Definition of bulldoze

1. To destroy with a bulldozer.
He's certainly very chirpy for a man whose house has just been bulldozed down.
2. To push someone over by heading straight over them. Often used in conjunction with "over".
He just ran across the field bulldozing everyone over.
4. To push, as a bulldozer pushes
5. To shoot down an idea immediately and forcefully.
That was a good suggestion, but you just bulldozed it.
6. To intimidate; to restrain or coerce by intimidation or violence; used originally of the intimidation of black voters in Louisiana.
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Example Sentences

I knew she was going to bulldoze me at any moment, but I couldn’t stop.
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You can't bulldoze me the way you did Galahad.
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I very much hope that this bulldozing behaviour will not be typical of the Council in future.
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If you believed in democracy, you would not just bulldoze aside those three referendum results.
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We are against the bulldozing of rights, especially in the case of fundamental rights in Europe.
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We do not want to bulldoze workers' rights, but we do want these workers to also be able to buy the products that they value.
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We therefore find the fact that the Commission and the rapporteur are laconically bulldozing over this here disturbing.
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Those are fine words, but here we are with yet another attempt to bulldoze wonderful diversity into a common, harmonised, featureless landscape.
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With breathtaking arrogance and disregard for democracy, the European political elite intend to bulldoze onwards with the ratification of the Treaty.
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A security force is not entitled to bombard houses inhabited by civilians, or systematically to bulldoze their houses and leave them without shelter.
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