Definition of below

1. Lower in spatial position than.
The treasure is buried two meters below the surface.
2. Lower in value, price, rank or concentration than.
The temperature is below zero.
3. Downstream of.
4. South of.
5. Unsuitable to the rank or dignity of; beneath.
Such petty behavior is below me.
6. Downstage of.
7. In a lower place.
8. On a lower storey.
9. Further down.
10. On a lower deck.
The landlubbers lying down below
11. Below zero.
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Example Sentences

If you live in Barcelona, it's very hard to experience temperatures of ten degrees below zero, as you can surely imagine.
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The temperatures were well below zero, which negatively affects the dogs.
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A friend, who was also accompanying Julius on this trip, staggered to the deck from the hull below.
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Below it was written, ‘Lady Fauntleroy, the mother of the claimant’.
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Accordingly, before the sun had dropped below the horizon, two letters were sent in two completely different directions.
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One of the most bitter humiliations of the old count’s had been that his two elder sons had a penchant for seeking out company below them.
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An instant after, Mr Fogg and this American, whose name was Mudge, entered a hut built just below fort Kearney.
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The last ranks of the herd were now passing over the rails, while the first had already disappeared below the southern horizon.
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The bonds were quoted, no longer at a hundred below par, but at twenty, at ten, and at five; and paralytic old Lord Albemarle even bet in his favour.
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Their house sat on a large hill overlooking the city below.
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