fortunate in Arabic

‏سعيد، محظوظ‏

Example Sentences

On my first trek through the Grand Atlas Mountains, we were incredibly fortunate to have a man named Ismael as part of our group.
في رحلتي الأولى عبر سلسلة جبال أطلس الشاهقة، كنا محظوظين للغاية بكون شخص يدعى إسماعيل أحد أفراد المجموعة.
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I was fortunate to make his acquaintance.
من حسن حظي أن صرتُ صديقه.
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having unexpected good fortune: well-off, good, better off, successful, heaven-sent, well, lucky, felicitous, providential, fortuitous, miraculous, privileged, happy
supremely favored: golden, blest, blessed
presaging good fortune: auspicious, rosy

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