beat in English

n. strike; rhythm; tapping; pulse; usual territory, regular jurisdiction; "scoop", news story that is published earlier than in the rival newspapers (Journalism)
v. hit, strike; hammer metal; defeat, finish before, do better than (in a contest, or race); stir rapidly (eggs, etc.)
adj. tired, exhausted (Slang); of a beatnik; sloppily dressed

Example Sentences

They beat him until he fell to the ground.
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According to the Agence France Presse (AFP), some villagers were shot at close range while others were hanged, tortured or beaten to death.
(Source: Voice of America)
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“You are right, madam,” replied Fix; “a meeting between them might ruin all. Whether he were victorious or beaten, Mr Fogg would be delayed, and...”
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All on board were filled with fear. They wanted to arrive at any price. All except Phileas Fogg no doubt felt their heart beat with impatience.
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Nothing could be more simple. Indeed, it was all so simple that Fix and Passepartout felt their hearts beating as if they would crack.
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not a dull beating from a door in the empty storeroom;
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A great copper-breasted pheasant came beating through the boughs overhead.
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A fly buzzed noisily about the room, and the ticking of the clock was like the beat of a hammer.
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Cost of sales in both centres were normal, but profits still took a beating.
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He felt as if his heart was beating itself to death in some empty hollow.
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1. rhythm: throb, pulsation, cadence, vibration, tick, measure
2. tired: weary, bushed, worn out, fatigued
3. blow: strike, stroke, hit, thump, punch
4. patrol: post, walk, precinct
5. strike: hit, batter, punch, cudgel, knock, pound, buffet
6. conquer: defeat, vanquish, rout, trounce, win, outdo, surpass
7. forge: break, hammer, stamp, pound
8. pulsate: palpitate, pound, throb, thump, vibrate, flutter

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