English → English - delist

v. delete from a list; take off a person or something from a list; (Stock Exchange) remove stock from listing

English → Spanish - delist

excluir, suprimir, desenlistar

English → German - delist

v. von einer Liste löschen; etwas von einer Liste löschen; (Aktienbörse) eine Aktie delisten

English → Italian - delist


English → Portuguese - delist

v. retirar de uma lista; retirar uma pessoa ou algo de uma lista; (Bolsa de Valores) remover as ações de uma lista

English → Russian - delist

(v) вычеркивать из списка; снимать акции с котировки на бирже; снять акции с котировки на бирже

Definition of delist

1. To remove from an official register or list.
When the company failed to file its financial statements, it was delisted by the Stock Exchange.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: delisting
Present: delist (3.person: delists)
Past: delisted
Future: will delist
Present conditional: would delist
Present Perfect: have delisted (3.person: has delisted)
Past Perfect: had delisted
Future Perfect: will have delisted
Past conditional: would have delisted
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