczemnieć, wyradzać się, przerodzić

English → Portuguese - degenerate

s. degenerado; pervertido
v. degenerar, deteriorar
adj. degenerado; depravado

English → Romanian - degenerate

v. degenera
n. lepădătură, degenerat
a. decăzut, degenerat

English → Russian - degenerate

с. дегенерат, выродок
г. вырождаться, ухудшаться, разлагаться
прил. выродившийся, дегенеративный, вырождающийся

English → Turkish - degenerate

f. dejenere olmak; soyu bozulmak, yozlaşmak
i. bozulmuş kimse; yoz hayvan
s. soysuz, soysuzlaşmış, yoz, yozlaşmış, bozulmuş, dejenere

English → Ukrainian - degenerate

n. дегенерат, виродок, вирід
v. вироджуватися, погіршуватися, ставати гіршими, звиродніти, здрібніти, нікчемніти, переродитися
a. дегенеративний, звироднілий, погіршений, зіпсований, розбещений

English → Dutch - degenerate

zn. verloederd, ontaard
ww. degenereren, aftakelen
bn. afgetakeld

English → Greek - degenerate

ρήμ. εκφυλίζω, καταντώ
επίθ. εκφυλισμένος

English → Arabic - degenerate

‏متفسخ، المنحرف تناسليا‏
‏نحل، تفسخ، إنحط، فسد‏
‏منحط، فاسد الأخلاق، منحل‏

English → Chinese - degenerate

(名) 堕落者; 变态性欲者
(动) 衰退; 变坏; 堕落; 退化
(形) 堕落的

English → Chinese - degenerate

(名) 墮落者; 變態性欲者
(動) 衰退; 變壞; 墮落; 退化
(形) 墮落的

English → Hindi - degenerate

n. बदज़ात, पतित आदमी, हीन आदमी, पतित पुरुष, हीन पुरुष
a. नष्टधर्मी, कुलाचारभ्रष्ट, पतित

English → Japanese - degenerate

(形) 退歩した; 退化した
(動) 退歩する; 退化する; 悪化する; 堕落する
(名) 堕落者; 退化したもの

English → Korean - degenerate

명. 정신 지체가; 성도착자
동. 퇴화하다; 저속해지다; 타락하다; 타락하게 하다; 퇴화시키다
형. 퇴화한; 저속한, 타락한

English → Vietnamese - degenerate

a. thoái hóa, suy đồi

Definition of degenerate

1. (of qualities) Having deteriorated, degraded or fallen from normal, coherent, balanced and desirable to undesirable and typically abnormal.
2. (of a human or system) Having lost good or desirable qualities.
3. (of an encoding or function) Having multiple domain elements correspond to one element of the range.
The genetic code is degenerate because a single amino acid can be coded by one of several codons.
4. A degenerate case is a limiting case in which a class of object changes its nature so as to belong to another, usually simpler, class.
5. Having the same quantum energy level.
6. One is degenerate, who has fallen from previous stature.
You are a degenerate, boy. You're a disgrace to your ancestors.
7. To lose good or desirable qualities.
His condition continued to degenerate even after admission to hospital.
8. To cause to lose good or desirable qualities.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: degenerating
Present: degenerate (3.person: degenerates)
Past: degenerated
Future: will degenerate
Present conditional: would degenerate
Present Perfect: have degenerated (3.person: has degenerated)
Past Perfect: had degenerated
Future Perfect: will have degenerated
Past conditional: would have degenerated
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