English → English - dip

n. immersion in a liquid; decrease, decline; reduction, lowering
v. immerse in a liquid; decrease, decline; reduce, lower
n. DIP

English → Spanish - dip

s. inmersión, chapuzón; remojo, buzamiento; salsa; depresión, hoyada, sitio hundido
v. sumergir, bañar, hundir, inmergir, refundir, zambullir; zambullirse, buzar, sumergirse; chapuzar; servir con cucharón

English → French - dip

n. trempage; descente; déclivité; baisse
v. tremper; descendre; pencher; baisser

English → German - dip

n. Bad; Eintauchung; Schräge
v. eintauchen, versinken; sinken; runterlassen

English → Indonesian - dip

n. mandi, masuk ke dlm air: hal masuk ke dlm air, desinfeksi, lubang, menurun: tempat yg menurun, keju untuk pesta
v. memasukkan, masuk ke dlm air, membaca dgn cepat, mempelajari, memakai, menurunkan dan menaikkan, menaikturunkan, mencedok, turun, menukik

English → Italian - dip

s. immersione, tuffo; pendenza, pendio, discesa, declivio; depressione, avvallamento; (fam) breve nuotata; (fig) leggera flessione; posizione abbassata; candela di sego; (Minier, Geol) pendenza
v. immergere, bagnare, tuffare; prender su, tirare fuori; abbassare; (Zootecn) immergere in un liquido disinfettante; (Mar) inclinare; abbassare in segno di saluto; attenuare

English → Polish - dip

n. spadek, stoczek, upad
v. zanurzać, zamoczyć, pochylać, skąpać, pikować, przechylić {auto}, obniżyć się, zniżać się, zanurzyć, zamaczać, pochylić

English → Portuguese - dip

s. mergulho; inclinação; declive; imersão
v. mergulhar; imergir ; submergir; afundar; banhar

English → Romanian - dip

n. afundare, cufundare, înmuiere, coborâre aparentă a orizontului, coborâre, pantă, povârniş, înclinare, înclinaţie a acului magnetic, lumânare de seu, soluţie
v. afunda, scufunda, cufunda, înmuia, muia, cufunda: se cufunda în apă, lăsa în jos, uda, vârî, înclina: se înclina, coborî, micşora lumina, boteza {bis.}, povârni: se povârni

English → Russian - dip

с. погружение, окунание, купание; впадина, уклон, углубление; соус, подливка; жидкость; маканая свеча; приспущенное положение флага; откос; наклонение видимого горизонта, наклонение магнитной стрелки; резкое падение высоты; вор-карманник
г. погружать, окунать, обмочить, макать, погружаться, окунаться, нырять; поверхностно просматривать, невнимательно просматривать; пытаться выяснить что-л.; наклонять, наклоняться; резко терять высоту, спускаться, падать, понижаться

English → Turkish - dip

f. batırmak, bandırmak, banmak, daldırmak, dalmak, dalış yapmak, batmak; eğim yapmak, eğilmek; bayrağı yarıya indirmek; farları kısmak; alçalmak; göz atmak; çökmek; elini cebine atmak; elini atmak
i. dalma, batma, daldırma, bandırma; dalış yaparak tekrar yükselme; eğilme, eğim; yokuş, iniş; çökme, toprak çökmesi; çukur; el koyma; yankesici [arg.]; sos

English → Ukrainian - dip

n. занурення, купання, заглиблення, розчин, соус
v. занурювати, занурюватися, знайомитися: побіжно знайомитися, умочати, дезінфікувати, заринати, мачати, мочати, поринати

German → English - dip

v. immerse in a liquid; decrease, decline; reduce, lower

Turkish → English - dip

n. immersion in a liquid; decrease, decline; reduction, lowering
v. immerse in a liquid; decrease, decline; reduce, lower
n. DIP

English → Dutch - dip

zn. duik(en); inzinking; daling; dompeling
ww. dompelen; dalen; salueren; duiken

English → Greek - dip

ουσ. βουτιά
ρήμ. βυθίζω, γέρνω

Turkish → French - dip

fond [le], pied [le], cul [le]

Turkish → German - dip

n. Boden, Grund

Turkish → Russian - dip

n. дно (N), глубина (F), днище (N), низ (M), основание (N), подножие (N)
adj. задний

English → Arabic - dip

‏خفض ثم ثانية، سقط، تصفح كتابا، غمس، عتم، نزل العلم، إنغمس، قحم، صنع، غرف، تورط، غرق، إنحنى، إنحدر، غطس‏

