Definition of animate

1. That which lives.
2. Possessing the quality or ability of motion.
3. Dynamic, energetic.
She is an engaging and animate speaker.
4. Having a referent that includes a human or animal.
Nouns can be singular or plural, and one of two genders, animate or inanimate.
5. Inflected to agree with an animate noun or pronoun.
6. To impart motion or the appearance of motion to.
If we animate the model, we can see the complexity of the action.
7. To give spirit or vigour to; to stimulate or enliven; to inspirit.
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Example Sentences

On market days, animated groups formed in the square, and they thrashed out the issue of the two contenders.
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The discussions were very animated, and focused on the subject of whether the count would or would not come.
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This was the moment. The groups of people became animated. Chants and cries erupted again. The hour had come for the unfortunate person to die.
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The Germans like to watch American animated films.
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Cruel reality was preferable to the uncertainty of days and days, each as long as a week. In vain President Poincare, animated by a last hope,
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day and night, forever fleeing before the enemy when they did not consider themselves vanquished, when they were animated by that ferocious wrath which is the mother of heroism!
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But these hesitations were short, and she was suddenly animated by a dashing energy. These were times of sacrifice. Were not the men snatched every day from the comforts of sensuous existence
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he wasn't good for anything else. On the other hand, these empty heads, still keeping something of their old appearance, now appeared animated by the grand sentiment of maternity, an abstract maternity
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One night, on entering the smoking room, Desnoyers saw the German notables gesticulating with animated countenances. They were no longer drinking beer. They had had bottles of champagne uncorked,
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Above the embanked clouds of the twilight shone a pale star in a green border, and on the horizon, animated by the last breath of day, could be discerned the hazy silhouettes of distant mountains.
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