English → Chinese - dip

(名) 浸泡; 倾斜; 蘸湿; 下沉
(动) 浸; 把伸入; 泡; 舀取, 汲出; 浸一下; 倾斜; 下沉, 下降; 舀, 掏

English → Chinese - dip

(名) 浸泡; 傾斜; 蘸濕; 下沈
(動) 浸; 把伸入; 泡; 舀取, 汲出; 浸一下; 傾斜; 下沈, 下降; 舀, 掏

English → Hindi - dip

n. डुबकी, ग़रक़ी, ग़ोता, आप्लावन, नहाना, चटनी, बघार, सालन, गढ़ा, ग़ार
v. भरना, डुबाना, डुबा देना, ग़ोता लगाना, टीन से मढ़ना

English → Japanese - dip

(動) 浸す; つける; 突っ込む; すくい出す; 手を突っ込む
(名) 浸すこと; ひと浴び; 傾斜; 沈下

English → Korean - dip

명. 살짝 담그기; 줄어듬; 감소
동. 담그다; 줄어들다; 감소하다

English → Vietnamese - dip

n. sự nhúng xuống, nhận xuống, tầm nước của thuyền, độ nghiên của kim chỉ nam, chổ đất lõm, chổ đất lún, chổ đất sụp, chiều dốc, trũng nước động ở ruộng, thứ nến cây rẻ tiền
v. nhúng, chùi sạch, sụp xuống, đâm xuống, bàn sơ qua

Definition of dip

1. A lower section of a road or geological feature.
There is a dip in the road ahead.
2. Inclination downward; direction below a horizontal line; slope; pitch.
3. The action of dipping or plunging for a moment into a liquid.
4. A tank or trough where cattle or sheep are immersed in chemicals to kill parasites.
5. A dip stick.
6. A swim, usually a short swim to refresh.
I'm going for a dip before breakfast.
8. A sauce for dipping.
This onion dip is just scrumptious.
9. The angle from horizontal of a planar geologic surface, such as a fault line.
10. A dipped candle.
11. A move in many different styles of partner dances, often performed at the end of a dance, in which the follower leans far to the side and is supported by the leader
12. A gymnastic exercise on the parallel bars in which the performer, resting on his hands, lets his arms bend and his body sink until his chin is level with the bars, and then raises himself by straightening his arms.
13. In the turpentine industry, the viscid exudation that is dipped out from incisions in the trees. Virgin dip is the runnings of the first year, yellow dip the runnings of subsequent years.
14. A sudden drop followed by a climb, usually to avoid obstacles or as the result of getting into an airhole.
15. To lower into a liquid.
Dip your biscuit into your tea.
16. To immerse oneself; to become plunged in a liquid; to sink.
17. Of a value or rate To decrease slightly.
18. To lower a light's beam.
Dip your lights as you meet an oncoming car.
19. To lower (a flag), particularly a national ensign, to a partially hoisted position in order to render or to return a salute. While lowered, the flag is said to be “at the dip.” A flag being carried on a staff may be dipped by leaning it forward at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.
“The sailor rushed to the flag hoist to dip the flag in return.”
20. To treat cattle or sheep by immersion in chemical solution.
The farmer is going to dip the cattle today.
21. To use a dip stick to check oil level in an engine.
22. To consume snuff by placing a pinch behind the lip or under the tongue so that the active chemical constituents of the snuff may be absorbed into the system for their narcotic effect.
23. To immerse for baptism.
24. To wet, as if by immersing; to moisten.
25. To plunge or engage thoroughly in any affair.
26. To take out, by dipping a dipper, ladle, or other receptacle, into a fluid and removing a part; often with out.
To dip water from a boiler; to dip out water
27. To perform the action of plunging a dipper, ladle. etc. into a liquid or soft substance and removing a part.
28. To engage as a pledge; to mortgage.
29. To perform (a bow or curtsey) by inclining the body.
30. To incline downward from the plane of the horizon.
Strata of rock dip.
31. To perform a dip dance move (often phrased with the leader as the subject noun and the follower as the subject noun being dipped)
32. To leave.
He dipped out of the room so fast.
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Verb Forms

Present participle: dipping
Present: dip (3.person: dips)
Past: dipped
Future: will dip
Present conditional: would dip
Present Perfect: have dipped (3.person: has dipped)
Past Perfect: had dipped
Future Perfect: will have dipped
Past conditional: would have dipped
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